The flying car has arrived, know what the price is, how many people have booked

The flying car has arrived, know what the cost is, how many people have booked

Whether the car is expensive or cheap, once you obtain stuck in traffic, a lot of time is wasted. Because of  increasing number of vehicles, inner city roads and highways are crowded with vehicles but what if cars could be flown from the sky? This is an ancient  fantasy of man which is now going to be realized. This is a car that can be driven on the road when required and even flown when needed.

As per  the information received, the flying car is coming to the American market, which has been booked by the 2000 people. It has taken 14 years to make this car. After design, research and development, the flying vehicle is eventually hitting the market. The testing of the world's first flying car at a speed of 87 km per hour has been victorious.

If we see at it like this, a car flying in the air can even  be called an airplane, but the surprising thing is that this vehicle is not technically a car or an airplane, but has been contained in the list of three-wheeled motorcycles. Apart from the driver, this car has space for only one passenger.

Running on the road and flying in the sky will be a opposed experience. However, driving this flying vehicle is not that simple. It even  requires a runway to fly like an airplane. Hence to fly it one has to go after the protocol for the flight.

The company gets  that customers can use it as they wish, but any set-up or facility improvement for private flying taxis is yet to happen in the US. A biju or car cannot be fluttered ready from the showroom but has to be assembled and ready with parts.

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When having both road and flying kind of vehicle, it is required to have both aviation and road license. If the drivers of this specific type of car are non-pilots, it may be tough . It is simple for those who are familiar with or knowledgeable about aviation technology. The estimated cost of this car is around 1.35 crore rupees.


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