Zyla Your 24x7 wellbeing master (Diabetes, BP, PCOD) Application

Zyla Your 24x7 wellbeing master (Diabetes, BP, PCOD) 

Deal with your wellbeing with Zyla 

Zyla is a clinical AI-driven application that expects to give you a more joyful existence with way of life intercession that incorporates sustenance, physiotherapy, exercise, and medicine audit under the consistent direction of the best specialists in India. 

In the event that you are searching for a specialist for sustenance and way of life alteration or the board of constant sickness like Diabetes, Heart wellbeing, Kidney or liver infection, thyroid, ladies medical problems, and so on, Zyla is your reply! 

Do you wonder: 

✅ Where would i be able to find wellbeing specialists I can trust to chip away at my wellbeing? 

✅ How would I control that boundary in my lab test report? 

✅ How would i be able to lessen the quantity of prescriptions I take day by day? 

✅ What are the best food varieties and activities for me? 

✅ How would i be able to remain roused to further develop my wellbeing ordinary? 

✅ Zyla will be your believed wellbeing master to address all of the abovementioned, consistently close by. 

Who is in the clinical group at Zyla? 

Zyla has a group of 50+ clinical specialists with profound involvement with allopathy, sustenance, practice treatment and naturopathy. A portion of our colleagues incorporate - 

❇️ Dr Shweta Rebecca Gladwin, MBBS, MD - (Medicine - Endocrinology) (Ex-Columbia Asia) 

❇️ Dr Priyanka Paul, General Practice, (Ex-Apollo/Fortis) 

❇️ Dr Kamini Mishra, MPT Orthopedics, (Ex-National Heart Institute) 

❇️ Ms Ritu Sheokand, Nutrition Sciences, (EX-Lady Irwin/Metro Hosp) 

Key highlights of our wellbeing programs 

✔️ Holistic administration of diabetes, heart wellbeing, liver wellbeing, kidney wellbeing, PCOD/PCOS and different ladies medical problems 

✔️ Root source investigation of indications like torment/consuming in feet, shortcoming, insufficiencies 

✔️ A customized wellbeing plan with center around diet, work out, clinical perspectives 

✔️ Unlimited questions and the board through talk on Zyla versatile application 

On-request calls with Zyla care group at no extra expense 

What does the Zyla program offer? 

DAY 1: Root Cause Analysis 

The clinical group will comprehend your prescription history, lab reports (assuming any), your present eating regimen and standard, some other indications or ailments , to break down the underlying driver of your medical issue. 

DAY 2: Customized Health Plan 

The nourishment plan is centered around feast spreading, low-glycemic food sources and medical problem amicable carb-protein-fat-fiber proportions. The activity plan depends on your body type, weight, body agonies and current manifestations. 

24x7 Support to Manage Your Health 

You will be appointed a committed consideration supervisory group for 24*7 help on visit. Your own consideration group to direct you on which vitals to quantify and when to gauge them, consistently guide on your manifestations, and even sustenance plans! 

Month to month Consultations with Medical specialists 

Your own consideration group of senior specialists, nutritionists and physiotherapists talk with you over-booked normal calls, in some measure once month to month. The consideration group will dissect your vitals and existing manifestations in each survey call and make changes to your eating regimen plan. 

Patient examples of overcoming adversity 

👍 Very decent, follow near diet and exercise plan, likely the outcome would be less medication admission and a solid way of life - Parimal Parmar 

👍 Its actually quite valuable and viable application Zyla group takes great consideration of diabetic patients zeroing in on extremely small things which are giving great outcomes. Extremely deferential individuals and dependable, respectful language which urges to speak with them. Thank u Zyla group - Ravi Ahuja 

Our patients have accomplished some astounding wellbeing results: 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A patient decreased HBA1C from 10.8 to 6.4 in 90 days (40.74 % decrease). 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A patient diminished Triglyceride levels from 424 to 126 in only 3 months. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A 55-year-old Obese patient diminished load by 19 kgs in only 3 months. 

Download now and start your solid excursion with your own wellbeing master - Zyla.


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