Excess iron and movement disorders: a strange Ant

Excess iron and movement disorders: a strange Ant 

Iron is an necessary element required for the development and maintenance of blood cells. However, an excess amount of iron inside the body can direct to bad consequences.

There is a strange genetic illness named Hereditary hemochromatosis, which is associated with excess absorption and deposition of iron inside the physique. Iron can be stored in excess quantity in any body organ such as the brain or liver. Excess deposition of any such element is bad for person health. Few recent studies have confirmed that excess deposition of iron is linked to movement disorders. Go through this article for more information.

Movement disorders because of  excess iron: recent findings:

Neuroferritinopathy or the iron deposition in the brain is a neurodegenerative disorder. Human body movement is strongly linked to the activity of many parts of the brain such as basal ganglia. Shockingly, people with this trouble start showing symptoms of movement disorders before the age of 40. These symptoms are chorea or involuntary jerking motions, tremor or rhythmic shaking, ataxia or toughness in coordinating movements, and dystonia or uncontrolled tensing of body muscles. In few patients, one side remains active while the other part becomes inactive. Some patients are even facing difficulty in swallowing or dysphagia also  speaking or dysarthria. However, intelligence is not much affected because of  this. If not treated, there lie potential dangers of dementia. Fortunately enough, this issue is rare even today. But, scientists are worried that, person might become affected by Neuroferritinopathy more in recent future mostly because of  improper diet.

What foods to eat and ignore to prevent this condition?

Vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron inside the person body. So, you require to control vitamin C intake to detain iron deposition. On the other hand, Calcium and many phytochemicals such as phytate, polyphenols, and tannins enriched diet decrease the iron absorption rate. So, you must depend on green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts, and beans. Regularly consumption of milk and yogurt is mandatory. Tannins got from coffee and tea even prevent iron absorption. Ignore fruits with high vitamin C levels such as lemon, fortified foods, and external iron or folic acid supplements.

The takeaways:

Transition metal iron is needed in a wide range of body functions containing maintenance of blood health and neurotransmitter functions. Both low and high level of iron is not good for your health. If any of the symptoms of movement disorder is observed at an earlier stage, you have to detain iron absorption inside the body. The best possible way is to change a food habits.

Perform a total blood count annually to check the concentration of necessary blood parameters for a healthy lifestyle


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