How to Chek Your Mobile Internet Speed Meter Lite

How to Chek Your Mobile Internet Speed Meter Lite 

The most effective method to Chek Your Mobile Internet Speed Meter Lite

nternet Speed Meter Lite presentations your web speed in status bar and shows how much information utilized in warning sheet. This assists you with checking network association whenever while utilizing your gadget.

The application is totally Ad-Free.

Light Features

👉 Continuous speed update in status bar and notice.

👉 Every day traffic utilization in notice.

👉 Separate details for Mobile organization and WiFi organization.

👉 Screens your traffic information throughout the previous 30 days.

👉 Battery productive

Genius Features

Notice Dialog

A notice discourse seems when you tap the notice having

👉 Chart to screen last moment web movement

👉Time and use of current meeting

👉The present application use for versatile and wifi

More intelligent warnings

Notice shows up just when you are associated with web.

Topics support

You can physically choose the shade of UI.

દર મહિને રિચાર્જ કરાવવાની કોઈ મગજમારી નહિ રહે, જિયોની નવી ઓટોપે સર્વિસ શરૂ કરવાની પ્રોસેસ જાણો

હવે ઈન્ટરનેટ વગર અને ફોન લોક હશે તો પણ આંખના પલકારે પેમેન્ટ થઈ જશે, Paytmએ 

વ્હોટ્સએપ અપકમિંગ ફીચર

Blue status bar symbol

Click Here To Download Application

Choice to pick either blue or white status bar symbol. (just for KitKat and underneath adaptations of Android)

પીએમ નરેન્દ્ર મોદી દ્વારા નવી યોજના શરૂ કરાઈ

Transfer and Download Speed

Choice to show transfer and download speed in discrete notices.

Caution: Do not move this application to SD card. It will stop (Force close) when you eliminate the card.


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