Visiting Poland? Here is the list of a exciting Polish festivals

Visiting Poland? Here is the list of a exciting Polish festivals 

Marzanna, celebrated in a March:

All year, 21st March is celebrated by Polish children as Marzanna. This is a traditional polish festival when children and teenagers carry dolls made up of straw in a procession. At the end of this procession, the doll is drowned or a burned. This doll describes both winter and evil. Polish person bids adieu to winter to embrace spring in such a manner. All school remains closed on this day. The pupils enjoy the day after the heavy winter season.

Juwenalia, annual holiday celebration for pupils:

This is a traditional polish festival for pupils. Juwenalia, a Polish word, shows the annual holiday for higher education students in this country. You will be surprised to know that Juwenalia has been managed in Krakow city since the 15th century. All year in May or June, this Festival is celebrated. Pupils in colorful dress codes participate in the parade. Then the Mayor of Krakow hands over the vital keys to the entry gate of the city to the pupils. This gesture shows that there will be no classes to attend for the next 3 days.

Baltic Days Of Jewish Culture, a celebration to preserve Hebrew culture and a music:

This celebration started in 1999 to promote and preserve the values, songs, poetry, and art in Hebrew. This two -day event happens in Gdansk town where different concerts, seminars, Hebrew lessons, and exhibitions are managed. Few Hebrew authors even  come here for the public meeting. Usually , this is celebrated in the first week of June all year.

Wianki, a traditional polish festival for a summer solstice:

Trust it or not, this festival started beforethe before-Christ era. The rituals of this festival contain jumping over bonfires, couples finding for mythical ferns in the forest, and so on. This is celebrated alongside the Vistula River, which contains cultural events such as musical concerts, and beautiful fireworks.

All Saints’ Day, a different and silent polish festival:

This festival is celebrated on first  November, every year. This is a special day for polish persons as they remember their deceased friends and relatives in historic moments such as war. People gather in cemeteries and decorate their surroundings with a flowers and candles. This is considered a national holiday in the Poland.

So, plan your Poland travel as per the timing of these festivals to discover  Polish culture in a fun way.


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