Always follow these tips when talking about work / online banking, never fall prey to fraud

 Always follow these tips when talking about work / online banking, never fall prey to fraud

Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed the country the dream of a digital India, which the entire country is now working together to achieve. There is no doubt that as digitization is on the rise in our country, so are the facilities available to the common man. While on the one hand many of the problems of the people in Digital India have come to an end, on the other hand it has also provided a new platform for committing fraud. Cyber ​​thugs who are active on the internet prey on innocent people as soon as they get a chance and squander their hard earned money in minutes.

As well as being convenient, online banking is also risky

    The government is making adequate efforts to prevent cyber fraud or online fraud in the country. In this regard, the Government of India and the State Governments continue to make every effort to create awareness among the people. In this same link, PIB Fact Check gives some important tips to the people of the country to avoid online financial fraud. PIB Fact Check wrote in a tweet, "Online banking is easy and convenient but without caution it can also lead to financial fraud."

    PIB Fact Check provides some tips to avoid online financial fraud, keeping in mind that cyber fraud can be largely avoided. Here are some tips to help you avoid online fraud:


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    Never share any personal details like your Net Banking Password, OTP, ATM PIN, Phone Banking PIN, Card CVV Number or Expiry Date with anyone.

    Do not make certain financial transactions when using public Wi-Fi networks or public computers.

    Use strong passwords for your online banking accounts and change them periodically.

    Always use a virtual keyboard when logging in to online banking services.

    Always delete browsing data from your web browser after you finish your online banking.

    Always pay attention to the transaction alerts coming to your registered mobile number and pay special attention to the amount to be paid.

    With all of this in mind, you can certainly be protected from online fraud to a great extent. If you are still a victim of such online financial fraud, call 155260 and file a complaint immediately.



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