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Friday, August 6, 2021

Vahli Dikri Yojana Gujarat-2021

    Vahli Dikri Yojana Gujarat-2021


Vhali Dikri Yojana Gujarat-2020 Gujarat Government has started to save daughter, who is raising all expenses for daughter. This scheme has been done for the education of the daughter, as the Gujarat government has incurred all the expenses from the remaining little to big.

This scheme is taken for those families whose annual inward work is from 2 lakhs, who do not finish in a year, and save the children who are such family, this scheme is applicable for them. Gujarat government has started this scheme as soon as possible, no one has a bad future and that daughter should go ahead with the tree article and stand on her feet. Under Vhali Dikri Yojana Gujarat-2020, all the families who are poor are middle class, they can apply for THE and they have to pursue their daughter.

Vhali Dikri Yojana Gujarat goverment has kept the age of the daughter up to 18 years, the daughter will be younger than the age of 18 years, till then Gujarat goverment will pay the family. Gujarat Goverment has given out 133 crores of RS out of this scheme as daughter can save.

Interested candidates can apply:-

Domicile Certificate ,Birth Certificate ,Income Certificate (Upto 2 Lakh Rupee Annual),Parents Identity Proof ,Bank Account Passbook ,Photograph. You have to give such a compulsory document, which is done by your entry in this scheme and Gujarat Goverment is your help.

Once the Girl Child Enters Class 1, Financial Assistance of Rs. 4000 Will be given After Entering Class 9 the Girl child gets financial assistance of Rs. 6000. Gujarat government helps the family in such a financial way as to teach Baati further.

Upon Attaining age of 18 years, the State Government will a transfer Rs. 1 Lakh to the beneficiary for higher education & marriage. Gujarat government gives you 1 lakh as soon as you turn 18. And when the daughter gets married, they give. All the money under this scheme is transferred directly to your bank account, which is entered in your bank account, as it is with you. This is a complete Gujarat government scheme. You can keep this plan on off which you can like.

Click Here To APPLY

For this scheme, you first have to login to its web side and you have to read all the complete form and upload your document, which is taken in it. For this scheme, you have to submit the form, submit it and submit it to the bright future of your daughter. You can take the form of Wahali Decree Scheme 2020 for this scheme today and fill it from the web side. We have sent the link to this scheme to you so that you can fill it and learn more about it. The CM of Gujat has implemented this scheme quickly, you can visit Jake in the given link and bring information and submit the form in online and offline. Vhali Dikri Yojana is an entirely government base as you can trust and it will give you your Rupees time and you can trust it.

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