Diwali Wafers and Wizardry Contact Firecrackers 

** Commend the Diwali celebration 2018 with a wide range of Diwali games and Diwali Firecrackers with Sound. ** 

Diwali Wafers application – The best engaging application for shooting different saltines, as progressively. 

We should begin festivity and partake in the Diwali with Diwali wafers game. In this Diwali Games application you can impact different saltines like Sparklers, Chakra or Ground Spinner, Window boxes, Shading Wellsprings, Rockets, Nuclear bombs or Sounding Wafers, Electric lamp Wafers, and so forth 

Diwali Celebration is a strict Hindu celebration, celebrated as celebration of lights by lighting lights on the homes, roads, shops, sanctuaries, and so forth and furthermore blasting of wafers all over the place. 

While utilizing this Diwali Games application, it will be a psyche blowing want to shoot wafer continuously. 

As continuous saltines are risky to our wellbeing, particularly when it happens to kids, this Diwali Wafers application set back the spot of unique wafers. 


You can shoot a wide range of Virtual Wafers. 

Fantabulous Firecrackers Test system with audio cues. 

Diwali Wafers – Totally free application to download. 

Diwali Wafers - Exceptionally practical Diwali wafers alongside Solid. 

Made with practical and excellent vivified foundation 

Wafers Burst: 

In this Diwali Games application you can blast a wide range of wafers such window box activity, rocket showers liveliness, buchakras movement with virtual saltine sounds Cheerful Diwali. 

Limitless Foundations: 

*It's the extraordinary opportunity to have a great time and to spreading the delight with satisfaction. Cheerful Diwali Wishes!! 

Light a light of affection; 

Shoot a chain of distress; 

Shoot a rocket of thriving; 

Fire a vase of satisfaction; 

Wish u and your family; 

Shining Diwali Wishes 

દિવાળી ઉજવો તમારા ફોનમાં

We should we start celebrate and partake in the Diwali Celebrations with Diwali wafer application 2018. So fire up your celebration with Diwali games.

Download App

Gujarati Calendar APK 2022 

👉  દિવાળી:લક્ષ્મી પૂજા માટે 5 શુભ મુહૂર્ત રહેશે

 પૂજા કરતી સમયે શ્રીલક્ષ્મી દ્વાદશનામ સ્ત્રોતનો પાઠ કરવો

    લક્ષ્મી પૂજામાં દેવીના 12 નામનો જાપ કરો, પૂજા કરતી સમયે માતાને લાલ ગુલાબ ચઢાવોદિવાળીની પૂજામાં સ્ફટિકની માળાની મદદથી 108 વાર મંત્રોનો જાપ કરવો જોઇએ

આજે દિવાળી પર્વ ઊજવવામાં આવશે. આ વર્ષે દિવાળીના દિવસે લક્ષ્મી પૂજન માટે 5 શુભ મુહૂર્ત રહેશે. દિવાળીએ પૂજા કરતી સમયે લક્ષ્મી મંત્રનો જાપ જરૂર કરવો જોઇએ. મંત્ર જાપ કરવાથી પૂજા જલ્દી સફળ થઇ શકે છે. ઉજ્જૈનના જ્યોતિષાચાર્ય પં. મનીષ શર્માના જણાવ્યા પ્રમાણે માતા લક્ષ્મીને પ્રસન્ન કરવા માટે શ્રીલક્ષ્મી દ્વાદશનામ સ્ત્રોતનો પાઠ પણ કરી શકાય છે. આ સ્ત્રોનો પાઠ કરવાથી માતા લક્ષ્મી પ્રસન્ન થઇ શકે છે અને ભક્તની ઇચ્છા પૂર્ણ કરી શકે છે.

 Read Gujarati Source 


Happy Diwali

May joyfulness and luck transcends through the earth as we celebrate the festival of lights.

Let the gleaming light of Diyas

Enter your soul and

Gujarati Schedule 2022 

One of the most incredible Gujarati Schedule 2022 of its sort. You can see the present tithi, celebration, janmrashi and occasions with only a single tick. 

2022 ગુજરાતી કેલેન્ડર 2022 Gujarati Schedule is disconnected schedule and free schedule application for all Gujarati talking individuals across the globe. 

Free schedule chronological registry application for Gujarati individuals (Otherwise called Gujarat schedule 2022). 

Gujarati schedule applications is exceptionally helpful to know celebrations, occasions, Shubh Muhurat and Gujarati panchang 2022 data 

ગુજરાતી કેલેન્ડર 2022 માં તમને મળી રહેશે... 

– તિથી, તહેવારો, જાહેર અને બેંકિંગ રજાઓ, જન્મરાશી, ચોઘડિયા, વ્રત કથા, નક્ષત્ર, વિંછુંડો, પંચક, પંચાંગ, ગુજરાતી કુંડળી, લગ્ન ગુણ મિલન. 

Full Gujarati Schedule Panchang of the year 2022 with all the Hindu celebrations, Tithi, Vaar, Paksha, Karan, yoga, Nakshatra in Gujarati. 


✦ Schedule pictures (From January 2021 - December 2022) 

✦ Vrat Katha – Ekadashi And Different Celebrations 

✦ Gujarati Schedule With Choghadiya 

✦ Dawn and Dusk timings 

✦ Celebrations 2022 (ગુજરાતી તહેવારો) 

✦ Occasions 2022 (ગુજરાતી રજાઓ) 

✦ Shub Muhurt dates of 2022 (Marriage dates, Grih Pravesh dates, Vehicle buy subtleties, Namakaran dates) 

✦ Nakshatra and Rasi subtleties 

✦ Fasting days in consistently 

✦ Government Occasions of 2022 

✦ Gujarati Crystal gazing information or Gujarati soothsaying subtleties (ગુજરાતી જ્યોતિષ) 

✦ Offer the Gujarati crystal gazing 2022/Gujarati rashifal across your loved ones 

The schedule will help you discover when the following Ekadashi is, the thing that the Paksha (Sud,Vad) on a specific day is, 

when the following Poonam is (Full Moon) or the following Amavasya is and a lot more Hindu occasions in simple visual portrayals; because of pictures being utilized to address key occasions, 

indeed, even an individual who can't peruse Gujarati can utilize the application.

દિવાળી કેલેન્ડર 2022  ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહી ક્લિક કરો


દિવાળી કેલેન્ડર 2022  ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહી ક્લિક કરો


     મહિના પ્રમાણે તહેવાર નું લિસ્ટ 2022 

 દિવાળી મુહુરત PDF ડાઉન લોડ અહી થી કરો

Diwali Wishes Pictures and Deepavali Good Greetings 2021 

Wish your family, companions, family members on this diwali with best reasonable wishes/Good tidings. 

Diwali Wishes, Diwali Pictures, Diwali Good tidings, Diwali Messages, Diwali Status and Deepavali Video Status 2021 

How about we observe Deepavali with your precious one and welcome him/her with the pictures they love to see. 

Our application contains numerous delightful Diwali Wishes, Status Messages, and Good tidings that are effortlessly shared through any online media including WhatsApp, Courier, Instagram and different stages. 

You can send diwali and new year messages, wishes and status for WhatsApp including moving status are accessible on this application. 

You can download pictures and Video Status for deepavali and send that to your dear and almost one on one single tick. 

Cheerful Diwali application contains 

Diwali Wishes and Deepavali Messages : Send diwali wishes to your companions, relatives and family members, We have assortment of many wishes. Simply give it a shot this application and dazzle your dear and almost one for certain exceptional wishes. 

Diwali Pictures : Need to wish your companion on the event of diwali with something that your companion like more? If indeed, attempt our application to send exceptional pictures to your companion. We have enormous assortment of pictures that you can send on an event of diwali and new year. 

You can share pictures straightforwardly on WhatsApp as an immediate message or WhatsApp story. Besides you can download picture to share it on different stages. If you like any picture more and need to set it on your telephone backdrop, Bravo, you can do that too. 

Diwali Status : Would you say you are searching for diwali status for WhatsApp? We have wide scope of status accessible that you can share it straight by tapping on share symbol. Likewise, you can duplicate text and put it elsewhere or another stage assuming you need. 

Diwali GIF : Searching for something remarkable and vivified on this diwali? All things considered, you can send good tidings to your companion through some novel GIF accessible in our application "Cheerful diwali", you can share GIF by means of WhatsApp, Courier, Instagram and different stages. Additionally, you have capacity to download that GIF also assuming you need to save it for sometime later. 

Diwali Backdrops : Same like pictures, you can send backdrop size pictures to your companion on different online media stage. Also, you can save it as your PDA backdrop with one single tick. 

Diwali Video Status : Individuals are getting insane these days for video status on different web-based media stage. We are certain that you will likewise prefer to wish your companion by sending video status. We are having all most recent and moving video status that can assist you with feeling your companion incredible and glad. 

Glad Diwali Application Components 

👉🏻 Simple and alluring UI that you will get a kick out of the chance to utilize 

👉🏻 Wide scope of content 

👉🏻 Make something as top pick and access those substance letter without any problem 

👉🏻 Download mixed media content 

👉🏻 Duplicate text content 

👉🏻 Offer substance straightforwardly on different social stage 

👉🏻 Set picture/backdrop as a telephone backdrop 

Show somebody you like them by wishing them a Glad Deepavali! 

We earnestly trust you partake in our application and much obliged for your help! 

Download Diwali Wishes Pictures and Deepavali Good Greetings 2021


     દિવાળી વિડીયો સ્ટેટ્સ , ફોટો,સ્ટિકર  દિવાળી શુભકામના મેસેજ કરવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

Disclaimer: All logos/pictures/video/text content are copyright of their viewpoint proprietors, accessible on open areas, not supported by any of the viewpoint proprietors and are utilized basically for stylish purposes. No copyright encroachment is expected and any solicitation to eliminate one of the pictures/logos/names will be honoured(Contact us by means of our authority email address).

Diwali Video Producer With Music : Diwali wishes 2021 

Fullscreen Diwali Video Producer assists you with making delightful Diwali 2021 Wishes recordings for your caring ones from photographs and music with stunning video subjects. You can make Fullscreen Diwali Video Producer more rich with topics and aniation, significant music and sound. Most straightforward way of making, alter and share stunning music recordings, slideshow and stories with your photographs, recordings and free music with most recent added elements and burden subject. Send made Diwali recordings for Diwali wishes to our relatives, family members and companions. 

Never miss unique minutes and snaps of diwali festivity and make video effectively with few stages with assistance of Diwali Video Creator With Music : Diwali 2021 application. 

○•••○•••○•••○••• How To Utilize? ○•••○•••○•••○••• 

• Take different photographs from Exhibition. 

• Adjust your chose photographs to make astonishing photograph slideshow impact. 

• Select photograph slideshow movement topic impact to further develop video impact. 

• Add Your main tune, Diwali Topic (Fullscreen Casing) as video overlays. 

• Set Time For photograph Slideshow : 1sec, 2sec, 5sec, 10 sec and so forth 

• Save and offer your recordings. 

• Made Video Offer to your companions for all the best! 

○•••○•••○•••○••• Application Components ○•••○•••○•••○••• 

• HD Designs and Best unique slideshow liveliness Impact. 

• Set stunning subject on photograph slideshow (Video). 

• Set Your Cherished most recent Music. 

• Set the speed of the photograph slideshow as quick/slow as you decision. 

• Creation Envelopes : Get your made video from creation video organizer. 

• Offer to web-based Media : Made video quickly offer to do Diwali wishes your companion and family. 

• Assuming you find anything off-base or any copyright things, mail us. We couldn't imagine anything better than to hear everybody. 

• Rate us and give your significant remark for this wonderful Diwali Video Creator With Music : Diwali wishes 2021 application to make more cool applications like this. 

Download Diwali Video Producer With Music Diwali wishes 2021 

દિવાળી ના  વિડીયો સ્ટેટસ બનાવો  

• If you like this Diwali Video Producer With Music : Diwali wishes 2021 application then, at that point, share with your loved ones part.

Diwali Stickers for WhatsApp 2021 

Diwali Stickers for WhatsApp has the best assortment of most recent Diwali Stickers. Offer Pre Diwali Stickers, Dhanteras Stickers, Chhoti Diwali Stickers, Diwali Stickers, Laxmi Puja Stickers, Diwali Fun Stickers, Post Diwali Stickers, Bhai Dooj Stickers and parcel more with Diwali Stickers application. 

Commend your best celebration Diwali by sending astounding and moving Diwali Stickers to your precious ones. The application has empowering Diwali Stickers like Diya Stickers, Saltines Stickers, Rangoli Stickers, Lightning Sticker, Pre Diwali Fun Stickers and part more.  Diwali Stickers application has all the moving stickers Available. 

"Diwali Stickers for WhatsApp" is the one spot where you can track down every one of the Diwali Fun Stickers. The application is refreshed with the new and most recent Diwali Stickers for all. 

Be the first to wish your cherished celebration "Diwali Stickers" with the most recent sticker on the lookout.  Make your festival and your adored one's festival astonishing by sharing individual Diwali stickers to share your feelings. his Diwali "Spread Love and Bliss" 

It's an ideal opportunity to put yourself out there or being the first to wish by means of stickers in WhatsApp. With each festival and celebration, "Diwali Stickers" will be essential for your festival. Offer Rangoli Stickers, Diya Stickers, Wafer Sticker and other invigorating Diwali Fun Stickers. Offer Sweet stickers to make each celebration loaded up with pleasantness. 




🍪 Sweet Stickers 

💥 Pre Diwali Fun Stickers 

🧨 Diwali Stickers 

💰 Dhanteras Stickers 

🪔 Chhoti Diwali Stickers 

🕺 Bhai Dooj Stickers 

💥 New Year Stickers 

☪️ Eid Mubarak Stickers 

🏹 Dusshera Stickers 

🥢 Navratri Stickers 

🎉 Vijaya Dashami Stickers 

🧒 Youngsters' Day Stickers 

🔴 Chatt Puja Stickers 

🌜 Karva Chauth Stickers 

🎄 Christmas Stickers 

⚖️ Cheerful Gandhi Jayanti Stickers 

🐁 Baal Ganesha Stickers 

🔱 All God Stickers 

✨ Baal Hanuman Sticker 

🇮🇳 Autonomy Day Stickers 

🤝 Kinship Day Stickers 

🤝 Rakhi Stickers 

🕉️ Little Krishna and Janmashtami Stickers 

📿 Jain Stickers 

Also, part more .... 

With WhatsApp stickers support, this application upholds sending altered Celebration Stickers to your precious ones. You can find stickers for any Indian Celebration here. This is another element included WhatsApp and we are offering some dazzling stickers to make all your celebrations unique. 

Offer and express with these unique and cool celebration stickers to make your precious ones considerably more uncommon on all festivals and celebrations. 

On the off chance that "Diwali Stickers" has assisted you with giving joy with any of its stickers, if it's not too much trouble, rate us on Google Play. Additionally on the off chance that you have any criticism or idea, do keep in touch with us at chetanbegwani3@gmail.com 

Cheerful Diwali! Offer Cherish and partake in the festival with your family! 

  Download Diwali Stickers for WhatsApp 2021 

 દિવાળી વોટ્સેપ સ્ટિકર 2021 ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહી ક્લિક કરો


1. The application isn't partnered by WhatsApp 

2. The application goes along to WhatsApp TOS identified with conveyance of WhatsApp Stickers 

3. Application doesn't store any client's data 

4. This is a piece of WAStickerApps assortment of WhatsApp

Most recent Rangoli Plan Assortment 2021 

This application Contains different sorts of inventiveness Rangoli Plan Thoughts and how to make it.This Application Portray Part's of category.you can save and share any of the rangoli plan. 

Rangoli Plan for Diwali, Wedding, Kolam, Pookalam, Blossoms and Some more. 

Application gives astounding Rangoli Configuration, Part of photographs, examples and plans at a solitary spot.. 

All Sort Rangoli accessible in one application 

Element Of Most recent Rangoli Plans 2021 

✔ Great Assortment of most recent plans and Straightforward easy to use application. 

✔ This Application Separated Various Classes Like Moving Anarkali (Most recent/Extravagant) Plans, Adorable Child Young lady Dress Plans. 

✔ 5000+ New Rangoli plans models pictures 

✔ You can set Plans to your Backdrop. 

✔ Subtleties of Rangoli plans like number of spots, columns and straight or crossed dabs are given for each Rangoli. 

✔ When downloaded this Application Or Plans Photographs you can have it forever and can be seen disconnected application. 

✔ Office to save the pictures to SD card. 

✔ Next, Past on picture swipe, no compelling reason to press any button 

✔ Disconnected display pictures. 

✔ Sorted Display for All Plans. 

✔ Save Rangoli plans to your top choices list. 

✔ Zoom in and Zoom out choice for clear picture. 

✔ You can likewise transfer your Rangoli plans. 

✔ This Application works disconnected. This application doesn't need web association (Just for offer or updates). 

✔ This Application completely upholds All Gadgets Like Telephone and Tablet. 

✔ Offer Rangoli Plans for Lady utilizing Facebook, Twitter and other online media. 

✔ Offer Picture utilizing Mail, Bluetooth, facebook, whatsapp, climb, twitter, and so on 

✔ Display perspective on pictures 

✔ Delightful vivified slideshow highlight 

✔ Top choices highlight : You can add your top choices component to this rundown and see slideshow 

Classes Of Most recent Rangoli Plans 

- - - - - - - ********************** - - - - - - - 

☀ Straightforward 

☀ Ganesha Plans 

☀ Kolam 

☀ Dab Rangoli 

☀ Book Plans 

☀ Free Hand Rangoli 

☀ Basic Blossom Rangoli 

☀ Muggulu plan 

☀ Mhukkala plan 

☀ Simple plans 

☀ Free hand rangoli plan 

☀ Most recent rangoli plans 

☀ Contest assortment 

☀ Little rangoli 

☀ Fledglings rangoli planner 

☀ Sankranthi muggulu 

☀ Pongal kolam plans 

☀ Sankranthi With muggulu plans 

☀ New Year Kolam Plans 

☀ Peacock Kolam Plans 

☀ Pooja Room Kolam Plan 

☀ Celebration time Plans 

☀ Navratri Rangoli Plans 

☀ Rangoli Plans for Freedom Day and Republic Day 

☀ Indian Enthusiastic Plans 

☀ Bloom Rangoli Plans for Diwali and Onam 

☀ 500+ Diwali Time Plan 

☀ Customary Pookalam Rangoli Plans 

☀ Insignia Rangoli Plans 

☀ Indian Rangoli Plans 

☀ Celebration Extraordinary Rangoli Plan 

Offer best Most recent Rangoli Plans in HD Quality to your companions! 

Generally rice flour was utilized to make rangoli plans, since it can go about as a food hotspot for small creepy crawlies and birds. 

So therefore we have made this application. In this application. Shrewd, Cool and Basic. 

Assortment of Rangoli Plans for regular use in the front yard. 

 Download Rangoli 5000+ design 2021

    રંગોળી  ડિઝાઇન 5000 +  2021 ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

You Can add your Rangoli picture in application only 2 stage follows and following day to your Rangoli picture show in application with your name

10000+ Latest Rangoli DesignsEasy Rangoli APK 2021 

10000+ Latest Rangoli Plans HD Detached Greatest Rangoli Plans Varieties Application 

Practice these basic rangoli plans from the comfort of your homes to interest your folks in law or your neighbors. 

Basic rangoli plans are used in for all intents and purposes a wide scope of hindu severe occasions, festivities, weddings, and so on It's acknowledged that rangolis stay away from despicable spirits from homes. So endeavor one of these basic rangoli designs today. 

Rangoli is a compelling artwork from India wherein plans are made on the floor in parlors or yards using materials like concealed rice, dry flour, toned sand or blossom petals. 

10000+ Innovative Rangoli Plans recollects plans for 10 remarkable classes. 

It is for the most part made during Diwali (Deepawali), Onam, Pongal and other Indian festivals. Plans are passed beginning with one age then onto the following, keeping both the creative articulation and the training alive. 

Rangoli of Heavenly creatures (Ruler Ganesha and Expert Krishna ) 

Rangoli Plan For Diwali 

Rangoli of spots 

Straightforward rangoli plans And Noteworthy Rangoli Setup Pictures 

Tamil Kolam 

Latest rangoli plans OR Latest Rangoli Models 

Kundan Rangoli 

Peacock Rangoli Plan 


- Essential, Lightweight and Fast 

- 1000+ HD Essential Rangoli plan Disengaged 

- Save to Show 

- Zoom In,Zoom Out Open. 

- Next - Past Button 

- New diwali rangoli plans 

- Essential, Straightforward and Custom 

- Application works detached. 

- Easy to set as background 

- No web required. 

* 100+ Diwali Rangoli Plan


      Download 10,000 Rangoli Design 2021

રંગોળી  ડિઝાઇન 10000 +  2021 ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

Cheerful Diwali Photograph Casing Diwali Photograph Supervisor 2021 

Cheerful Diwali photograph outline - diwali photograph editorial manager is generally incredible in Glad diwali photograph outline, Glad diwali photograph supervisor, Glad diwali photograph status. 

Cheerful diwali photograph outline, diwali photograph proofreader is Give diwali Casing Assortment Of Single/Double diwali photograph outline And diwali photograph outline sticker For Alter Your diwali photograph outline And diwali Outlined.. 

diwali photograph outline assists you with making diwali photograph montage creator and appy diwali photograph outline. 

diwali photograph outline, diwali photograph manager is Give diwali Casing, Dhanteras Frame,New Year Casing In Different Classification For This Application And Magnificent Sticker Class U Use And Make Yr Casing Is Unique And This Application Give U Additional Choice Channel And Text You Compose Your Own statements... 

what is diwali fastival? 

- Diwali is the celebration of lights, which is commended by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and a few Buddhists each harvest time in the northern side of the equator. 

This diwali celebration is customarily : 

Diwali celebrated with exercises like blasting crackers,lighting lines of candles and divas around individual homes,holding astonishing light show and touching off vivid 

sparklers And Numerous Sticker Provide.To celebrate and share the desires on this Application "diwali photograph outline, diwali photograph editorial manager" we have created one great application "diwali photograph outline, diwali photograph editor".To share wishes 

in a keen manner with a recent fad like sending our pics by outlining in another way.This application have numerous photograph edges to utilize. 

Along these lines Download the application called "diwali photograph outline, diwali photograph proofreader" and use it for free.To utilize this application is likewise exceptionally basic simply select any image which you need to 

casing and afterward select a wonderful Edge For "diwali photograph outline, diwali photograph supervisor" and set it utilizing zoom and pivot button And Utilize Many Channel And Sticker Or Message Choice and save it.Thus share this with your cherished once on whtasapp, facebook, twitter, instagram. 

- Glad Diwali to every one of the Clients.

  Cheerful Diwali Photograph Casing Diwali Photograph Supervisor 2021 

    દિવાળી ફોટોફ્રેમ એપ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો


Rangoli can be drawn in just 5 minutes by watching the video on how to make rangoli

Rangoli can be drawn in just 5 minutes by watching the video on how to make rangoli  Latest Rangoli Design  2021

The latest rangoli design app shows a set of galleries of rangoli design. We have many rangoli designs for each category. The best rangoli design is now in the palm of your hand.

This rangoli design is simple, easy and does not take much time to paint. Different types of rangoli designs like Sikku column, Malakala Mugulu, Dhanuramasam Rangoli, Padi column, Marggi column, Sankranti Mugulu, Simple free hand rangoli, Rangoli side borders. This collection includes dots, free hand borders.

Simple rangoli designs are used in a almost all types of Hindu a religious occasions and  festivals and weddings and others.

Decorate your homes and front yard on a daily basis with various easy to draw rangoli designs in this app.


Surprising feature of latest rangoli design

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------

* Awesome collection of a latest rangoli designs and simple rangoli a designs.

* This app is divided into different categories like Divided Anarkali Designs, Latest Anarkali Designs, Cute Baby Girl Frock Designs, Fancy Anarkali Designs.

Classified gallery for all rangoli designs.

* Save rangoli design to your favorites list.

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Latest Rangoli Design Categories

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* Simple rangoli design

* Ganesh Rangoli design

* Column design

Dot rangoli design

* Rangoli Design Book

* Free Hand Rangoli

* Simple flower rangoli design

* Mugulu design

* Mugulu design

* Chukla Mugulu

Rangoli design

* Simple rangoli design

* Free hand rangoli design

* Latest rangoli design

* Rangoli design for competition

* Flower rangoli design

* Small rangoli design

Rangoli design for Sankranti

* Rangoli column collection

Simple rangoli design for beginners

* Sankranti Mugulu

Rangoli design with dots

* Pongal column design

* Sankranti Rangoli design

* Sankranti Mugulu design

* New Year column design

* Bloom column design

* Worship room column design

* Festival column designs

* Navratri Rangoli Design

* Rangoli design for Independence Day and Republic Day

* Indian patriotic rangoli design

* Flower rangoli design for Diwali and Onam

* 100+ Diwali Rangoli Designs

* Traditional Poklam Rangoli design

* Rangoli designs images for Diwali

* Swastika rangoli design

* Indian rangoli design

* Festival Special Rangoli Design

This Diwali Few Step By  Rangoli can be drawn in just 5 minutes by watching the video on how to make rangoli 

How To Draw To 5 minit To Rangoli Follow This Few Steps And Watch Video For Complete Your Rangoli 



Diya Rangoli designs For Diwali

Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Diwali

Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali For Beginners

Happy Diwali Rangoli  Photo

Big Rangoli Designs For Diwali

Deepavali Rangoli Designs

Sanskar Bharati Rangoli 

Sankar Bharati Rangoli For Diwali

Side Rangoli Rangoli Designs

Semi Circle Rangoli 



Happy Diwali Rangoli Designs

Flower Rangoli Designs 2021

Diya Rangoli

Happy Diwali Rangoli

Swastik Rangoli Design

Galich Rangoli



Happy Diwali Rangoli 2020

Ganesha Rangoli Design


Easiest Rangoli Design

Peacock Rangoli Design For Diwali

Flower Rangoli For Diwali

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Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 For Whatsapp DP


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Cheerful Diwali ABCD 2021 picture A


Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image A


Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image B

Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image C

Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image D

Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image E

Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image F
Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image G
Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image H
Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image I
Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image J
Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image L
Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image M
Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image N
Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image O
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Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image Q
Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image R
Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image S
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Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image X
Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image Z
Happy Diwali ABCD 2021 image Y

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 Download Best Advance Level beautiful Rangoli Design PDF 



In the event that you need to smell your home with the shade of blossoms this year or you are attached to making 

wonderful rangoli, at that point you ought to become familiar with this simple plan. Everybody loves to beautify

 their home on Diwali. It is said that as much light as there is in the house and as excellent as the house looks, 

Mata Lakshmi gives similar joy as endowments. 

On the off chance that you need to satisfy Goddess Lakshmi this year, at that point make Rangoli in your home. 

There are numerous advantages of making Rangoli, however, on the off chance that you don't have the foggiest

 idea how to make Rangoli, at that point we are currently revealing to you some simple plans of Rangoli 

beautifying each edge of the house. On the off chance that you make these plans of Rangoli at your home on 

Diwali this year, at that point Lakshmi will go to your home. 


Diwali Rangoli - Corner Design  Best Advance Level beautiful Rangoli Design


It is likewise critical to design the sides of your home on Diwali. There is God in each molecule and where there 

is confidence and conviction there is satisfaction. In the event that you need to enrich the sides of your home this 

year, at that point you can make a plan of this sort of rangoli. Be it the side of the house room or the edge of your

 fundamental entryway, you can likewise 


Diwali Rangoli - Door Design 


Upon the arrival of Diwali the chokhat of the house is likewise improved with an extraordinary rangoli. You can 

make Rangoli plans with blossoms or with colors. You can apply earthen lights or lovely extravagant diyas on 

this rangoli. Applying diyas makes your Rangoli look much more delightful 


Important Link

 PDf Link for Rangoli 

Diwali Rangoli - Design close to Tulsi 


You can likewise make excellent Rangoli plans with Rango. In the event that you don't have the foggiest idea 

how to make Rangoli with dry tones, at that point you can purchase a form to make Rangoli from the market. 

These molds come in numerous plans and sizes. Incidentally, when you purchase the form, it will work for you a 

seemingly endless amount of time after year.



A few people additionally do uncommon love of Tulsi on promising events like Diwali. It is accepted that 

lighting a light close to Tulsi brings satisfaction and success, in such a circumstance, in the event that you have a

 Tulsi plant at your home, you can beautify it thusly. Make wonderful Rangoli around it and furthermore awaken

 Rangoli plans and Diwali Diyas around.


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