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Friday, August 6, 2021

SMAM Kisan Yojana 2020 The government is giving 80% subsidy to farmers, thus can take advantage

   SMAM Kisan Yojana 2020 The government is giving 80% subsidy to farmers, thus can take advantage

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The government has launched the Smam Kisan Yojana 2020 to ensure that farmers across the country do not face any difficulty in farming. Under the schem, the government helps farmers in purchasing farming equipment and provides them financil assistance by subsidizing up to 80 per cent of the cost of equipment.

The benefits of this scheme can be  availed with the help of the official website the help of this SMAM Kisan Yojana 2020, farmers will be able to easily purchase equipment and cultivate it easily. Crop yields will increase on the farm and farmer’s income will also increase.


Benefits of SMAM Kisan Yojana 2020

All the farmers of the country can avail the benefits of this scheme.

Under this, a subsidy of 50 to 80 per cent is available for the purchase of agricultural equipment.For this, farmers have to apply online, after which they can get subsidy under this scheme. This makes it easier for farmers to buy farming equipment.With the help of these sophisticated devices the farmer can keep his crop safe. Most of the benefits of the scheme will be given to the reserved (SC, ST, OBC) category. Farmers get the benefit of the scheme depending on their economic ststus.

Important documents

1.Aadhaar card of the applicant

2.Certificate of residence


4.Land right (ROR) to record when adding land details.

5.Bank passbook

6.Mobile number

7.Copy of ID Proof Aadhaar card , Driver License , Voter ID , PAN Card , Passport

8.Caste certificate if the applicant belongs to Scheduled caste Tribe

9.Passport size photo

Why are farmers important to both the Modi government and the Opposition? This us the big reasonHow to apply for Smam Kisan Yojana 2020 

The first is to go to the official website of the applicant

Registration option will appear here, which will have 4 option, Of these, you have to  click on the Farmer option.  The form will then open on your screen. After filling in all the information requested in this form, you have to click on Register option. This is how you will be registered.

See manufacturer / dealer list in this way

Read Report 

Click on the citizens Corners option on the official website. Afetr this, you have to click on option about know manufacturer  dealer details. A new page will open on your screen, in which you have to provide information what type of farmers are and select your satste After filling in all the information, you have to click on the manufacturer / dealer button. After this you will get full details of manufactural implements with subsidy. If the beneficiary wants, he can also look at the subsidy calculator on the official website.

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