How To Make A Watermelon Keg At House

How To Make A Watermelon Keg At House

Materials needed: Gather them properly

To make a Watermelon keg you will require a large, oblong sized Watermelon, a stainless steel or plastic tapper, a little sharp knife, a large spoon and a device to hold the Watermelon upright. Once you have gathered these some ingredients, you can begin making the Watermelon keg.

First, pierce the watermelon appropriately: This must be done very carefully

To make a watermelon keg you will require  to cut two holes, a big hole at the very top of the Watermelon and a smaller hole at the bottom to fit the tapper. Cut a slice such as a lid with a knife towards the head of the Watermelon.This piece could be the lid of this a Watermelon keg. Next drill a hole of the right  size to fit the tapper in the bottom. Guess the size and create the hole in a convenient place so that there is no problem after placing the tapper.

Apply a tapper : Clean the inner flesh

The next step is to fit the tapper nice on the Watermelon. Then bring a spoon and clean the flesh inside the Watermelon. There should not be a one Watermelon seed inside. However, you can only keep few flesh on the bottom of the Watermelon. Since Watermelon is perishable, it can be utilized as a keg within 48 hours.

Pour the drink into the keg : Apply the taste of your selection

You can utilize other pieces of the watermelon that you saved earlier by making it juice. You can even use lemonade or orange juice in it. If it is hot, create a cocktail with ice. Nothing is good than this in any summer house party.



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