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  Toluna Influancer Application 

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 Made in Gujarat

 The device will remind the patient and relatives to take the medicine, and will also get a report on how often they forgot the tablet

    So far sold over 100 devices

    Useful for the disabled as it has an alarm-display with Brain script

    Kush Prajapati, Dhaumil Parmar, Raj Shah and Harsh Mangukia developed the device

It will now be easier for patients with chronic illness to remember to take medication and not forget to take medication. Kush Prajapati, Dhaumil Parmar, Raj Shah and Harsh Mangukia have created a medicine reminder device and found a way to forget about taking medicine. The device has been developed for patients with chronic diseases such as cardiac, cancer, diabetes as well as other diseases in which the drug has to be taken three times or more daily, which will remind patients to take the drug. The biggest thing is that the state-owned pharma company and Britain's famous pharma company have shown interest in the startup of these youngsters from Ahmedabad. The starting price of this device varies from Rs. 3500 to Rs. 5 thousand. About 100 devices have been sold so far.

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Kush Prajapati and Dhaumil Parmar, who have studied electrical engineering at Vishwakarma Engineering College, have developed this medicine device useful in the healthcare sector at the incubation center of LM Pharmacy College. This device is named Remade Plus. While Harsh Mangukia and Raj Shah have played an important role in launching the device.

What is a medicine reminder device?

This battery powered device has inbuilt Wi-Fi. It is necessary to connect the mobile while placing the medicine in the device, then Wi-Fi is not required. Connect to a mobile app Details with a photo of the drug that is placed in this device are inbuilt in the app. The medicine that is put in the device is selected in the mobile app and the time to take the medicine is set as per the instructions of the doctor.

The patient is shown the details of the medication to be taken on the display on the device along with the alarm when it is time to take the medication and also the alert comes on the mobile. The device can also be paired with Google Voice and Alexa.

A well-known British company showed interest

Kush Prajapati, the developer of the device, told DivyaBhaskar that a well-known British pharma company has shown interest in the startup, through which the device was tested at a hospital in Lucknow. The device was also used for chronic patients at a famous hospital in Adavad. Apart from this, the youngsters who have made the device have also given the device to some patients and experimented with it, which has also received good response. The product has been launched after a two-month trial at the hospital, with a starting price of Rs. 3500 to Rs. 5 thousand.

Medication taken or forgotten, will be reported at any time

Harsh Mangukia says that the uniqueness of this device is that more than one mobile can be connected to it. That is, if a person stays away from the patient, after connecting his mobile to the device, he will also give an alert after taking the medicine, an alert when the medicine is finished.

The important thing is that at the end of 3 months, users will also get a report via mail on which device, when and how often the device is forgotten or taken on time. Apart from this the person can get the report whenever he wants in his own way. This data will also be important for doctors and pharma companies in research and treatment of patients in terms of drug taking habits.

The device can store up to 1 month of medication

Dhaumil Parmar, who is associated with the startup, says the device has a total of 5 compartments. A compartment can store 100 tablets if the size of the medicine is small, 40-50 tablets of medium size medicine, 20 tablets of large size i.e. capsule type, i.e. one month medicine can be stored in it. The device will also be useful for patients with disabilities as it will be easy to understand as it has brain scripts as well as alarms and displays.

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Not taking the medicine on time does not have the proper effect of treatment

Srinivas Salve of LM Pharmacy College's Incubation Center says he was given a platform from the Incubation Center and also helped with a patent. They are also helping to contact hospitals and pharma companies for testing. According to the WHO, 30 to 50 percent of patients with chronic dementia do not have a disruption in their treatment or treatment. At the same time this device could prove to be a game changer.

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