Hotspot will bring code verify feature, chat on web will be safer now, browser extension will inform users about web authentication

Hotspot will bring code verify feature, chat on web will be safer now, browser extension will inform users about web authentication

To make the WhatsApp web more secure, Meta has introduced a browser extension called Code Verify, which will tell users whether the WhatsApp web they are using is authentic or not. The web extension automatically verifies the authority of the WhatsApp web code given to users that their text is safe and has not been tampered with. WhatsApp has partnered with CloudFair for this. It is an open-source project that allows other companies to bring their own apps together.

WhatsApp extension can be downloaded on browsers like Chrome, Firefox

The code verifying WhatsApp extension will be available for download on Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. When users open the WhatsApp web they check the resource key on this entire web page to verify the authority of the code. The extension informs users about this once the code has been authenticated. If users have the extension installed on their web browser, it will start working automatically when they use the WhatsApp web. It shows a green check mark in a circle. Which means the code of the WhatsApp web you are using is completely valid.

If the extension is not verified, 3 types of pops will be sent

When the extension cannot verify that you are using the WhatsApp web it shows three messages. These include network times out, possible risk detection and validation. When the user clicks on the code verify extension icon on his toolbar, it can be learned more if it turns green, orange or red.

Versions of the verified code are published by WhatsApp and on Cloud Fair

"We've provided CloudFair with a cryptographic hash source for WhatsApp Web's JavaScript code," WhatsApp said in a blog post. When someone uses Code Verify, the extension automatically verifies the code that runs on the WhatsApp web and is published by WhatsApp on the version of Verified Code and Cloud Flare.

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The reason behind bringing the new extension of WhatsApp is to prevent users from using any malicious version of WhatsApp web. WhatsApp takes special care that the new extension does not lock any data, metadata or user information. While mobile apps have an authentic source for users to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Most web clients do not have this type of authentication.


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