Find Out How Plastic Packaging Affects Nutritional Values

Find Out How Plastic Packaging Affects Nutritional Values

• Plastic has infiltrated all aspect of human life, and while it is extremely hazardous to the environment, it is even hazardous to us. This is why when something as fundamental to human health as water and food is stored or packed in a plastic, we really have to understand the ways in which it can injure our health.

• Our food and water are made up of prana, or life energy. And, just as energy interacts with each other to increase their life-giving properties, dead energy in the form of plastic will kill the life energy present in the food we eat. For example, when water is placed in copper vessels, it mixes with the properties of that copper, providing  us the minerals our body requires. However, when water is packed in a plastic container, the pranic energy of the water is depleted.

• The diversity of polymers and additives blended into plastics obtains accumulated in our lungs, kidneys, and intestines. Phthalates, a kind of chemical utilized  to make plastic flexible, increase the cancer cells in the body, even improving the level of oxidative stress molecules in the liver.

• Once exposed to the environment, plastics cause harm in many ways. They pollute the oceans, contaminate the air that we breathe, and affect not only us peoples , but potentially damage whole ecosystems. Once they fragment, they are recognized to remain there for decades without any chance of biodegrading.

• Micro plastics enter our bodies via soil, water, and air. These tiny microplastics pass via the intestine into the blood and enter into organs that can impact the reproductive system as well. They alter the nutritional value of the food that we eat and the water that we drink, influencing the improve of metal concentrations, directly in our tissues. Most lifestyle illness discovered in the last 50 years or so are a direct result of the impact of plastics in our regular lives.


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