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Friday, August 6, 2021



1.    PMEGP LOAN YOJANA How To Apply :-

(प्रधान मंत्री रोजगार सृजन कार्यक्रम योजना)

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If you want to start some of your own work but due to lack of money,they are not able to do it. Then PMEGP makes your work easier. The full form of PMEGP is the (PRIME MINISTER EMPLOYMENT GENERATION PROGRAMME) With a capital of just 10% you can start your work.

Govemment is helping you to start work in sing any city,any village any place. The govemment helps you by giving you a loan.

1.) The Govemment has put 300 big and small works under this scheme(yojana). For this, you can take a loan for any work.

2.) You are getting subsidy ranging from 15% to 25% in this loan. Because of which the govemment is giving you such a percentage discount in this loan.

3.) Modi Govemment has added Rs 2327 crore in the PMEGP Loan scheme in 1 feb 2019-20 in this loan budget.

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Criteria for loan PMEGP:-

Self-help groups can also take the PMEGP loan provided they have not availled any other benefit under the scheme.

Individuals who are above 18 years of age the beneficiary individual must have studid and passed at least class 8 if they want to a  establish  manufacturing unit costing  ovear Rs. 10 lakh or a service unit costing over Rs. 5 lakh with the PMEGP loan.

Societie that are registered under Societie  Registration Act - 1860.

Production Co-operative Societies.

Charitable Trusts.

Financial Institutions:-

1)27 Public Sector Banks.

2) All Regional Rural Banks.

3) Co operative Banks approved by State In Level Task Force Commiittee

headed by Principal Secretary (Industries)/Commissioner (Industries)

4) Private Sector Scheduled Commercial Banks approved by State Level

Task Force Committee headed by Principal Secretary

(Industries)/Commissioner (Industries).

5) Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI).


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Village Industry in project

Anyy Village Industry including Coiar based project except those mentioned

in the negative list located in the rural area a which produces any goods or renders

Any service a with or Without the use of power &  in which the fixed capital

investment pe per head of a full time artisan or worker i.e Capital Expenditure on

workshop and  workshed machinery and furniture divided by full time employment

created by the project does not exceed Rs.1 lakh in plain  Areas &  Rs.1.50 lakh in

Hilly Areas.

 Publicity and promotional:-

1) PMEGP should be popularized through a  aggressive publicity campaigns

including posters, banners, hoardings, radio jingles, television messages,

advertisement  in local papers  press conferences  also involving VVIPs and

distinguished guests in major events of PMEGP.


2)Release of advertisement/publicity for PMEGP.

Advertisement will be a issued published in English & Hindi and local language

newspapers For District level events and  quarter page advertisement a will be released

&  for State level events half a page advertisement will be a released

Keeping in view the significance of publicity and promotional activities

requiered to be undertaken for PMEGP  an amount of Rs.16 Crore will be allocated

during the four years period. 25 % of funds will be earmarked by a KVIC to DICs for

releasea  of advertisement publicity of the Scheme in accordance with the

guidelines framed by KVIC while ensuring maximum cordination and synergy of

efforts with KVIBs and DICs.

Registration Scheme:-

Registration with the KVIC - KVIBs State  DICS under the Scheme is a voluntary.

No registration fee will be charged from the beneficiaries and the funds a available

under Forward and Backward linkage will be a utilized to meet expenses on

documentation cost, etc.

Beneficiary will a submit quarterly report about production  sales employment

wages paid etc. to the State Regional Director of the a Kvic KVIB State DIC and

KVIC will in turn analyze and submit a consolidated report to the Ministry of MSME a everry six months.

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 Role of Private Sector (Scheduled, Commercial Banks in the PMEGP:-

The Scheme will also be implemented through the Private Sector in Scheduled

Commercial Banks and Co-operative Banks on selective basis  after verification of

intending Banks " last 3 years" Balance Sheet and and ascertaining quantum of lending

portfolio. Margin Money (subsidy) portion will be paid on a actual reimbursement

basis to the Banks by KVIC.


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 Evaluation of the Scheme:-

A comprehensive, independent and rigorous evaluation of the scheme will be

got done after two years of its implementation. Based on the findings of the

evaluation study the scheme would be reviewed.

For more information, you can visit this link.

APPLY Online Here

Best PMEGP Lon bank:-

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Union Bank Personal Loan.

Bank of India Personal Loan.

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