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Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Converge: Global Education Made Easy

Social Engagement Platform for Study Abroad Aspirants

Converge: Global Education Made Easy!

Converge is a one-stop integrated engagement platform for higher education aspirants. As a valued user/subscriber, you can benefit from a host of invaluable information including identifying the right fit career, finding the best university to realize your career aspirations, connecting with like-minded students to exchange ideas, and most importantly drawing from the personal experiences of those who have already treaded on your coveted path.

Through the App, you can also apply to select leading universities from top study abroad destinations in a smooth and hassle-free manner, avail of application fee waivers and other such value-added benefits. The student centric App also provides you with personalized loan services to ensure that financial constraints do not impede your overseas education dreams. Additionally, the App offers Premium services to make your application process smooth, stress-free, thereby leading to favorable outcomes.

Some of the salient features of the App that can empower you to rise above the competition and ace the application process are as follows:

1. Career Explorer: With Career Explorer, you can gain 360-degree insights into your career choice by exploring various trending careers, navigating specialization options within each career, understanding the associated job profiles and global salary packages, and more!

2. University Finder: The University Finder module on the App provides prospective students with the most befitting guidance to review top choice universities and shortlist universities that best match their academic credentials. The App also provides a value-added feature for students to validate their choices with ex-students’ viewpoints, feedbacks and experiences.

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3. Blogs & Videos: Access comprehensive resources including informative articles and vlogs of student experiences to help you make conscious and informed decisions regarding your collegiate and career choices.

4. Education Loan: Speak to our expert Education Loan Counsellors to assess your loan prospects from 15+ top Banks and NBFCs in the market and submit relevant documents to the banks/NBFCs to expedite the process of loan sanction within seven working days.

હવે હાઇવે પર નહીં ચૂકવવો પડે વધારાનો ટોલ ટેક્સ, જાણી લો GPS TOLL SYSTEMથી તમને શું થશે ફાયદા video

5. UniConnect: This module provides you direct access to chat with mentors and university representatives.

a. Engage with mentors from different fields who have successfully traversed the covet path you have only now set foot on. These trailblazers can personally assist you with firsthand insight on every aspect of the academic and career journey abroad. Powered by this information, you can make informed and grounded decisions about your collegiate trajectory abroad.

b. Directly engage with university representatives of some of the leading and top-choice international institutions. Is there any better way to plan your application and academic journey than receiving direct inputs from your dream university?

6. Groups: This peer-to-peer chat feature allows you to connect with like-minded individuals, fellow aspirants, and others, to engage on a range of topics and get clarity on your collegiate and career decisions abroad. Networking is critical for any study abroad aspirant and Converge provides you with a platform to begin early!

7. UniDirect: Through this module, students can access & select from 300+ partner universities from across top global study abroad destinations & unlock exclusive value-added benefits like profile evaluation, application fee waivers from select partners, Converge scholarships, & more!

Converge will not only serve as a valuable guide but also make you feel fully equipped for your study abroad expedition. With its mission-critical tips, tools and insightful guidance, the App will set you on the right course to fructify your academic aspirations and coveted career goals.

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