Natural ways to get rid of constipation

Natural Tips to get rid of constipation

Drink water

The body absorbs water from the big intestine to hydrate itself. When the body gets sufficient water and is properly hydrated, it will withdraw less water from the colon, making it simple to flush out toxins from the body.

Brisk walk

It is not without cause that people are advised to walk and move about after a meal. For those suffering from constipation, brisk walking for 30-40 minutes regular can get things moving. Long strides, with the shoulders back and the arms swinging, aids move the food through your digestive system more effectively.

Lifestyle changes

Add more fiber with fruits like  berries, apples and pears, beans, lentils and entire grain to your diet. Stay active throughout the day to regularize bowel movements. Stress too can accelerate constipation, so meditate, listen to soft music, go to bed early and try  deep breathing.

Ignore junk food

Apart from creating you put on weight, junk food and processed food items can even make you constipated. They drain out the important nutrients from the body, are high in sugar and fat, and are bad for your digestive system. Junk food slows down the digestive procedure, making your morning routine all the more tough. A healthy and balanced diet will create the digestive system function smoothly.

Have Kayam Churna

The ancient science of ayurveda can even aid you cure constipation. Kayam Churna is a strong blend of traditional herbs such as senna leaves, ajwain, black salt, trivrit, haritaki, yashtimadhu, etc. It works as a cure for chronic constipation, acidity and gas. The trivet acts as a purgative, while haritaki and senna leaves have moderate laxative properties, and ajwain obtains the gastro-intestinal juices flowing. Yashtimadhu is good for the stomach. Together, these herbs creates the digestive system stronger, making the stomach and intestines work more efficiently.


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