5 tips to ward off exam stress and anxiety in kids for a healthy mind

 5 tips to ward off exam stress and anxiety in kids for a healthy mind


Tips to deal with exam stress

Dr Chhibber shared some ways for children to manage exam stress and anxiety.

1. Focus on the bigger picture

Seeing at the overall approach instead of narrowly looking at what the results alone are, can support reduce stress in all scenarios.

Having a broad perspective supports you to emphasis on what is significant and then refocus your attention on the things that you have determined are your genuine priorities. For example, don’t obtain upset or disappointed if you didn’t do nice in your examinations. Instead, utilize the experience to know the areas you require to improve. Focus on the wider picture by taking the time to study from your mistakes rather than feel depressed about your results. Strengthen your foundation and create your base stronger. Know that knowledge is what you are learning for, not grades.

2. Assess your mistakes

“Attempt to build an understanding of what changes are needed in the manner of your preparation and responses to the question paper,” suggests Dr Chhibber.

And we can’t agree many! Knowing your mistakes, followed by taking corrective measures, are vital and then correcting them is very vital. Instead of working hard, try to work a smart. Learning anything and everything is what you call the hard work. This time, be smart about it. Plan an everything out. Understand your question paper, go via it and start working accordingly. It will support you do smart work.

3. Recognize your strengths

As per the expert, it’s vital for you to determine your strengths and remind yourself to lean on them in order to further increase your results.

For example, if you’re well at algebra in mathematics, make it your strong point. Don’t ignore practicing it just because you think you’re already good at it but practice it till you obtain perfect. You will feel much more faithful by doing this.

4. Exams aren’t everything

“Remember that this is just one aspect of life and there is much more that you require to manage and work through,” tells Dr Chhibber.

It’s vital to remember that getting poor grades isn’t extremely serious. There will be many more chances in your life for you to demonstrate your abilities. So don’t be restrictive on building an idea of your sense of self just on the basis of the results you have got.

5. Communicate

It’s okay to feel exam stress, but a good way to deal with it is to communicate. “Look at speaking with adults and teachers to understand where you may require to focus your efforts at improvement,” tells the expert.

You could speak to a teachers and parents. Your teacher can be your BFF when it comes to trying to learn how to develop your grades. Ask them, learn from them and you’ll surely get a solution to your trouble.


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