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Thursday, 30 June 2022

BGMI Lite Release Date, India Launch Pre-Registration, APK Soon

Latest News about BGMI Lite Release Date BGMI Lite Launch Date in India BGMI Lite Download APK 2022 – Finally a good huge for those who are eagerly waiting for the BGMI Lite Release Date. According to our sources, BGMI Lite will be released in the latter part of May 2022.

Reason Behind the Hype – As you already know that India is one of the biggest markets as far as the gaming industry is concerned. There is a strong battle going on between Garena and Krafton (Gaming companies) to capture the major part of the online gaming industry.

It is a fact that most of the players do not have flagship devices. If we talk about BGMI application size, it almost occupies 5-6 GB of storage in your smartphone. Obviously, it’s harder to play a large game on a budget-oriented device.

So considering this fact, krafton and level infinite are ready to launch BGMI Lite in the upcoming weeks. BGMI Lite will require lower specs and can run smoothly in mid-range devices. But players have to compromise in terms of graphics in comparison to BGMI.

BGMI Lite Release Date, India Launch Pre-Registration, APK Soon

BGMI Lite Launch Date in India

There is a rumour that Levelinfinite is planning to set up a community meet up in the 2nd week of April 2022. Youtube gaming creators will be in the main limelight of the event. A major hint regarding the BGMI Lite Launch Date has been given from the krafton.

As we saw previously at the time of the BGMI Launch that Tencent remove all data from its official Instagram page and deleted all content from the official Youtube channel. The same tactics can be noticed in the case of the BGMI Lite Release.

Now the official page of Pubgmobilelite has been deleted from Instagram and the page was having more than 1,20,000 followers. It seems that krafton, the game company temporarily disabled the account and it is possible that they are planning to rename the account name from Pubgmobilelite to BGMI LIte.

As we mentioned earlier that the community meeting is to be held in the 2nd week of April 2022. So it is estimated that in the initial stage Alpha version of BGMI Lite will be provided only to the creators and testing partners. After some weeks BGMI Lite Beta Version will be available publicly.

BGMI Lite Pre-Registration & Early Access to BGMI Lite

Early access for BGMI Lite in India will only be provided to limited users. Players who will manage to get the BGMI Lite Early Access might be benefited from Free Crates and extra coins. Once you get the BGMI Lite Early Access it will be downloaded automatically whenever available on the play store.

BGMI Lite will not be available for the ios operating system because all the apple smartphones are powerful enough to easily handle the BGMI without any frame drop or lag. Even a 3-4 year old iPhone can run BGMI smoothly.

We will also add a direct link for BGMI Lite Download. Using that link users can install BGMI Lite on their devices and can enjoy the same experience but with a lighter application.

BGMI Lite Download APK – Release Date in India

GameBGMI Lite
PurposeLite Version of the Game for the Mid-range, budget phones
Developer CompanyKrafton & Levelinfinite
BGMI Lite Beta VersionNot Available
BGMI Lite Size400 MB
BGMI Lite Release Date May 2022 (Expected)
BGMI Lite APKwill be release
BGMI Lite Release Date, India Launch Pre-Registration, APK Soon

BGMI Lite will be released by Levelinfinite only for android devices. In order to download the same users have to follow the same steps as they download a normal application from the play store.

Interested players can also get the same from the 3rd Party App stores such as APK Pure, Tap Tap, APK Mirror, etc. But these websites are not recommended. Installing an android application from a 3rd party app store may affect your phone’s security and performance.

System Requirement for BGMI Lite Game

Despite the lower specs required for BGMI, it’s not as smooth as PUBG Mobile Lite for budget/mid-spec phone users. We have tried playing BGMI on mid-range Android Phones and we experience full of lag, and regular frame drop issues which might be solved via BGMI Lite.

  • A minimum of 1GB of Ram & Android version 5.1.1 is required to download the BGMI Lite.
  • The full size of BGMI Lite can go up to 600-700 MB after downloading all maps.
  • The game can be played with UHD graphics settings.
  • In high-end android devices, the frame rate can go up to 90fps.
  • Touch sensitivity may be slightly reduced from 400 to 300.

These are the latest information we can provide. Hope you like the content and do share this article with your BFF, Buddy or Bromance so they also get an idea about the BGMI Lite Release Date in India.

BGMI Lite Release Date in India – FAQs

  • How to Download BGMI Lite on Android?

Once the BGMI Lite is publicly available at the play store users can download the BGMI Lite just with a single click download and the game will be installed.

  • When would BGMI Lite be released in India?

As of now, no commitment is made by Krafton. It is expected that the BGMI Lite probably release in April or May 2022.

  • How many MB is BGMI Lite?

BGMI Lite will only occupy 600-700 MB on your device after downloading all the available maps.

  • How to transfer BGMI data to BGMI Lite APK?

users can transfer all their data such as gun skins, UC, and all the collected items into the BGMI Lite application just by logging in with the same BGMI ID.

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