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Friday, August 6, 2021

Vrudh Sahay Yojana Gujrat Details And Application Form

   Vrudh Sahay Yojana Gujrat Details And Application Form

Vrudh Sahay Yojana Gujrat Detail And Application Form : The Social Security Departmen Facilitates To Avail Social empowerment through the activites of welfer and rehabilitation of the weaker sections of the society like Orphans, destitute, children and youths, who are became prey to the circumstances, physically and mentally disable chidren and adults, old aged persons, destitute widows and beggars.

Indira Gandhi National Old Pansion (Vaya Vandana Scheme ) :

A) Eligibility Criteria :

1. 60 Years Or More

2. Member Of the Family In 0 To 20 Score Of BPL List

B) A Place to give application : Respective Mamlatdar Office. Jan Seva Kendra Of Respetive District Collector offices

C) Document to be attached with the Application 

1. Age Certificate

2. BPL Certificate

D) Monthly Assistance : Rs .500/- for 60 to 79 Age Group and Rs .1000/- For More than 80 years which also includes Rs.500/- By state Goverment

E) Mode Of Assistance : Bymoneyorder . Option to Get Financial assitance through Post Account or Bank Account By D.B.T. Credit.

National Family Support Scheme Sankat Mochan (NFBS) :

A) Eligibility Criteria :

1. The Famlily Should Be In BPL List 

Download Vrudh Sahay Yojana Gujrat Application Form

2. The Natural Or Accidental Death Of the Main In Come earner Of the Famlily

3. Age Of Dead Male Or Female Should be More than 18 years  and less than 60 years

4. Application to be submitted within 2 years after the death 

B) Benefits : Rs.20,000/- To The Family

C) Where To Apply 

Apply To respective Taluka Mamlatdar Office Under 

The Taluka Mamlatdars are Authorized TO Approve or disapprove the Assistance under this shceme. An disapprove the assitance under this scheme. An appeal can be given to Prant Officer in 60 days In Case of Disapproval of the Application.

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