Caution You are also getting part time job message, if you do not apply, you will be trapped, avoid clicking on the link

Caution You are also getting part time job message, if you do not apply, you will be trapped, avoid clicking on the link

Digital India has played a vital role in transforming people's lives. Especially during the Corona crisis, the tendency of most people to go digital increased. In fact, in today's age, everyone has the option to work online, which makes it easy for people to work online from anywhere. But one problem that has been facing for a long time is cyber fraud.

Many lost their jobs during the Corona, but people are now looking for jobs once the situation is under control. And cybercriminals are taking advantage of that. In fact, people are constantly being tricked into sending out part-time job offers. Not only that, in the cycle of making more money in less time, many people are losing their hard earned money.

Warning from part time job offer!

There are many unemployed youth in the country who are forced to stumble every now and then in search of a job, because the internet is available to everyone these days, in such a situation people get trapped in the side of part time job. If you are also getting an offer to earn 40-50 thousand per month from a part time job, be careful, because cyber criminals are keeping an eye on your money. Cyber ​​Dost, the cyber crime unit of the home ministry, has instructed people through its official Twitter handle to be wary of false job offers.

Fake job scam

In fact, scammers send fake SMS in the name of big companies giving part time jobs. If you also need a job near you, apply for a part time job, earn 2000 to 5000 thousand rupees daily and if you are getting any such message, don't even think of applying by mistake.

How to defend yourself?

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    First of all, you should avoid clicking on unverified links, especially keeping in mind that, no matter how attractive the link is, of course, you do not need to reply to such messages.

    Be careful before making any financial dealings with a stranger. In fact, many people ask for money first to get a job and then take the money and disappear, so they don't pay anyone for the job. As well as not dealing with strangers, doing so could expose your personal information to cyber criminals and hack into your account to withdraw money from your account.

    If you are caught in the act of calling from any number, report this fraudulent mobile number immediately and block the mobile number of these scammers.

    If you are involved in any type of cyber crime, you can visit the official website of the Crime Unit of the Ministry of Home Affairs.


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