Make A Note Of These Foods That support Stop Seasonal Allergies

Make A Note Of These Foods That support Stop Seasonal Allergies

Citrus Fruits 

Tangerines, oranges, grapes, lemons and sweet limes and all the other obtainable summer sources of vitamin C work as excellent sources of antihistamines and support relieve the nasal passages and blocked sinuses as well. 


Wealthy in vitamin E which supports the body with its immunity, it even has anti-inflammatory properties, which support to clear the airway in the body.

Walnuts & Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds include a mineral called selenium which supports the body in reducing allergic responses. In addition , it is even a good source of naturally found Omega-3 along with walnuts. They stimulate the release of DHA and EPA, which support in reducing the bodily symptoms of allergies.


A flavonoid present in different fruits, quercetic naturally decrease the inflammation associated with allergies. It does this by detaining the immune cells from releasing the allergic histamines. Quercetin is available in tea leaves, onions, cabbage, berries and cauliflower. 


Yoghurt includes probiotics and bacteria which help in decreasing the allergic symptoms of pollen that the body reacts to. These bacteria even help with inflammation.


Food like cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, and spinach include high levels of magnesium which support with inflammation by opening up and relaxing the muscles during an allergic episode. Hence, intake of magnesium is good for the overall reduction of allergic reactions.

Vitamin C

Multivitamins are not as efficient as eating from the direct source of vitamin C like  strawberries, red peppers, garlic and broccoli. Vitamin C plays a pivotal role in controlling the body’s allergic reactions. It is even vital to note that citrus fruits aren’t the only source of vitamin C and other vegetables equally support in giving the necessary nutrients and minerals.


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