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Wednesday, 19 July 2023

Weather Forecast LIVE | ત્રીજા રાઉન્ડના વરસાદની મોટી આગાહી

A thunderous entry to the third round of rain

The third round of rain has entered Gujarat with a bang. On Wednesday, Meghraja was seen in Junagadh and Gir Somnath districts. In Jamjodhpur of Jamnagar district, the roads were waterlogged with more than five inches of rain in two hours. 

Weather Forecast LIVE | ત્રીજા રાઉન્ડના વરસાદની મોટી આગાહી

The rainwaters had receded. Due to torrential rains, the rivers in the district were overflowing and the reservoirs were overflowing. The state has received about 65 percent of the rain so far. 

As of 6 pm today, 163 talukas of the state have received rain, of which 61 talukas have received an inch or more of rain. Today the highest rainfall of 12 inches has been recorded in Mangrol of Junagadh.

મોર્નિંગ ન્યૂઝ બુલેટિનમેઘરાજાનાં રૌદ્ર સ્વરૂપથી તબાહી:હજુ પાંચ દિવસ ભારે વરસાદની આગાહી, વિઝા માટે ગુજરાતથી ચાલતાં કૌભાંડનો કેનેડામાં પર્દાફાશ

રાજ્યમાં હવામાન વિભાગે આગામી સાત દિવસ સુધી સાર્વત્રિક વરસાદની આગાહી કરી છે. બુધવારે હવામાન વિભાગ દ્વારા વલસાડ, દાદરા અને નગર હવેલી, દમણ, રાજકોટ, જામનગર, પોરબંદર, 

જૂનાગઢ અને ભાવનગરમાં અતિથી અતિ ભારે વરસાદની આગાહી કરવામાં આવી હતી. જ્યારે ખેડા, અમદાવાદ, આણંદ, ભરૂચ, સુરત, ડાંગ, નવસારી અને તાપી જિલ્લામાં ભારે વરસાદની આગાહી કરવામાં આવી હતી. આજે પણ સુરત, નવસારી, 

વલસાડ, દાદરા અને નગર હવેલી, દમણ, અમરેલી, ભાવનગર અને ગીર સોમનાથ જિલ્લામાં ભારે વરસાદની આગાહી કરવામાં આવી છે. ત્યારે સૌરાષ્ટ્રના અનેક જિલ્લામાં ત્રીજા રાઉન્ડમાં વરસાદે તોફાની સ્વરૂપ બતાવ્યું છે. જામનગર, ગીરસોમનાથ અને જૂનાગઢ સહિતના જિલ્લામાં જળબંબાકાર છે. ઉપરના ફોટોઝ પર ક્લિક કરીને જુઓ સૌરાષ્ટ્રમાં સાંબેલાધાર વરસાદના વીડિયોઝ

દિવ્યભાસ્કર ન્યૂઝ

There will be rainy weather in the whole of Gujarat for the next 5 days

Monsoon has started with a bang in Gujarat this year and now the third round of rains has also started. Heavy rain is also falling in many districts of the state. According to the forecast of the weather department, there will be rainy weather in the whole of Gujarat for the next 5 days. 

In which heavy rain is predicted in Saurashtra. Heavy rain has been predicted in Junagadh, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar and Rajkot, Porbandar districts. Heavy rains are predicted in Ahmedabad and surrounding areas, on the other hand, heavy rains are predicted in Kheda and Anand districts. 

Moderate rain is predicted in North Gujarat. Also, the fishermen have been instructed not to plow the sea for the next 4 days.

Sowing of kharif crops in 61.30 lakh hectares in the state

A meeting of the state cabinet was held in Gandhinagar on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel.

 Briefing the media about the agriculture issues discussed in the meeting, spokesperson minister Rishikesh Patel said that 61.30 lakh hectares of kharif crops have been sown in the state which receives universal rainfall in most parts of Gujarat, which is more than last year. 

As much as 110 percent planting has been done, the spokesperson added that the farmers have been happy with universal rains in the state. Due to good rains in the state this year, the planting of kharif crops has increased significantly this year compared to last year. Kharif crops have been sown in a total of 61.30 lakh hectares of land in the state so far.

 During this period last year, a total of 55.41 lakh hectares were planted in the state. Cotton was the most planted in 25.39 lakh hectares. Oilseed crops were planted in a total of 15.11 lakh hectares. Groundnut was planted in a total of 15.84 lakh hectares.

MoU for organizing 69th Filmfare Awards 2024 in Gujarat

Gujarat will be promoted as a film destination state in the country through the 69th Filmfare Awards, which will be held for the first time in Gujarat. For organizing the 69th Filmfare Awards, the state government venture Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited and World Wide Media Pvt. Ltd.

 in the presence of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, the MOU was signed at Gandhinagar. Following the Cinematic Tourism Policy announced by the state government in 2022 under the direction of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, the film industry has been attracted in Gujarat.

 The organization of this Filmfare Award-2024 will be another landmark. Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel said on the occasion that artists and filmmakers of Gujarat will get an opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with the professionals of the Indian film industry and learn about new trends, technology and techniques in film production.

 The Chief Minister added. Organizing Filmfare Awards in the state can promote the state as a film destination state.

 This will give Gujarat significant exposure and promotion as a potential film location. The event will showcase the state's natural beauty, cultural heritage and infrastructure, 

which will attract filmmakers to use Gujarat as a backdrop for future film projects. This will result in increased film production and investment in the state.

Government of Canada unveils Biometric Scam run from Ahmedabad
The Canadian government has traced the link to a bogus biometric scam operating from India and discovered not just one or two, but 28 people missing biometrics through VFS. 

Then Safari Jageli agency investigated and its own employees were helping bogus agents for 2000 to 5000 rupees. Not only this, the VFS employees used to bring the visa seekers from the back gate to the office and take them out after getting biometrics done.

 It has been reported to Canada Government that 28 people entered the office of VFS Global for more points and their biometrics were done and based on the tip given by them, 

VFS employees investigated and revealed the details of their own employees being involved in this racket. 

Today VFS officials have presented their side and they claim that this entire mess has been created because of the agents, along with which the agents were taking out lakhs of rupees and duped their front employees by giving a bribe of two to five thousand rupees. 

In which a whole biometric racket was created. The crime branch investigated and registered a complaint against three people including two employees of the VFS office and arrested them. However, the VFS company admitted its mistake and blamed the system.

A lizard came out of the food in Shardaben Hospital
A lizard has come out from the food given to patients in Shardaben Hospital in Saraspur area managed by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Packs of patients from which the lizard emerged from the meal

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