Make Yours A Sustainable Wedding

Go Digital

The utilize  of technology is an easy way to go eco-friendly. Also working with your wedding planner no longer necessitates travel – which aids minimize the carbon footprint of the occasion – and planners can be in constant touch with clients and vendors to aid them make informed decisions and finalize updates. Consider the conscious choices of e-invites – made famous at the height of the pandemic – or recycled paper for invites. Provide your eco -friendly wedding a good start with the resulting reduction of waste that is generally produced while utilizing vellum paper for invitations and wedding stationery.

Select An Eco-Friendly Venue

India has locations like  Jaipur or Goa that have become favorites for destination weddings, but it even boasts other spots like  the sand dunes of Khimsar that give stunning picturesque views. One can even explore the unparalleled beauty of the jungles of India with a wedding at a luxurious wildlife property. Surrounded by towering trees, the sweet chorus of forest birds, and the sight of herds of forest chital, the enchanting stay will offer an experience such as no other, while decreasing the carbon footprint of the event. You even  get to experience exotic vistas and bring a vibrancy to the event with local culture. This assurance you and your guests have an immersive experience of the location without sacrificing style to be sustainable.

Select To Go Native

Create  it a point to work with local artisans at the destination at which you are having the wedding. This will provide you the chance to blend the creative roots of the area into the décor for a different style statement. Selecting to go local further offers one value by having everything done within the location’s vicinity. For instance, in Rajasthan, the traditional glass-blown method   can be incorporated as a décor item. Local craftsmanship brings an unforgettable dimension to the festivities, and the inclusion of local craftsmen, sellers and distributors also helps generate employment.

Be Smart With Lighting

Make a decision to utilize LED lights rather than regular ones. LED lights provide out the same amount of light as traditional lights with just 36 watts consumed. They convert 95 per cent  of their consumed energy into light and only 5 per cent  into heat. This even aids the environment as LEDs demand less energy from power plants and even emit fewer greenhouse gases.

Choose To Reduce Food Wastage

Select to limit the number of dishes on the menu and opt to have a sit-down dinner instead of a buffet. This aids to reduce food wastage. You even have the opportunity to select a sustainable menu that is local. Because there will be no transport of food and decreased packaging, a smaller carbon footprint will be generated.

Plan To Re utilize And Recycle

While planning the wedding, think in advance of tips to reuse and recycle décor items such as mirrors, lanterns, signages, or artificial flower décor. These can be simply donated to an old age home or an orphanage. Theme Weavers Designs, for example, collaborates with NGOs to ensure the appropriate distribution of leftover meals and décor items. And, of course, ignore the use of one-use-only plastic bottles, and instead select to have glass bottles or copper jugs at the function.


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