Eat these vegetables if you trying to lose weight


Green leafy: 

Contain green leafy vegetables in your diet. Create a healthy salad or eat them cooked. Green leafy vegetables are fulled with iron and vitamins which detain your body from the deficit of essential nutrients.


Cauliflower is a low-density food and has a no fat. It is enriched with fiber  and can be eaten raw also  cooked. Due to  its no-fat content, you can contain this food in your weight loss diet.


It has a lot of water and a no carbs or fats. You can munch a some slices of cucumber in your snack time. Its water content ensures no dehydration. You can prepare cucumber salad too and rejoice this healthy treat.


This crispy and crunchy food is fulled with health benefits. Carrots include a lot of fiber  and beta-carotene content. Again, you can eat them as your salad, in your snack time or also cooked.


These tiny snow-puffed foods have got a lot of health advantages . They are a great source of the protein, fiber , calcium and minerals. Mushrooms even have anti-oxidant properties which aid in reducing the risk of various diseases.

Sweet potatoes: 

Sweet potatoes include a high amount of dietary fiber  and have low-calorie content which is nice for your weight loss journey. You can boil sweet potato and can eat it as vegetable or in a your snack time.

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