Viral most in google search for restorant bill

 Viral most in google search for restorant bill

An example of generosity goes viral in Google

 Viral most in google search for restorant bill

10 thousand bill in restaurant, 7 lakh tip, waiter's service and entire internet on customer's generosity

    The waiter was tipped Rs 7 lakh against a bill of Rs 10,389

    The hotel owner also became emotional seeing the generosity of the customer

When you go to a restaurant, you see the waiter's service and give him money in the tip, but have you ever heard that he was happy with the staff and gave millions of rupees in the tip? Yes, something similar happened at a restaurant in Florida, USA. At a Florida restaurant, a customer tipped staff લર 10,000. The customer was happy to see the service of the staff and appreciated his hard work and gave so much money in the tip.

This event is from Florida, USA. The customer arrived at the restaurant. The customer came and ordered and ate quietly. When the bill came, the man tipped the waiter Rs 7 lakh against the 140 140 bill of Rs 10,389.

7 lakh tip against Rs. 1400 bill

According to the British news website Daily Mirror, the man asked for a bill to eat when he arrived at the restaurant. The bill for the dishes he ordered was around Rs 10,389. The man later asked the entire staff to speak. The staff gathered in the dining area, where the man thanked them for their hard work. The restaurant 'The Wahu Seafood Grill' in Gainesville shared this information from an Instagram post.

The owner of the restaurant became emotional

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After talking to everyone, the man announced that he would give a tip of 1,000 1,000 to each of the 10 workers. That is, a tip of 10 thousand rupees was given to all the staff workers. Owner Shawn Shepherd wrote in his post, I am not an emotional person, but seeing this behavior of the customer actually made me emotional. We were all very happy with his generosity.


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