If someone shows a thumb in Whatsapp does a finger, but what does all this mean? Good to know soon

 If someone shows a thumb in Whatsapp, does a finger, but what does all this mean? Good to know soon

New Delhi: Nowadays, it has become a habit to tell every little thing through digital medium like WhatsApp instead of phone. Even at least trying to write, people send emojis to each other to get things done. There are many types of emoji on WhatsApp. Each emoji has its own meaning. If you use handy emojis in chatting, know what it means.

1. There is also an emoji for call (Call Me Face Emoji Meaning)

You can suggest calling someone using this Emoji (Call Me Face Emoji Meaning).

2. Clapping Hands Emoji Meaning

You can use this emoji (Clapping Hands Emoji Meaning) when you feel like clapping to encourage or wish someone.

3. Flexed Biceps Emoji Meaning

You can use this emoji (Flexed Biceps Emoji Meaning) to make you feel your strength or give courage to the person in front of you. This emoji is seen in conjunction with success and power.

4. Peace Emoji Meaning

If you want to send a message of peace to someone or wish a goodnight wish with an emoji, feel free to use this emoji.

5. Pray this way (Prayer Emoji Meaning)

The emoji collection also has a special emoji for prayer. Use this emoji if you are praying for someone, or asking for prayers.

6. OK and Okay Emoji Meaning

This emoji is for OK. It is used to indicate OK on something or to compliment someone.

When you don't like something (Thumb Down Emoji Meaning)

If you don't like something about a person, you can use this emoji (Thumbs Down Emoji Meaning). The person in front of you will understand that you do not agree with him.

Thumbs Up Emoji Meaning

With Thumbs Up Emoji Meaning, you can show your consent to something. It means that you are with the other person in what he says.


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