Here Some Ways To Kick Your Food Cravings

Here Some Tips To Kick Your Food Cravings

Say Hello To Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes, mainly during menstruation, play a major role in triggering junk food cravings in women. When a woman is about to begin her menstrual period, the levels of estrogen and serotonin in her body drop. Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that is accountable for keeping a person calm and relaxed. When its level drops, cravings for carbohydrates and fat-rich foods like cakes, chocolates, potato chips and cookies are triggered.

Go Back To Sleep 

Sleep deprivation improves our hunger levels, and mainly our cravings for sweets and snacks. It triggers ghrelin, the appetite control hormone that causes you to eat more. A sleepless night can leave you feeling huffish, fatigued and groggy. Lack of sleep even suppresses leptin, a hormone that regulates fat storage. The longer you are sleep deprived, the worse the cravings obtain.

Stay Away From Stress

In this fast-paced, chaotic world, your body generates high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which triggers cravings for salty, sweet and fried foods - foods that will provide you a burst of energy and pleasure. However, not all stress is the similar, and our physique responds differently to different kinds of stress. Stress improves appetite too. You can detain stress by finding healthier options that fit into your lifestyle.

Say ‘No’ To Nutrient Deficiencies

Sugar drops, or a lack of chromium or phosphorus, can even  lead to sugar cravings. same, a basic lack of sodium will make you crave salty foods such as chips. An iron lack will leave you with very low energy and you will find yourself beset with cravings, because the body requires  quick energy to boost itself up.

Don’t Avoid Dehydration

Dehydration makes it tough for your body to metabolite glycogen for energy. Glycogen is the converted form of a glucose that is stored by the muscles and liver. Without sufficient glycogen, the body will crave sugar for an energy increase. So, the next time you crave sugar and sweets, drink a glass of water. It will aid  you not give in to your sugar cravings.


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