I want to check how many sims activated on my ID in India..

I want to check how many sims activated on my ID in India..

 In 2018, the government improved the limit of 9 SIM cards to 18 but this new limit will be available only to consumers with Embedded-Subscriber Identity Module (eSIM). Users with eSIM do not require to buy  a new SIM card when creating a new connection or changing service providers. It is only installed in the consumer's device. The information  of the service provider are updated at the time of making a new connection

If any other person is not utilizing SIM card in your name, then in this case the Department of Telecom has issued  a portal site. In which false SIM card details is received. Illegally announced  SIM cards have long been a challenge for cardholders also  the government. 

To overcome this challenge, the Department of Telecom has made a special portal. Via this portal they can know that no one has utilized your mobile number without their consent and if another SIM card has been issued in your name, you can block it.

How to observe your number in this procedure :

  • To know about your number misutilize, first login to the portal (https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in/alert.php).
  • Then you have to upload your phone number. The an OTP will then be dropped.
  • The consumer  will then receive an SMS from the telecom department informing them that there is an active connection in their name.
  • Consumers are then notified of a number they do not know can send a request to block it.
  • One more ticket ID will be sent from the department after appealing , so you can track it.
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I wish to check how many sims activated on my ID in the India :


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