How to download Facebook and Twitter videos on your device?

  How to download Facebook and Twitter videos on your device?

Here is a step by step suggestion for you to download videos from Facebook and Twitter. 

Short format videos have been in the trend for more than 2 years now. People are searching  forward to watching short format videos to obtain entertained or gain information. Hence there are times when you wish to download some of the content to store it either in your band or if you would love to share the same with your acquaintances. 

But downloading the Facebook video is not that easy now. If you wish to share any video from Facebook (now known as Meta) then you can copy the link and send it to your buddy , or send a DM through the app. 

So, here are some stages to download some content which you would wish to save or share offline with people who are either not on Facebook, or if you wish to send it simply  on Whats App:

1. Pick a video which you would wish to download and save.

2. Copy the link to the Facebook video which you would wish to download. Tap on the three dots which are placed at the top right corner of the video. Now a copy the link.

3. Paste the link in the new tab for finding to that site.

4. In the URL, delete "www" and swap  it to "mbasic." This will divert  your Facebook account to a very old-school version.

5. Now open the video in the  new tab. This will appear like a single video on a screen with a black background.

6. Now right click on the video and click on the ‘save the video’

And you are done and you can search the video either on your laptop, desktop or even on your smartphone. Even , the same process could be followed if you would wish to download a video from Twitter as well.

Again you will have to copy the share link and paste the similar  into a third-party website which has been designed to do the rest of the work for the consumers . Once the user chooses the tweet and copies the link, the user would be willing to visit a website like FB Down. 

There, the user can paste the copied link and tap on the download option. 

Additionally , users can further download the Friendly for Facebook app, which is a third-party app. This app offers Facebook extra features including a downloading option.

And lastly, if you still search these options technical and tough to perform, you may always select to screen record. Though the screen recording feature is there in every smartphone which is being issued in today’s time, and one can surely  save the video, but this is a must to mention that the quality might not remain the similar  as compared to the independent download which we might obtain through the above steps to download Facebook videos.


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