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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

How to run an online brainstorming session

How to run an online brainstorming session

1. Coordinate schedules and resources

Hosting a virtual meeting needs all participants to join the meeting at the same time. Setting a time and platform for an online session contains considering factors like  time zones, accessibility and other organization meetings or schedules. When determining the time and information  of your brainstorming session, you can work to search a time that works for everyone by looking at company schedules, asking for available times and considering participant feedback. Sending an invitation or declaration of the session a few weeks in advance can even  help assure  attendance and availability.

2. Communicate goals

An online brainstorming session gives better results and operations when participants have time to improve individual ideas and topics before addressing the larger group. Communicating the aims , topics and structure of the meeting prior to the session allows the team time to think about and refine their ideas before they share them with the group. Giving this information also provides a uniform objective for the team and ensures everyone has the same ability to make and contribute ideas.

3. Encourage participation

During the meeting time, the appointed manager or moderator works to encourage participation from all attendees to gain insight and feedback from professionals with different specializations, backgrounds and experiences. You can encourage engagement by making a positive working environment, asking questions and providing ample time for everyone to share their thoughts. Raised participation can increase the diversity of voices, ideas and methods and can develop the effectiveness of the session.

4. Record ideas

Brainstorming sessions generally provide a wide variety of general ideas and opinions from all participants. Recording the ideas and topics discussed throughout the session permits  you to revisit ideas during the next stages of development and discussions. Many professionals use tools like  a whiteboard, document or video recording to highlight, store and record ideas for future reference and consideration.

5. Send a follow-up

Brainstorm meetings give the beginning steps for creating new strategies and procedures in an organization. After the initial session, you can send a follow-up email to initiate the next steps and ask participants to work on the new ideas given. Your follow-up may even aim to thank the team for sharing their ideas and encourage them to share new ideas or questions that occur. This message can even highlight the most relevant brainstorming results that the managers or teams work to pursue in the next steps.

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Saturday, August 13, 2022

List of top 5 news channels in India

  List of top 5 news channels in India

So let us discover some of the top news channels in India.

1. Times Now


Number one on the list of top five   news channel in India is The Times Group. The group owns and works The Times Now, an English language news channel. The channel debuted the on January 23, 2006, in collaboration with Reuters. It is a paid television service obtainable across India. It was India's chief and most-watched English news channel till 2016. Since year 2016, when Arnab Goswami (the previous editor-in-chief) exited the channel, it has consistently ranked the 2nd most viewed English news channel in India, trailing only the Goswami-edited Republic TV, with the provison that the latter has larger terrestrial coverage.

Over the years this channel has enjoyed enormous success because of  its hardwork and efforts.

Times Now, such as other Times Group channels (Zoom, ET Now, and Movies Now), is broadcast by Media Network and Distribution (India) Ltd (MNDIL), a cumulative effort among  The Times Group and cable and satellite industry expert Yogesh Radhakrishnan, under label Prime Connect.

However, the channel has several controversies and many law suits against it.

2. ABP Network Pvt Ltd (ABP)


Number 2 on the list of top 5 news channel in India is ABP Network Pvt Ltd (ABP). It was founded in 1998. Its headquarters are situated in Noida, India. In the India, the ABP Network is incredibly famous. In different languages, the news channel provides news, entertainment, and digital content.  

ABP News is a Hindi news network in India operate by the ABP Group. It is a free-to-air television station that debuted in year 1998. Prior to getting bought by ABP Group, it was called as STAR News. ABP Live is an English news platform in the India run by ABP Network. This channel is even obtainable to View on YouTube under the title ABP News. This channel has been enjoying success since a long time because of  its crisp and authentic news presented by different anchors in the most refined way.

3. India Today


Next on the list of top 5 news channel in India is India Today. This is a 24x7 television channel headquartered in the Noida, Uttar Pradesh, that broadcasts news, current events, and business programmes throughout India. It is the English language channel. TV Today Network Ltd, a branch of Living Media, owns the channel. The station debuted in year 2003 as a sister channel to the Hindi media outlet Aaj Tak. This is among  the 4 news stations owned by the TV Today Network, along with other channels such as Aaj Tak, Tez, and Delhi Aaj Tak(this has been closed in 2020). Alok Verma was hired as Executive Producer to support TV Today Group effectively make its debut into the English news channel market. In the September 2015, media viewers reported the station for unethical exploitation of recordings and sexist material.

4. Aaj tak


Next on the list of top 5 news channel in the India is Aaj Tak. It is a famous Indian channel. It is a famous Hindi-language news channel operated by TV Today Network, a division of the New Delhi-based Living Media company. It is one of India's too soon Hindi news stations. Aaj Tak is India's most famous Hindi news station, also  the most followed Indian news channel on YouTube. Aaj Tak 1st aired on Door darshan's DD Metro channel in the year 1995. This was later aired as a ten - to twenty -minute news program  . This channel began as an individualistic news channel in December 1999, and it finally  became the nation's earliest 24X7 news channel in the Hindi language. Surendra Pratap Singh was one of the presenters at the moment.

Aaj Tak's tagline was "Yeh thi news aaj tak, Intzar kijiye kal tak" which was translated in english as  That's all for today; stay tuned for more tomorrow. Aaj Tak was country's initial news channel to deploy OB vans.

5. CNN News 18

It is a Contemporary Indian news television channel situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, initiated by Raghav Bahl. Network 18 and Warner Media resently own it. CNN supplies the station with international coverage, whereas Indian Broadcasting Network focuses on the Indian and local news. Reliance Industries declared  the acquisition of Network18 in May 2014. The transaction was billed as "the biggest-ever deal in the Indian media market." Reliance Industries always had an indirect ownership of the TV18 network because of  investments it made in Network18 beginning in January 2012.

CNN International only affected India's urban elite. To reach the Indian public, Time Warner established CNN-IBN on the December 18, 2005, in collaboration with a Local company, Global Broadcast News (now TV18 Broadcast Limited). The station was wholly owned and operated by TV18 Broadcast Limited, which only used the Cable News Network (CNN) famous brand title.

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Friday, August 12, 2022

world's great 3 Novels ever

world's great 3 Novels ever

Anna Karenina

Any fan of stories that include juicy subjects like adultery, gambling, marriage plots, and, well, Russian feudalism, would instantly place Anna Karenina at the peak of their “greatest novels” list. And that’s exactly the ranking that publications such as Time magazine have given the novel since it was published in its entirety in 1878. Written by the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy, the 8 -part towering work of fiction tells the story of two major characters: a tragic, disenchanted housewife, the titular Anna, who runs off with her young lover, and a loves truck landowner named Konstantin Levin, who struggles in faith and philosophy. Tolstoy molds together thoughtful discussions on love, pain, and family in the Russian society with a sizable cast of characters regarded for their realistic humanity. The novel was mainly revolutionary in its treatment of women, depicting prejudices and social hardships of the time with vivid emotion.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee, believed to be one of the most influential authors to have ever existed, popularly published only a single novel (up until its controversial sequel was released in 2015 just before her death). Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird was issued in 1960 and became an immediate classic of literature. The novel examines racism in the American South via the innocent wide eyes of a clever young girl named Jean Louise (“Scout”) Finch. Its iconic characters, most specially the sympathetic and just lawyer and father Atticus Finch, served as role models and changed perspectives in the United States at a time when tensions regarding race were high. To Kill a Mockingbird earned the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in year1961 and was made into an Academy Award-winning film in 1962, providing the story and its characters further life and influence over the American social sphere.

The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is distinguished as one of the greatest texts for introducing pupils to the art of reading literature critically (which means you may have read it in school). The novel is told from the perspective of a young man named Nick Carr away who has currently moved to New York City and is befriended by his eccentric nouveau riche neighbor with mysterious origins, Jay Gatsby. The Great Gatsby gives an insider’s look into the Jazz Age of the 1920s in United States history while at the same time critiquing the idea of the “American Dream.” Perhaps the most-popular aspect of the novel is its cover art—a piercing face projected onto a dark blue night sky and lights from a cityscape—an image that is even found, in a slightly various configuration, within the text itself as a key symbol.


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Top 10 Most Popular Smartphone Companies in India

   Top 10 Most Popular Smartphone Companies in India

India is the leading and 2nd largest smartphone market in the world, Samsung and Apple’s dominance on India’s luxury smartphone market. The Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc are the 2 largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world, followed by Huawei Technologies and other Chinese smartphone companies in the India like  Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo and OnePlus.


The South Korean Samsung Electronics company is rated as India’s most attractive and believed brand of mobiles. Samsung has one of the largest lower priced handsets market in the India with record earnings and gain.


Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company and a main smartphone manufacturer in the Indian market. India is the world’s 2nd -largest smartphone market and the company even  set up manufacturing unit in India.


OnePlus is another Shenzhen-based a Chinese smartphone company, released numerous mobiles in India. Latest Oneplus 6T & 7T are one of the best smartphones in the world.


The American multinational technology company spreaded its products into the Indian market. Apple taking over the smartphone market in the India and planning to invest and set up new development center facility.


Vivo Communication is one of the top 10 smartphone producers in the world and entered the Indian mobile market, even became the title sponsor of the Indian Premier League.


Oppo is a leading manufacturer of smartphones in the India and was the sponsor the Indian national cricket team.

Lenovo (Motorola)

Lenovo is the Chinese company, earned the mobile phone handset maker Motorola and into the designs, develops, manufactures of smartphones, computers and tablet.


LG Electronics is another the South Korean electronics company in India having one of the most trusted brand status in electronics.


Nokia is a Finnish multinational electronics company, was the largest worldwide vendor of mobile phones and smartphones, even one of the most famous brand of earlier mobiles phones in India.


HTC is a Taiwanese electronics company making Windows based smartphones and with the bout  from Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics.

Other famous smartphones and Mobile Phone Companies in India even contain BlackBerry, G’Five,HTC, Asus, Honor, Gionee and Realme.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

PRANAYAM and its benefits

PRANAYAMA and its benefits

PRANAYAM  and its benefits 

  Pranayama is the movement of breath regulation. It’s a main factor of yoga, employment for objective and mental wellness. In Sanskrit, “prana” measures sparkle energy and “Yama” measures regulation.

The do of pranayama includes breathing exercises and patterns. You with intent inhale, exhale, and grasp your breath in a recognized factor sequence.

In yoga, pranayama is old with other practices such as tangible postures (asanas) and meditation (dhyana). Together, these practices are in charge of the scores of gain of yoga.


But pranayama has gain of its own. These compensation are payable to the beneficial sound affect of breathing exercises and mindfulness.


Increases sleep quality.

Improves mindfulness.

Decrease high blood pressure.

Increases cognitive performance.

Supports in weight loss.

Well for skin health.

Develops digestion.

Takes care of lungs.

Increases immunity.

Supports In Detoxification.

Increases concentration.

Makes mind nice oriented.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Do Air Conditioners Cause Any Harm to the Environment?

  Do Air Conditioners Cause Any Harm to the Environment?

Air conditioning is a primary of everyday life in the modern world. Here in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, it is hard to visual navigating a summer without it. We depend on it to cool and climate-control our house, office buildings, and automobiles.  

So, while all of your buddies here at Masters Heating & Cooling, Inc. appreciate just how wonderful air conditioning is, it is vital to recognize the impact air conditioning has on the environment. Air conditioners can negatively affect the environment in the same way that other machines that burn fossil fuels do: by emitting dangerous by-product gases into the atmosphere. Most air conditioners are fueled by electricity and utilize a refrigerant that results in gaseous emissions that contribute to global warming and ozone layer depletion. In fact, some studies forecast that by 2050, approximately 25 percent of global warming will be caused by air conditioning.


However, the effect of air conditioning is not all bad. In fact, aside from the obvious advantage of a cooler, dehumidified air to healthier and more comfortable living, today’s air conditioners are much more efficient and less damaging to the environment than they used to be. Newer models – like Masters’ full line of Carrier models – utilize  less energy and are fueled with safer, cleaner refrigerant. Air conditioning even impacts the environment in a positive way in the manufacturing world. Workers are much more productive in a climate-controlled environment, resulting in less wasted time and energy usage.


One of the main jobs of your air conditioner is to develop and maintain your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ), which is integral in promoting good health and quality of life. That’s why it is so very vital to perform regular maintenance on your HVAC system. An easy – but pivotal – place to start is by regularly changing air filters. Installing a house air purification system, humidifier or UV lights are even good options for increasing IAQ. Call us today for more details on these products or to learn about our Energy Savings Agreement maintenance plan.


Unhappily , there will come a time when it will become too costly to keep your old HVAC system running. Or perhaps its lifespan is nearing the end and replacing it is imminent. Either way, you can take comfort in the fact that a newer air conditioner will affect the environment much less than your old one. Call Masters’ HVAC professionals today to learn all about our highly-efficient and hardworking Carrier models.  

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Monday, August 8, 2022

Do you know iodine deficiency can create your thyroid worse?

 Do you know iodine deficiency can create your thyroid worse?  

While thyroid can be genetic, you can still work to provide your body a fighting chance by having enough iodine to detain its deficiency. 

Most of us know that our thyroid gland is situated in the neck and it is accountable for the secretion of both Triiodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4) hormones. On the other hand, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) controls the levels of both T3 and T4 in the blood. When the T4 hormone is high, the situation is called hyperthyroidism. When it is low, it is recognized as hypothyroidism, which directs to weight gain, hair fall, dry skin, loss of appetite, and constipation. However, did you know that iodine lack in your body can make your thyroid worse?

How is iodine deficiency related to the thyroid?

For those caught unaware, iodine is required by our body to produce the thyroid hormone. Since our body doesn’t create iodine by itself, it has to come from our diets.

Nutrition coach Simrun Chopra, in her latest Instagram video, says how it works. “When the TSH levels increase , our thyroid gland uses iodine to make thyroid hormones. The body doesn’t create iodine, so it has to come from your diet. And if you’re not obtaining  enough of it, the body can’t make the thyroid hormones. If that occurs , the thyroid gland has to work harder, which reasons the cells to grow and eventually lead to a goiter,” she mentions in her post.

How does adding iodised salt support?

As per to Chopra, while thyroid can be genetic, you can still work to provide your body a fighting chance by adding iodised salt to your diet as it will offer you nearly 50 percent of your daily requirement.

“Switching to pink salt or Himalayan can direct to an Iodine deficiency. In fact, salt is iodised to support detain an iodine deficiency in the population,” she explains.

What are the advantages of iodized salt?

Iodized salt means the salt only includes small amounts of sodium iodide or potassium iodide. The best part is that it looks and tastes the similar , and comes with loads of advantages. You can search traces of iodized salt in dairy products, seafood, grains, and eggs. You can even combine it with normal table salt to decrease iodine deficiency.

As mentioned, it not only increased thyroid function, but even regulates blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate. It is even imperative to have iodine for the development of bone and brain function during pregnancy and infancy.

Others foods you can a try for iron deficiency

1. Apart from iodised salt, you can have one large cup of yogurt as it can even provide you up to 50 percent of your daily requirement.

2. Adding eggs to your daily diet even supports.

People who are at a higher risk of iodine lack are pregnant women, women at their pre-pregnancy age, children, vegetarians and vegans.

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Saturday, August 6, 2022

High-tech features will be available along with great looks, starting from Rs 7.22 lakh

High-tech features will be available along with great looks, starting from Rs 7.22 lakh

 High-tech features will be available along with great looks, starting from Rs 7.22 lakh

Wegener's new model, the 2023 Suzuki Wegener Facelift has been launched in Japan. The design of the new model has been updated. The look of the new Wagoner looks sporty, along with many high-tech features. The model launched in Japan is completely different from the Wagner in India. Wegener's current model is ruling the hearts of people in India. It has been topping the best-selling list for the past few months. Wagner has sold 22,588 units in July 2022.

Price of a new Wegener

In Japan, the 2023 Suzuki Wagoner facelift will be available in a price range of 1,217,700 yen to 1,509,200 yen (Rs 7.22 lakh to Rs 8.96 lakh). At the same time, the Wegener Stingray is offered at 1,688,500 yen to 1,811,700 yen (Rs 10 lakh to Rs 10.75 lakh). The Wegener Custom Z model is priced between 1,474,000 yen to 1,756,700 yen (Rs 8.75 lakh to Rs 10.43 lakh).


The new 2023 Suzuki Wagoner has been launched in three different models. These models are Wegener, Wegener Custom Z and Stingray. The Stingray features an all-new LED projector headlamp setup. The taillamps are also placed lower than the standard version, giving it an MPV-like design. The standard Wagner still has standard halogen headlamps.


Maruti Suzuki Wagoner looks like all the previous versions with a boxy design look. However, the new 2023 Wagner grille as well as the tailgate have received additional design changes. The Stingray has been given an aggressive look, while the Custom Z Wagoner and Wagoner have a very simple look. All three have almost identical rear and side profiles.


The interior is similar to the current version. The Wagoner gets a beige colored interior, while the Custom Z and Stingray get all-black interiors. The two variants get piano black and faux wood finishes to flaunt the look and feel of the cabin. The infotainment screen has been launched in Maruti Suzuki's new cars, like the Baleno and Brezza you get a 9-inch unit. Talking about some safety and services, the Stingray has features like HUD, ADAS, 360 degree parking.


The Japan-spec Wagoner is powered by a 660 cc motor, offered in both NA petrol and mild-hybrid configurations. The turbo version of this engine comes with the Stingray and Custom Z. Transmission options include a 5-speed MT and CVT. Both 2WD and 4WD variants are on offer. The mild-hybrid powertrain with CVT gearbox delivers a mileage of 25.2 KMPL.

It will be launched in India by next year

The Maruti Suzuki Wagoner 2023 is likely to be launched in India by the end of next year. The model that will be launched in India will be slightly modified and the feature list may also see a change. The global variant is also offered with All Wheel Drive (AWD), which may not be available in the Indian version of the car.

Why like Wegener?

    This car is a low maintenance car. Its parts are easily available anywhere. In such a situation, people don't have to rush to the service center for minor problems. Its parts are also easily available in all small and big cities. It has more space than any car in its segment. Its ground clearance is 165mm. So it can run easily even in bumpy roads. It is in great demand in small towns.

    In terms of mileage, the company claims that this car gives a mileage of 23 to 25 km per liter in petrol, while the Wagoner with CNG can run up to 33 km on 1 kg of CNG.

read in gujrati

    The starting price of Wagner is Rs 5.47 lakh, if your budget is between Rs 5 to 7 lakh then you can easily buy this car.

    Another good thing is that the resale value of this car is good. This car can be easily driven for at least 10 years, so it is also called the 'best selling affordable family car'.

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5 Top-Rated Attractions and Places to Visit in Goa

5 Top-Rated Attractions and Places to Visit in Goa

 1. Popular Beaches

Beaches play a starring role among the attractions in the Goa, contributing to why it's one of the best locations to visit in India.

Nearly every tourist who visits the area spends a day at Polemical Beach, a crescent-shaped stretch of white sand that overlooks the Arabian Sea in the south Goa. While easily hanging out and soaking up the scenery is a perfect way to enjoy this gorgeous area, Palolem Beach even offers an array of activities to fill your time. Select  from kayaking, yoga classes, dolphin-sightseeing trips, and swimming. You can even spend the night in one of Palolem's rustic coco huts, which are erected at the start of the high season.

Colva Beach is another one of the most popular beaches in Goa, mainly among Indian tourists. It has swaying palms and a broad stretch of bronze sand, where you'll seldom see herds of cows sunbathing next to tourists. You can rent Jet Skis, hop on a thrilling banana boat ride, and obtain a bird's-eye view of the beach on a parasailing adventure.

Home stay housing in the area will give you an authentic local-style experience – plus easy access to Colva Beach.

2. Mangeshi Temple

Goa's different culture and heritage are on full display at Mangeshi Temple, a beautiful spiritual attraction that's been standing for approximately  450 years. The pastel blue, gold, and white temple features a seven-story tower that pays homage to one of the Hindu god Shiva's several incarnations: Manguesh. The temple structures surround a sacred pool of water, which is thought to be the most historic part of this religious place.

You can see devotees perform pujas (worship rituals) at the temple every day. If you occur to be there on a Monday, you can watch the Manguesh idol taken out for a procession, finish with music, in the late afternoon or early evening.

Address: Dinanath Mangeshkar Road, Mangeshi Village, Mardol, Goa

3. Fontainhas

Lace up your most suitable pair of walking shoes and head to Panjim for a stroll around Fontainhas, one of Asia's only Latin quarters. Once the headquarters for the Portuguese government in the Goa, the UNESCO-known Heritage Zone features colonial houses and cottages decked out with pastel and fluorescent façades. Each of the houses obtain a fresh coat of paint after the monsoon season every year, assuring that they always look vibrant for visitors. Don't skip the district's namesake Fountain of Phoenix.

You can discover  the area on your own, or book a walking tour for a more in-depth look at the history of this fascinating neighborhood. Either way, you'll surely work up an appetite as you wander the narrow cobblestone streets and snap photos in front of the candy-colored buildings. Refuel at one of the decades-old cafés or a bakeries in the neighborhood. Confeitaria 31 de Janeiro, a bakery near Mary Immaculate School, is recognized for having a wide selection of tasty Goan cakes and sweets

4. Anjuna Market

Goa is house to a ton of markets, but none give the liveliness or selection of products found at Anjuna Market. For approximately 50 years, hundreds of vendors have been setting up shop on Anjuna Beach every Wednesday to tempt free-spirited travelers with hippy-inspired trinkets and souvenirs.

Ornate textiles, woven bikinis, sculptures of deities, dreamcatchers, hammocks, magnets, t-shirts with sassy slogans, beaded jewelry, toys – you name it, you can potential buy it here.

But even if you don't wish to shop, you should still create  a point to visit Anjuna Market for the sightseeing. The flea market is a swirling array of colorful wares, salespeople driving hard bargains, big bags of fresh spices, and a street food galore. The vibe alone is one of the cause why Anjuna Market is one of the top places to visit in the Goa.

Address: 10 St. Michael's Vaddo South, Anjuna, Goa

5. Mahadev Temple

Situated  just 12 kilometers north of Molem, Mahadev Temple offers  tourists a chance to see a structure that has been standing since the 12th century. Its remote location supported it survive centuries of conquests by the Portuguese and Muslim colonialists. Legend has it that the black basalt temple, which was built to honor Lord Shiva, has the  resident king cobra. Step inside to watch the detailed work of artisan carvers, containing the lotus flower on the ceiling.

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Friday, August 5, 2022

top home furniture company in India

 top home furniture company in India 

Godrej Interio Furniture

Godrej Interio was founded in the year 1923 and it is one of the leading furniture brands both in the home and institutional sectors. It gives sustainable and excellent furniture for your home. Moreover , it also offers a wide range of green options and products that have a low carbon footprint. It is expanded  over 430 cities with 52 owned companies and has 800+ dealers.

Godrej Interio’s MDF bed is one of the trending furniture due to  it is designed with an E1 grade pre-laminated particle board to assure durability.

Godrej Interio product list

Wardrobes and Almirahs

Dining tables


Display units

Shoe racks


TV units


Chest of drawers

Sofas and recliners

Bedside tables

Bar chairs



Customer care: 1-800-267-1122

Furniture brand-Durian

Durian is one of the most famous furniture companies in India. It has over 33 outlets in India giving the best quality furniture. It gives a variety of furniture such as  tables, almirahs, stools, beds, dressing tables, side tables, etc. All of these are of good quality and look such as premium furniture inside your home. Durian even designs world-class home and office furniture with innovative models. Therefore, Durian is a great lifestyle-related brand as it gives superior quality furniture. Even , shop for furniture through online stores!

Durian product list



Dining tables

Chest of drawers


Sofas and recliners


TV units

Shoe racks



Customer care: 1800 22 3242

Furniture brand-Damro

Damro manufactures both traditional and modern furniture of high strength and solidity. Since 1986 Damro has been one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the India due to  its quality and customer satisfaction. They give both office and house furniture and their range include living room, dining, bedroom, workplace, etc. Damro has almost 75 outlets in the India and 150 showrooms all around  the world.

Damro product list



Sofa cum bed


Dressing tables

Bedroom suites




Customer care: 18003091631

IKEA Furniture

Ikea is a Swedish Multinational company that sells pre-assembled furniture to consumers throughout the world. Founded  in 1942, it is one of the famous furniture brands in India. Whether you wish classic or old school, or renovate your home with modern design furniture, Ikea has beautiful options for you.

The range of amazing furniture contains home decor, kitchen, dining, bedroom, etc. It is the first major furniture brand in India that is permitted  to set up retail operations. Ikea has more than 48 supplier store in India that gives a massive furniture range that is stylish and comfortable.

Ikea product list


Sofas and armchairs

Tables and desks

Cabinets and cupboards

TV units

Chest of drawers and drawer units



Sideboards, buffets, and console tables

Coffee table

Room dividers



Customer care: 1800 419 4532

Zuari Furniture

Zuari gives a diverse option of furniture such as cots, dressing tables, closets, dining sets, sofas, wall units, and office furniture. It gives furniture online as well as offline at a budget price. Moreover , Zuari is even  identified by its distinctive style of furniture like the Durian brand. It has more than 60 distributors and 500+ retailer a furniture stores. Among all furniture brands, Zuari has made remarkable recognition because of its high-quality furniture. The featured categories of Zuari are the Bedroom, Dining, Living Area, and Office.

Zuari product list



Bedside table


Coffee table


TV units


Work stations



Customer care: 1800 419 4532

Furniture brand-Evok

Evok is one of the main furniture brands in India. It gives modern furniture for home furnishing. It has 13 own stores and 15 franchise outlets in the India. And, it even gives more than 20,000 products. Evok covers a wide range of products such as work from home furniture, outdoor tables, living room furniture, etc. Obtainable both online and offline.

Evok product list



Dining tables

Storage units



Customer care: 1800 1207 577

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