MapmyIndia Move Maps | Navigation And Tracking Application

MapmyIndia Move Maps | Navigation And Tracking Application

ind and discover with bit by bit voice-directed bearings to the doorsteps objective with live traffic refreshes, ETA along your course effectively using Move App.

Expertly planned Indian landscape with quality rich street network with cutting edge data such as various names, street grouping one-ways, turn limitations, divider, administration paths, traffic circles, flyovers, tolls, slip streets, inclines and significantly more.

Get continuous GPS route, traffic and investigate close by locations.

Move faster with ongoing updates

• Keep away from the traffic with ongoing updates alongside an ETA

• Comprehensive home level guide search

• Precise Voice Navigation to the Destination's Doorsteps

Investigate close by places simply

• Search eateries, shopping centers, occasions and so on close to you

• Track down headings to places close to you with, for example, Banks, Pubs, Coffee, Parking, Pharma, Restaurants and so on using Augmented Reality

• Make trails of your loved places and offer with companions

• Keep awake to date with a live feed of reports, surveys and registrations with World see 

• Search what others need to say about the stunning spots around your region. Add your own surveys moreover  and become a local master

ધોરણ ૧ થી ૯ ની શાળાઓ બંધ  ન્યૂઝ વાંચવા  માટે

           સરકાર ની નવી ઓફિશીયલ ગાઈડલાઇન જોવા માટે 

More encounters on the Move App

• Live Location Sharing with dear Ones for Safety and Peace of Mind.

• Be a decent Samaritan and have an effect by detailing issues such as guide, traffic and brilliant city issues, for example, trash dumps, flawed streetlamps, pothole, water logging and so on

• GPS Tracking and Safety of Your Vehicles and friends and family with a Move Devices

• An developed on six-character area code for complex location eLoc

Introduce Move App fueled by the  MapmyIndia for Maps |Navigation, Tracking, and Live Traffic Updates

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