Health Expert Suggests Houseemade Treatment For Lumpy Skin Disease

Health Expert Suggests Houseemade Treatment For Lumpy Skin Disease

Following are the steps to make a traditional cure for the treatment-

First Technique:

Ten  betel leaves, Ten -gram black pepper, 10-gram salt, and jaggery.

Create  a paste using all of the ingredients, adding jaggery as needed.

Provide the animal modest quantities of this combination.

On the first day, offer  it one dose every three hours.

From the second day to the second week, give  three dosages each day.

Make every  dosage from scratch.

Second Technique:


One handful fenugreek leaves, ten  garlic cloves, one handful neem leaves, 1 handful henna leaves, 500 cc coconut or sesame seeds, 20 grams turmeric powder, 1 handful of basil leaves.


Create  a paste by crushing all of the ingredients together. After that, add the coconut or sesame oil and bring it to a boil before permitting  it to cool.

How to use –

After appropriately  cleansing the cow’s wound, administer this cool combination straight to the wound. On the other hand, if the wound is included  with insects, utilize  camphor mixed with coconut oil first. Alternatively, make  a paste out of cilantro leaves and apply it on the wound.


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