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Friday, 10 June 2022

Best App for NMMSS(National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship) Exam

Best App for NMMSS(National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship) Exam

The National Means Cum- Merit scholarship Scheme (NMMSS) is a Central government-sponsored scheme. The is aiming to provide motivation to the meritorious students that are in the class students that are dropping out of the schools just because of the economic weakness of their family.

Best App for NMMSS(National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship) Exam

The scholarship amount of 12000$ per annum is provided so that they could continue their secondary education. The state boards are the actual conducting body of this scholarship examination.

NMMS Topper has been designed for the preparation of NMMS examination. This is very useful app for all the Students who are preparing for competitive & Scholarship Exams. This App can be used for Exercise, Evaluation & also for Remedial work.

This app provides preparation material for the National Means cum Merit Scholarship (NMMS) examination for Karnataka. It covers both GMAT and SAT. The app allows the student to take tests in individual chapters as well as 90 minute practice tests. The 90 minute practice tests are in the same format as the actual exam papers. Students can take any number of tests and each time the app gives them a different set of questions. Hence as the student takes more and more tests, his/her performance keeps improving.

The app allows the student to review the correct answers along with explanations at the end of each test. It also keeps track of the student’s progress over time. 

Once the app is installed, the student does not require Internet connection for taking tests thus enabling rural students to take the tests from anywhere.

Up to three students can use this app on the same mobile / tab and the app tracks the performance of each student separately. This helps poor rural students to share their resources while preparing for this competitive exam.

This app is (a) free of advertisements (b) free of in-app purchases (c) does not collect any personal information (d) does not need internet, and (e) free of cost. This helps the rural children learn using this app without any distraction and/or fear of sharing personal information.

Features :-

    • Mock Test

    • Previous Questions

    • SAT & MAT Questions

    • Study Materials

    • More than 2000 selected questions

The "NTSE-NMMS/ OLYMPIADS Champs Class 8 Science/ Social Science " is a thoroughly revised & comprehensive book written exclusively for class 8 students and covers syllabus of classes 6, 7 & 8. The book provides learning of all the concepts involved in the syllabus of NTSE/ NMMS/ OLYMPIADS exams.  The book covers the 2 sections conducted in these examination – Science and Social Science.

Salient features of the book:

• The book is prepared on content based on National Curriculum Framework prescribed by NCERT. All the text books, syllabi and teaching practices within the education programs in India must follow NCF. Hence, NTSE-NMMS/ OLYMPIADS Champs become an ideal book not only for the NTSE-NMMS/ OLYMPIAD Exams but also for strengthening the concepts of the relevant class. 

• The Science section has been divided into 3 parts - Physics, Chemistry and Biology. There are 10 chapters in Physics,  6 in Chemistry and 7 in Biology as per the syllabus of the NTSE/ NMMS/ OLYMPIADS exams.

• The Social Science section has also been divided into 3 parts - History, Civics and Geography. There are 13 chapters in History,  9 in Geography and 8 in Civics as per the syllabus of the NTSE/ NMMS/ OLYMPIADS exams.

• The book provides sufficient point-wise theory, solved examples followed by FULLY SOLVED exercises in 2 levels.

• The book has the most comprehensive coverage as per the latest syllabus of class 6, 7 & 8.

• Maps, Diagrams and Tables to stimulate the thinking ability of the student.

• The book also contains very similar questions to what have been asked in the previous NTSE/ NMMS/ OLYMPIADS examinations of Class 8.

• There is an exhaustive range of thought provoking questions in MCQ format to test the student’s knowledge thoroughly. The questions are designed so as to test the knowledge, comprehension, evaluation, analytical and application skills. Solutions and explanations are provided for all questions. 

• The book covers new variety of Multiple Choice questions - Passage Based, Assertion-Reason, Matching, Definition based, Feature Based, Diagram Based and Integer Answer Questions.

• The book will act as a quick revision of the complete syllabus of class 8.  

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