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Saturday, 13 August 2022

Digital optical photo zoom technology

Digital optical photo zoom technology

Hypnotizing infinitely zooming illusion art as your Live Wallpaper.

With Maximum Zoom you can zoom up objects 100 times and even more depending on your smartphones camera! Zoom up an airplane up to 100 times! Surprise your friends and family by showing them how you zoom up objects. You can use this app as a magnifying glass, too! Maximum Zoom is created for fun and entertainment.

Hypnotizing infinitely zooming illusion art as your Live Wallpaper. You have to see it yourself to believe it. It seems impossible but the artwork keeps on zooming endlessly, revealing worlds within worlds, like a fractal. The popular infinite zoom illusions are now available as a Live Wallpaper. Included are the classics Zoomquilt 1+2 (free) and the mesmerizing enchanting floral botanical Arkadia (add on) to decorate your phone. Check it out yourself and download the app! Ad free!

Ultimate Zooming Effect to any Image. (Simple, Easy, Quick)

As we designed this app to providing Extra ordinary functionality of zooming to any Image.

Ultra Zooming of image up to 200x.

This app will not only provide interface to select image and zoom it.

but also it is having functions that you can Share any image to this App, and make Zooming up to 200 scale of the Image.

♦ Finally this update is having Grid Enable on Image !!!

* For now Grid will be only display on Simple mode.(not in HD mode)

♦ To make changes in Grid Layout go to ( Settings > Grid )

You can Set Grid (Row X Column) size, Grid Width, Grid Color.

Edit photos 🖼️ and achieve the best zooming experience using our “super zoom 🔭 app. Photo editor free is one the best photo editing apps. It comes with zoom camera, collage maker, photo editor, picture editor and background eraser. It allows to edit photos, remove background, photo roulette, and zoom pictures.

An advanced zooming app which allows you to take high-resolution images from a further distance. Equip your phone with a professional ultra-HD zoom camera, to capture photos and all your special moments. Make each moment memorable using exceptional photo editor and use editing tools, offered by our Super Zoom app.

Photo editor equips with super zoom to enhance zooming of photos and pictures. Zooming pictures has never been this easy, simply select or capture the image you want to zoom in. The super zoom app will show you the zoomed part of selected image in high resolution. This super zoom app allows you to zoom in of images or pictures and remove background. An advanced zooming algorithm ensures that you get to see faraway images in high quality. The app provides an easy zoom experience and fun photo editing options to edit photos and collage maker.


Super zoom & photo editor is one the best editing apps, that allows to remove background of photos and collage maker. Photo editor free offers tons of photo editing tools like background remover, change background of photo, and delete background. Capturing pictures made more fun and exciting with our photo editor app. It is one of a kind of photo editor which allows you to enhance the photos or pictures, making it more appealing and attractive. Whether you want to crop your image with an all-in-one image cropper tool or enhance your image using various adjustment features. Super zoom & photo editor comes with amazing photo editing tools, that allows to edit pictures, remove background, and collage maker.

Photo editor & Super Zoom app is a two-in-one zoom and editor app. It allows to edit photos, remove background with a white background. It serves as an image enhancer and has exceptional photo editing qualities. Apply the amazing photo filters offered by our Photo Editor & Zoom app. Picture editor make it very easy to edit fotos. Beautify the zoom photo using our unique photo editor, with a range of photo filters and image-enhancing options. Access a wide range of new and free editing options in this photo lab.

Photo editor of this photo studio app offers more than just super zoom and editing options; it is one of our editing apps with a powerful photo editor and state-of-the-art editing options. From photo brightness to shapes and design of pictures. It is one of the best photo editor with remarkable zooming functionality. This photo lab or photo editor free is the perfect image enhancer for you. Freely zoom in images for up to 10x, in order to achieve clarity of images and readability of your pictures. Zoom app makes it easy to zoom pictures while taking shoot from a distance. The best part is that the free fotos editor allows you to experiment with different types of colors, patterns, gradients, and designs

📌Digital Zoom🔭 and Photo Editor
📌Zoom Photos – increased readability and clear images
📌Photo Editor – various photo filters and adjustment options
📌Image Enhancer with Background Remover
📌Edit Photos with Collage Maker
📌Background Eraser of Photos and add an Art effect
📌Zoom Pro with Background Eraser to Edit Fotos

It is one of our free apps offering an extraordinary zooming experience and unique photo editing options to you.

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