Do you feel persistently tired? These 7 factors might be blocking your vitamin D absorption

Do you feel persistently tired? These seven factors might be blocking your vitamin D absorption



 1. Poor gut health

Vitamin D that you obtain from food items or supplements is absorbed in the part of the small intestine which is speedily downstream from your stomach. The absorption of vitamin D depends on the stomach juices deliver , bile from the liver, secretions from the pancreas, the integrity of the wall of the intestine, etc. When these factors are affected because of  health conditions such as  celiac disease, chronic pancreatitis, Crohn’s disease, and cystic fibrosis, your vitamin D absorption reduces.

2. Liver issues

Vitamin D deficiency is quite general in patients with liver diseases. Even if a person suffers from a mild liver situation, they will have few degree of vitamin D insufficiency. Patients with liver cirrhosis can suffer from grave deficiency.

3. Kidney issues

The kidneys play a pivotal role in ensuring the proper absorption of vitamin D for the body. If a person suffers from kidney illness, there is a high chance their vitamin D levels will be low. Wounded kidneys will not be able to convert enough vitamin D into its active form calcitriol, which is utilized throughout the body.

4. Improved intake of caffeine

You may not be able to function without your regular cups of coffee, but it is vital to know that increased intake of caffeine could interfere with your body’s ability to absorb vitamin D. Eat coffee or other food items that include caffeine in moderation to prevent vitamin D deficiency.

5. Body Mass Index over 29

Obese or overweight people require more vitamin D. in fact, vitamin D deficiency is one of the factors behind the weight gain. In this case, where people are obese, their subcutaneous fat traps vitamin D, restricting its an absorption. To uplift your vitamin D intake, spend time in the sunlight, and eat supplements and vitamin D-rich foods.

6. Weight-loss treatment

Radiation treatment and weight-loss surgeries like  bariatric surgery expose obese people to multiple nutritional deficiencies containing vitamin D by restricting vitamin D absorption.

7. Drugs

Drugs like  oral steroids and diuretics also limit the absorption of vitamin D in the body.

If you’re deficient in vitamin D, you should ignore the consumption of certain foods because they can even make vitamin D absorption tough or impossible in your body.


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