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Saturday, 25 June 2022

TATA CURVV Electric SUV Launched, Check Features & Details

TATA CURVV SUV Electric Vehicle Launched – Check TATA Motors Electric Vehicle Features & Availability Details: Tata Motors has launched a special electric SUV car in India. It has been named as Tata CURVV Electric SUV. Apart from this, Tata Motors is also planning to launch the long-range Nexon EV and Altroz EV in the coming days.

After the launch, customers will also get petrol and diesel engine options. According to Tata Motors, the Curve will be the first such electric SUV that will offer such options. Tata Curvv SUV EV has been designed with a coupe roofline (sloping design) and is an evolved model of the Tata Sierra EV concept that was shown at Auto Expo 2020.


  • According to Tata, the Curvv will be placed above the mid-size SUV and below the premium SUV segment. It can cover a distance of up to 500 kilometres on a single charge.
  • A teaser of this electric concept car was also released before the launch. The teaser had a glimpse of its exterior design.
  • It featured the front look of the car, which had LED daytime running lamps (DRLs), which are fitted just slightly below the bonnet.
  • The primary headlights of the car are on the bumper of the car. The headlight units are in a triangle shape.
  • Grey machine-cut alloy wheels have also been seen in the teaser.
  • Tata and EV logos are on the rear of the vehicle.
  • With its curved back windshield and slick roof-mounted spoiler in the teaser, TATA SUV EV looks very attractive.
The X1 platform that supports Nexon will be used for this model. Its back doors would be longer, the ceiling would be thinned, and the entire back end would be redesigned. The wheelbase of the TATA Electric SUV is expected to increase by about 50 millimetres. It is estimated to be about 4.3 meters long.

Tata has already launched two Nexon EVs and Tiger EVs as well as the next generation Tata Sierra Electric Cars launched at the auto expo in 2020. Shailesh Chandra, managing director, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Limited, on Wednesday launched the TATA CURVV Electric Car.

Like most vehicles these days, the TATA Curvv is also having a panorama sunroof. This sunroof emits dazzling light inside. The cabin also gives a wider feel. Another fancy touch on the Tata CURVV is that it can be viewed in the form of frameless windows on all doors.

This TATA EV Car will come with a minimalistic interior. There are two floating screens on the dashboard. The steering wheel comes with a flat bottom design with backlit control on both sides. TATA Motors is targeting to produce 10 more electric cars by 2025.

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