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Monday, February 28, 2022

Maha Shivaratri Festival 2022

Maha Shivaratri Festival 2022

Maha Shivaratri is a Hindu celebration celebrated yearly to pay tribute to Lord Shiva, and specifically, marks the day of the culmination of marriage of Shiva.

Praise this Maha Shivaratri 2022 with reflection photograph editorial manager god shiva 2022 frames.This Maha Shivratri Photo outline 2022 is the best mahakal photograph proofreader to make the reflection god master shiva dp photograph plans, maha shivaratri good tidings cards and maha shivaratri gif pictures.

Maha Shivratri Photo Editor 2022 application which contains the most appealing god shiva photograph outlines and cheerful shivratri photograph outline proofreader to make the reflection photograph examine these celebration days for more rich mahadev photograph outline 2022 and master shiva backdrops.

By utilizing our new maha shivratri photograph outline 2022 application you can make your own shiva photographs dakhva dp and send maha shivaratri hindu celebration good tidings and maha shivaratri GIF pictures to wish companions and dearest ones on this celebration day. Attempt this ruler god shiva photograph proofreader application today to appreciate with numerous wonderful god shiva photograph outlines and face shading impacts.

Master Shiva Photo Frame Editor 2022 application assists clients with reverentially embellishing your intriguing photos with accessible mahadev photograph proofreader 2022 with the best shivratri photograph edges and maha shivratri photograph altering foundations. It has a colossal assortment of the shiva photographs dakhva edges and maha shivaratri good tidings cards and ruler shiva GIF to send wishes to your companions and family on this greatest celebration of India.

Brighten the photograph with reflection way with a wide scope of blissful shivratri photograph outline HD assortment. Select the edge of your look over the rundown and alter the photograph to transform it pleasantly as shiva photographs download the best photograph proofreader god shiva hindu celebration good tidings application in the android market. This Maha Shivaratri App will make the photographs and selfies so excellent that you will jump at the chance to impart them to every one individuals on informal organizations.

Highlights of the Maha Shivratri Photo Frame 2022 App: -

*15+HD Happy Maha Shivratri 2022 Frames in this best photograph supervisor god shiva application.

*10+ Send Maha Shivaratri 2022 and Lord Shiva GIF Greetings to send wishes to adored ones utilizing this shiva foundation photograph manager application.

*20+ Face Color impacts to apply into mahakal in photograph (or) cheerful shivratri photograph manager 2022 application.

* Flip to fit picture on a level plane and in an upward direction into the mahadev photograph outline 2022.

*Photographs can be acclimated to squeeze into the casing by zoom-out and in, turning by moving with the two finger signal to squeeze into god shiva photograph outlines.

*Maha Shivaratri 2022 (or) god shiva photographs proofreader application which upholds the all portable screen goals and tablet gadgets.

*Save and Share the picture (by means of) different online media organizations and a lot more and so forth

Step by step instructions to Use:-

1. Take picture from camera or exhibition utilizing Maha Shivaratri App.

2. Crop the picture utilizing Super-Cropping Tool.

3. Select Maha Shivaratri Photo Frames 2022 to apply into HD shivaratri ka photograph outlines.

4. Scale in and Scale out picture to squeeze into my photograph with god shiva (or) reflection mahakal in photograph outlines.

5. Apply the various sorts of shading face impacts, picture flip element into god shiva photograph outlines 2022.

6. Utilize Happy Maha Shivaratri Greetings Cards and ruler shiva gif to send hindu celebration wishes to your cherished ones.

7. Save and Share the pictures (by means of) online media stages and a lot more and so on

Express the adoration and dedication to the cherished god photograph outline 2022 by putting your pics inside a lovely picture edge to get the master shiva backdrops. It's astounding to alter pictures with this master shiva foundation photograph supervisor application.

- Shivratri Photo Frames can decorate all your photographs and make the best snapshots of your life extraordinary. Download this free photo placements application and let the photograph fun began!

- Let select the casing you like best. Then, at that point, add your photographs from display. You can move, zoom, flip, reflect, pivot the photograph and add beautiful stickers and Text Style.

- Maha Sivaratri is coming, we should recite the name of Shiva and gone through entire night in the bhakti of Lord Shiva.

- With Shivratri Photo Editor App you can make photographs more excellent by designing them with fabulous mahakal shivas photograph outlines, Shivratri Photo outlines and astounding stickers. Immediately enliven your photographs with these captivating Shivratri outlines on your cell phone to gain your experiences extraordinary. Get Shivratri Photo Editor free application with charming photo placements free download and you will partake in this best picture proofreader

- Show your fondness with Shivratri by finishing your photographs with Shivratri Photo outlines new.

- Assuming you are fascinating photography to improve photograph without you are going to Shivratri you can make astonishing Shivratri Photo collections with these casings

- Would you like your photographs to show up on the Shivratri outlines. Then, at that point, add your recollections on these Shivratri casings and make them extraordinary.

***Key Features

- Add multi photograph with in single photograph outline.

- Give various impacts to your photograph.

- Add Text with various shading textual styles design and resize your text.

- A great deal of maha shivaratri layouts to browse, fit for any event.

- 25+ extraordinary photograph channels and photograph impacts.

- Extraordinary light and surface impact to make your photograph special

- Make your photograph more viable and innovative with remarkable shapes.

- Wonderful and beautician HD Fountain Photo Frames only for you.

- Select a photograph or picture from exhibition or catch it with your camera telephone progressively.

- Make your photograph more compelling and imaginative with one of a kind shapes.

- Various snappy maha shivaratri photograph outlines for any image.

- Astonishing enchanted impacts to apply on photograph.

- You can Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the photograph to fit the casing as you like

- Give various impacts to your photographs with maha shivaratri Photo Frames application

- Photograph Frame is an incredible arrangement creator and photograph editorial manager!

- Add sorcery to the photographs of your friends and family by decorating them with enthusiastic rose blossom outlines.

- Rose is the image of affection!! You can make the loveliest photographs on your telephone with these lovable Shivratri Photo outlines.

- Photographs in heartfelt photograph casings could be the most smart present for Shivratri to intrigue your young lady companion or sweetheart.

- Shivratri Photo Frames to communicate your sentiments in a delightful manner with your first love and cause individuals to accept that affection is until the end of time.

Maha Shivratri Video Maker with music 2022 !

Shivratri Images Video Maker is Easy to Use Fast Video Maker.

You can make Mahadev Video Maker with Music more rich with Shiva Stickers, Themes, Relevant Music and Songs.

Blissful Maha Shivratrivideo creator with tune is the least demanding God video producer device for making Mahakal recordings, Lord Shiva photograph video producer with music, Mahadev video topics, Shivaratri video status.

God Mahadev Video Maker With Music is the least demanding method for making, alter and share astonishing music recordings, slideshow and stories with your photographs, recordings and free music with most recent added highlights .

We should make each snapshot of your day into a thing of beauty with video creator editorial manager embellishment applications.

Make wonderful Shiva Effect Photo Slideshow With Song and offer with loved ones for best events throughout everyday life.

Maha Shivratri Video Maker : Video Maker is the least demanding method for making a video in slide show style with including astounding channels your photographs,

Make your own Shivratri Greetings with your Friends and Family utilizing excellent Festival Photo Video Editor App and share it to your friends and family.

Cheerful Maha Shivaratri Photo Video Editor is Very Simple and Easy.

Shivaratri Video Status slide show application has element of making Shiva Photo Video status Making on only couple of steps.

Download video producer with photograph and music now and become a seasoned veteran of making films with photographs and music

So download it and praises this Maha Shivratri with all the best to all.

Shivratri's Photo Movie Maker 2022 Features:-

• Select photograph from camera and exhibition.

• Add your photograph on slide show.

• Additionally you add music in your slide show.

• Photograph video creator support music managing.

• Different edge are applied.

• Various stickers are giving.

• Pick different casing.

• Additionally give your photograph collection to shading impact.

• Add all your photoes to slide time.

• Save this photograph story in your gadget.

• Share this video with your companions.


The substance gave in this application is accessible free on open space.

We don't claim the copyrights of the tunes. Copyright of the tunes has a place with the proprietors.

Assuming that you are proprietor of any tunes recorded in the application and need it to be taken out, simply send an email us.

We will eliminate it inside 48 hours.


All logos/pictures/names are copyright of their viewpoint proprietors.

All pictures in the application are accessible on open spaces.

This picture isn't embraced by any of the point of view proprietors, and the pictures are utilized basically for tasteful purposes.

No copyright encroachment is expected, and any solicitation to eliminate one of the pictures/logos/names will be regarded.

 Maha Shivaratri Photo Frames 2022

 Maha Shivaratri Photo Editor 2022

 Maha Shivaratri Video Maker  2022

Maha Shivaratri Song

 Maha Shivaratri Pooja Mahurat Gujarati 2022 

 Maha Shivaratri Pooja Mahurat Hindi  2022 

Download our Maha Shivaratri Photo Frame 2022 today to satisfy reflection shivaratri photograph outlines and send shivaratri good tidings and maha shivaratri gif pictures to the adored ones.

In the event that you have remarks and ideas in regards to our master shiva photograph outline supervisor (or) god photograph manager with message application if it's not too much trouble, send us at

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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Good news for gaming lovers / Mobile Android games can be played on laptops and desktops from next year, information provided by Google

Good news for gaming lovers / Mobile Android games can be played on laptops and desktops from next year, information provided by Google

Good news for gaming lovers. Laptop and PC users will soon be able to enjoy Android games on their Windows PC as well. Google is fully prepared for that. According to a report, Google is planning to bring Android game on Windows PC next year. According to a report, the Google Play Games application, which is designed to run on Windows laptops, desktops and tablets, will be available from 2022. Game players will be able to play their favorite Google game on many devices from 2022. Now the fun of Android games will be available not only on phones but also on tablets, Chromebooks and Windows PCs.

Google made it

Greg Hartrell, Google's product director for Android and Google Games, said in a statement that it was developed by Google. "We're constantly striving to get game players into their favorite Android games," Hartrell said. We plan to bring it to many other platforms.

It will also help to play the game on the desktop

Google spokesman Alex Garcia-Kumart told The Verge that Google designed it entirely on its own. It does not have Microsoft, BlueStack or any other partner. Upcoming apps will help players play Pum games on desktop PCs, apart from phones, tablets and Chromebooks.

Google will prepare the app for The Game Awards

read in gujrati

Google is currently preparing an app for The Game Awards, which will be released next year, the report said. While it is not yet clear what technology Google is using to bring the Android app to Windows, Games will run as a lock instead of streaming from the cloud. This will be the native Windows app provided by Google, which will only support Windows 10 and above updated Windows. Hartrell said it would not include game streaming.

The company will distribute the app itself. Google has announced this after testing Microsoft's Android app on Windows 11 PC.

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Never make 8 mistakes on WhatsApp, your account may be banned forever!

Never make 8 mistakes on WhatsApp, your account may be banned forever!

WhatsApp recently announced that it has banned more than 2 million accounts in India in the month of October 2021. It had earlier blocked more than 30.27 lakh Indian accounts for violating its terms of service. As new IT rules (moderation guidelines and digital media ethics code) 2021 become mandatory in India, Whatsapp publishes monthly reports on what action is taken in response to complaints received from users in India. Due to a number of law and order incidents, including riots, the platform has taken several steps to curb its misuse after WhatsApp became an important platform for spreading misinformation and fake news in India.

This includes measures to encourage users to report issues and to alert people to potential fake news and spam messages. Even though WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted, this does not mean that users can share anything, as WhatsApp tracks a lot of meta.


Whatsapp has made it clear on its official website that if any users violate its Terms of Service, their account will be banned.

According to WhatsApp's Terms of Service, doing these 8 things can cause the platform to block your account. In addition, for certain offenses, the user's metadata may be handed over to WhatsApp police for legal action, including arrest.

Never make these eight mistakes

read in gujtati

    Whatsapp will block your account if you create someone's fake account.

    If someone is not in your contact list and you send too many messages to that person, Whatsapp may ban you.

    If you use third party apps like WhatsApp Delta, GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus etc., WhatsApp may ban you.

    If you have been blocked by too many users, Whatsapp may block you.

    If too many people report against your WhatsApp account, you may be banned.

    If you send malware or phishing links to users, WhatsApp will ban you.

    Don't send obscene clips, threats or defamatory messages on WhatsApp.

    Don't send fake messages or videos promoting violence on WhatsApp.

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Always follow these tips when talking about work / online banking, never fall prey to fraud

 Always follow these tips when talking about work / online banking, never fall prey to fraud

Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed the country the dream of a digital India, which the entire country is now working together to achieve. There is no doubt that as digitization is on the rise in our country, so are the facilities available to the common man. While on the one hand many of the problems of the people in Digital India have come to an end, on the other hand it has also provided a new platform for committing fraud. Cyber ​​thugs who are active on the internet prey on innocent people as soon as they get a chance and squander their hard earned money in minutes.

As well as being convenient, online banking is also risky

    The government is making adequate efforts to prevent cyber fraud or online fraud in the country. In this regard, the Government of India and the State Governments continue to make every effort to create awareness among the people. In this same link, PIB Fact Check gives some important tips to the people of the country to avoid online financial fraud. PIB Fact Check wrote in a tweet, "Online banking is easy and convenient but without caution it can also lead to financial fraud."

    PIB Fact Check provides some tips to avoid online financial fraud, keeping in mind that cyber fraud can be largely avoided. Here are some tips to help you avoid online fraud:


read in gujrati

    Never share any personal details like your Net Banking Password, OTP, ATM PIN, Phone Banking PIN, Card CVV Number or Expiry Date with anyone.

    Do not make certain financial transactions when using public Wi-Fi networks or public computers.

    Use strong passwords for your online banking accounts and change them periodically.

    Always use a virtual keyboard when logging in to online banking services.

    Always delete browsing data from your web browser after you finish your online banking.

    Always pay attention to the transaction alerts coming to your registered mobile number and pay special attention to the amount to be paid.

    With all of this in mind, you can certainly be protected from online fraud to a great extent. If you are still a victim of such online financial fraud, call 155260 and file a complaint immediately.


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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Unacademy Learner Application 2022

Unacademy Learner Application 2022

Set out on the excursion to break your fantasy test!

At Unacademy, India's biggest learning stage, we generally endeavor to strive to make your opportunity for growth better. We intend to change the manner in which India learns, each Live Class in turn.

With the all new Unacademy Learner App, investigate an entirely different method of breaking your fantasy test! Plan for IIT, JEE, NEET UG, CAT, SSC Exams, State PSCs, other cutthroat tests and CBSE Class 6 - 12 with India's Top Educators. Take Live Classes, Test Series, Doubt Solving Sessions, Batch Courses and gain for 100+ subjects from the solace of your home!

From ideas to breaking it, the Unacademy App is a one stop answer for all your advancing necessities. Today, pick learning with Unacademy by taking Free Live Classes and make a stride towards progress. Endeavor Free Mock Tests and have a potential for success to win grants!

What are you hanging tight for? Download the App and begin now!

Unacademy in Numbers:

✔️ 59M+ Learners affected
✔️ 130k+ Live Classes sent off each month
✔️ 58K+ Registered Educators on the stage
✔️ 2.6K+ Free Live Classes led ordinary
✔️ 2.7Bn+ Total minutes of recordings consistently

Elements of the New Unacademy App

The Unacademy App empowers you to get limitless admittance to Courses, Live Classes, Mock Tests, Quizzes and then some.

Here are a portion of the top highlights that you can open to break your test:

🗓️ All New Planner: With Planner, you can now effectively get to your arrangement of the day. Missed, watched and forthcoming classes are effectively open. A straightforward look up will empower you to see your previous classes.

🖥️ Intuitive Live Classes: Attend Live Classes, partake in the Live Chat and get your questions cleared - all during the class.

❓ Ask Your Doubts: Get every one of the questions addressed at the tip of your fingers. Click a screen capture/photograph of the inquiry and transfer it. Your uncertainty will be addressed in no time by Top Educators.

🏆 Contend inside Groups: As a student on Unacademy, you can now contend week by week with your gathering individuals and furthermore see what others are contemplating. You can likewise welcome your companions to your gathering.

⏱️ Week by week Mock Tests and Quizzes: Take full-length intelligent fake tests and tests and be guaranteed that your planning is doing great.

🙋 Lift A Hand: Talk to your Educators in Live Classes and get your questions settled progressively.

💡 Execution Statistics: Analyze your presentation in mock tests with a nitty gritty report of right and mistaken inquiries, point astute breakdown, percentile score and actually look at your advancement to be on target.

⏳ Practice Section: Test your arrangement theme savvy to be through with your ideas.

🔔 Never Miss A Class: Get told for illustrations, forthcoming courses and proposals organized only for you.

💬 Cluster Recommendations: Enroll in clumps of your inclination while onboarding itself and start your learning venture right away! These bunches will cover your whole prospectus.

📖 Address Notes: Download address notes and gain admittance to recorded meetings of Live Classes. Return to significant points at whatever point you really want.

💻 Whenever, Anywhere: Watch our classes, Live or recorded, whenever from any of your gadgets.

Follow us for additional updates:




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Udemy Online Courses Learning Application 2022

Udemy Online Courses Learning Application 2022

Mastery up to advance. Udemy is a principle objective for online courses that empowers you to grow expertly and really. Get the application to explore our wide library of thousands of subjects with best in class online video courses in Coding, Development, Python, Java, Business, Marketing, SEO, SEM, Drawing, Photography, and considerably more.

Tap into data from around the world by acquiring from genuine trained professionals. With courses in excess of 65 tongues, you'll probably find the right course for your goals.

This is the thing that makes acknowledging with the Udemy application so huge:

LEARN OFFLINE: Download courses and learn regardless, when your web affiliation is conflicting

LEARN ON THE BIG SCREEN: Watch courses with Chromecast

Dull MODE: Stay focused in any lighting condition

LEARNING REMINDERS: Build your learning routine with altered spring up messages that fit your schedule

NOTES: Maximize your learning by taking notes and adding bookmarks to recall a more noteworthy measure of what you understood

Tests: Take in-course tests to help your learning

This way and that conversation: Ask teachers your duplicating requests to fabricate your knowledge or get some extra help

LIFETIME ACCESS: Take classes on your schedule. Get back to them contingent upon the circumstance.

Various teachers update courses (at no extra cost) to present to you the latest data as it opens up. Making learning with us is a short-and long stretch interest in your success.

Other popular subjects people are sorting out some way to achieve their destinations:

Application Development: Android, iOS, Swift

Data Science: R, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Displaying: Mobile, Social Media, SEM, SEO

Workmanship, Music, Drawing, Photography, Health and Fitness

Click Here To Download Application

Understudies all around the planet trust Udemy to ship off new callings, advance in their current field, and get the compensations of profound learning.

Accept accountability for your future with online courses that pass on reasonable, capable capacities. Plan for declaration tests in IT, Project Management, and that is just a glimpse of something larger. Get verifications of fulfillment for paid courses to include on your CV or interest in your next meet.

Join a considerable number of understudies all around the planet and further foster your life through learning!

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Monday, February 7, 2022

Make video |Give Money| For Earneo Application 2022

Make video |Give Money| For Earneo Application 2022

arneo, your reasonable video-sharing stage. Go along with us and find where each and every client has the chance to adapt their substance and time.

How? Find 3 Earneo points of support:


Gone are the days where you want a specific number of endorsers of acquire.

Is it safe to say that you are an Artist, a Vlogger, an Influencer, or a specialist in a specific field? Post unique substance on Earneo.Tube and figure out the way that it is to feel appreciated from the very first moment.

Our pay sharing model permits you to acquire 65% of advertisement income produced by your substance. (just around the corner)

2. Watchers

Do you appreciate marathon watching recordings? Try not to burn through your important time seeing substance free of charge. By turning into a Viewer on Earneo, consistently spent on watching recordings rises to a prize. Support your cherished substance makers and pocket 20% of the advertisement income for that particular video.

3. Mediators

Our people group is our position. By joining our group of mediators, you get to choose what's accessible on the stage. The most outstanding aspect? You procure at the same time. Our arbitrators share 3% of the promoting income for a drawn out timeframe. (not far off)

You can decide to partake in one job, or each of the three, totally dependent upon you. You can decide to see promotions and acquire or partake in our substance with no interferences. Make your channel, organize playlists, remark, post, and offer substance. With Earneo.Tube, you can fit the stage to suit every one of your requirements.

 Click Here To Download Application

Make your record and join a local area where everybody can appreciate being a part. Keep in mind, your time is significant.

Try not to stand by; go along with us today! 

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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Shop101 |Work From Home, Make Money | Application

Shop101 |Work From Home Make Money | Application

Searching for how to Earn Money Online at home without speculation?

Or then again for Best Work From Home Jobs and Part Time Job App to bring in cash from home? Or then again the best Earn Money App to begin your own Free Online Business?

Download Shop101: #1 Trusted Online Reselling App, telecommute and bring in cash online with ZERO speculation!

For what reason is Shop101 the best Online Business App?

1. Gladly Made In India, For India 🇮🇳. So PICK karo, SHARE karo aur Earn Karo.

2. Our Mission

To empower the following billion Indian housewives, moms, understudies, ladies business visionaries, shop and store proprietors, cosmetologists, discount brokers or anybody searching for low maintenance occupations on the web, telecommute occupations application, online home cash procuring occupations, locally established responsibilities to bring in cash on the web and acquire ₹25,000 each month.

3. #1 Trusted Online Reselling App

Shop101 is trusted by 90 Lakh+ Registered Resellers and 20,000+ Wholesalers across India! We have effectively handled 1 Crore+ Orders worth more than ₹1000 Crores

HOW to Earn Money Online from home with Shop101 App?

🛍️ PICK from our rundown of popular and top rated items like sarees, Kurtis, dress materials, and so on at discount cost and add your edges. Get standard warnings for new items and patterns.

🔗 SHARE item pictures and recordings with companions, family or straightforwardly on Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, WhatsApp gatherings, WhatsApp business, Sharechat and get orders.

💰 Procure - You can put orders for the benefit of your clients and bring in cash on every deal. Your edge will be credited straightforwardly into your ledger after the conveyance of the item.

That is it! Utilizing Shop101, the best bring in cash application is that simple to begin your Free Online Business!

11 Benefits of Using Shop101 Reselling App:

1. Made for Everyone

Telecommute occupations, low maintenance occupations on the web, locally situated business without venture, ways of bringing in cash on the web, bring in cash application, cash procuring application, anybody looking for these potential open doors can bring in cash online with Shop101 and start your Free Online Business.

2. ZERO Investment

Bring in cash online with Shop101 without Investment in three simple tasks: Pick, Share and Earn! Simply add your net revenue, exchange items utilizing the best internet based bring in cash application.

3. Allude and Earn

Construct your own organization by alluding Shop101 App to your companions and family and acquire a commission on their deals! Use your special reference code and bring in cash per reference.

4. Bring in Cash At Your Comfort

Telecommute occupations on the web, locally situated low maintenance occupations, work all day, simply add your edges and offer items when you need, at your solace and accommodation and bring in cash.

5. Top notch Best-Selling Products At Lowest Prices

Shop101 wholesalers go through severe checks to guarantee top notch items. Continuously get the top rated items that are in pattern at the most reduced discount costs.

6. Bother Free Delivery

We will get items from providers and convey them to your clients.

7. Free Returns and COD

Money down is accessible for your clients. We will gather the installments and store edges straightforwardly to your financial balance. Your clients can return the item free of charge no inquiries posed.

8. Convenient Payments

Get all your income, net revenues, week by week rewards, monetary compensations attributed straightforwardly to your financial balance, each Friday.

Budget 2022 જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

9. Client service

Get moment goal for any inquiries you may have about items, putting in a request, delivering status, profit and payouts, returns, discounts, or anything connected with your Online Reselling Business.

10. Devoted Help To Increase Your Earnings

Get tips, stunts, speedy hacks and gain from our group and master affiliates on the way that you can expand your income and take your business to a higher level.

Click Here To Download Application

11. Shop101 in your LANGUAGE!

માર્ચમાં ઓટોમોબાઇલ કંપનીઓની ધમાકેદાર ઓફર્સ, અલ્ટો પર ₹25,000 અને સફારી પર ₹40,000નું ડિસ્કાઉન્ટ, અન્ય મોડેલ્સ પર કેટલું ડિસ્કાઉન્ટ ચેક કરી લો

Our multi-language choices (English, हिंदी, मराठी, ગુજરાતી, বাংলা, தமிழ், తెలుగు, ಕನ್ನಡ, and മലയാളം!) permit us to help you in your own language.

Shop101 - The Only Reselling App That Cares!

Join the Shop101 Family Today! Gladly Made In India!

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