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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Avast antivirus Application Download

 Avast Software s.r.o. is a Czech worldwide network protection programming organization settled in Prague, Czech Republic that explores and creates PC security programming, AI and man-made consciousness. Avast has in excess of 435 million month to month dynamic users and the second biggest piece of the overall industry among hostile to malware application sellers worldwide as of April 2020. The organization has around 1,700 representatives across its 25 workplaces worldwide. 

Avast was established by Pavel Baudiš and Eduard Kučera in 1988 as a helpful. It had been a privately owned business since 2010 and had its IPO in May 2018. In July 2016, Avast gained contender AVG Technologies for $1.3 billion. At that point, AVG was the third-positioned antivirus product. It is double recorded on the Prague Stock Exchange and on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. 

The organization's principle item is the Avast Antivirus alongside apparatuses, for example, the Avast Secure Browser and the Avast SecureLine VPN. 

In mid 2020, Avast was found to gather perusing history and other individual information from clients of their items and selling it through an auxiliary, Jumpshot.The organization in this way declared that Jumpshot would stop tasks. 


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Avast was established by Eduard Kučera and Pavel Baudiš in 1988.The organizers met each other at the Research Institute for Mathematical Machines in Czechoslovakia. They contemplated math and software engineering, on the grounds that the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia would expect them to join the socialist faction to consider physics.[9] At the Institute, Pavel Baudiš found the Vienna infection on a floppy plate and built up the main program to eliminate it. Afterwards, he requested that Eduard Kucera go along with him in helping to establish Avast as a cooperative.The agreeable was initially called Alwil and just the product was named Avast.

The helpful was changed to a joint organization in 1991, two years after the velvet revolution caused a system change in Czechoslovakia. The new system disavowed the Soviet Union and returned the country's monetary framework to a market economy. In 1995, Avast representative Ondřej Vlček composed the first antivirus program for the Windows 95 working system.[10] In the 1990s security analysts at the Virus Bulletin, an IT security testing association, gave the Avast programming an honor in each classification tried, expanding the ubiquity of the software However, by the last part of the 1990s, the organization was battling financially. Alwil rebuked obtaining offers by McAfee, who was permitting the Avast antivirus engine.

By 2001, Alwil was encountering monetary troubles, when it changed over to a freemium model, offering a base Avast programming item at no cost.because of the freemium model, the quantity of clients of the product developed to 1,000,000 by 2004[10] and 20 million by 2006. Former Symantec chief Vince Steckler was designated CEO of Avast in 2009. In 2010, Alwil changed its name to Avast, receiving the name of the software,and brought $100 million up in funding investments. The next December, Avast petitioned for a first sale of stock, yet pulled out its application the next July, refering to changes in market conditions.In 2012, Avast terminated its re-appropriated technical support administration iYogi, after it was found that iYogi was utilizing misdirecting deals strategies to convince clients to purchase superfluous services. By 2013, Avast had 200 million clients in 38 nations and had been converted into 43 languages.At the time, the organization had 350 employees.

In 2014, CVC Capital purchased an interest in Avast for an undisclosed whole. The buy esteemed Avast at $1 billion.[19][20] Later that year, Avast procured versatile application engineer Inmite to assemble Avast's portable apps. Additionally, in 2014 Avast's online help discussion was undermined, uncovering 400,000 names, passwords, and email addresses. By 2015, Avast had the biggest portion of the market for antivirus software In July 2016, Avast agreed to purchase AVG for $1.3 billion.[24] AVG was a huge IT security organization that sold programming for work areas and portable devices. In July 2017, Avast obtained UK-based Piriform for an undisclosed total. Piriform was the engineer of CCleaner.Shortly thereafter it was revealed that somebody may have made a vindictive variant of CCleaner with an indirect access for hackers.[ Avast had its IPO on the London Stock Exchange in May 2018, which esteemed it at £2.4bn and was one of the UK's greatest innovation listings.

Ondrej Vlcek accepted the job of CEO and co-proprietor of Avast Plc in July 2019. A day later, he changed his yearly compensation to $1 and swore his board chief's pay of $100,000 to charity. In October 2019 Jaya Baloo joined Avast as their Chief Information Security Officer.

In April 2020, Avast delivered another safe, private portable internet browser for Android dependent on innovation gained from already unreported securing of Tenta, a Seattle-based startup.


Fundamental articles: Avast Antivirus, Avast SecureLine VPN, and Avast Secure Browser 

See likewise: AVG Technologies 

Avast creates and showcases business and shopper IT security items for workers, work areas, and versatile devices. The organization sells both the Avast product offering and the obtained AVG-marked products. generally 2017, the organization had blended the AVG and Avast business product offerings and were attempting to incorporate the corporate divisions from both companies. Additionally, Avast has created utility programming items to improve battery life on cell phones, cleanup superfluous documents on a hard drive, find secure remote networksor make a VPN association with the internet.[

Avast and AVG buyer security programming are sold on a freemium model, where fundamental security highlights are free, however further developed highlights require buying a premium version.[33] The free form is likewise upheld by ads. Additionally, all Avast clients give information about their PC or cell phone to Avast, which is utilized to distinguish new security threats.[9] Antivirus examining, program cleanup, a protected program, secret phrase the board, and organization security highlights are accommodated free, while firewall, against spam, and web based financial highlights must be purchased. According to PC Pro, the product doesn't "bother" clients about upgrading. About 3% of Avast's clients pay for a top notch rendition (10% in the US).

The Avast business item family incorporates highlights for endpoint assurance, Wi-Fi security, antivirus, character insurance, secret key administration, and information protection. For instance, the work area item will search for weaknesses in the wi-fi organization and run applications suspect of having malevolent equipment in a confined sandbox. The Avast Business Managed Workplace screens and oversees work areas, and evaluates nearby security protocols. The organization likewise sells the executives programming for IT heads to convey and oversee Avast installations.


PC Magazine gave the Avast Free Antivirus programming a general score of 4 out of 5 and gave AVG, which was bought by Avast in 2016, a score of 4 too expressing "AVG AntiVirus Free offers definitely the equivalent antivirus security motor as Avast Free Antivirus, yet comes up short on the great assortment of extra highlights that you get with Avast." In tests by the AV-TEST Institute in August 2020, Avast and AVG both got six out of six focuses for assurance and ease of use, and 5.5 brings up of 6 for performance.A survey in Tom's Guide said the free Avast antivirus item has "great malware insurance" and has a little impression on the system.The audit said Avast has a serious arrangement of highlights for a free antivirus item, yet the sweeps are moderate and it pushes clients to introduce the Google Chrome browser. 

The Avast antivirus item for business clients got 4 out of 5 by TechRadar in 2017.[40] The survey said the product had great highlights, insurance, setup, and an "fantastic interface," yet took up an excessive amount of hard drive space and didn't cover portable devices.[40] According to Tom's Guide, the versatile variant is reasonable and include loaded, however a few highlights are untrustworthy or don't fill in as expected. PC Magazine said the versatile adaptation "has pretty much every security highlight you could need" yet was hard to use. 

AVG has likewise commonly performed well in lab tests. An audit in Tom's Hardware gave the AVG programming seven out of ten stars.The survey featured that the product has a little framework impression and has great malware security, yet doesn't have a brisk output choice and needs numerous extra features.

Assortment and offer of client information 

In late 2019, Avast's program expansions were found to gather definite client information, including perusing history and conduct, and sending it to a far off server.The disclosure prompted Avast and AVG-marked augmentations being incidentally eliminated from the Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera augmentation stores.

In January 2020, a joint examination by Motherboard and PCMag found that the Avast Antivirus and AVG AntiVirus programs were additionally gathering client information, which was being exchanged through an auxiliary, Jumpshot. Leaked records showed that Avast offered to furnish its clients with "Each search. Each snap. Each purchase. On each site." from 100 million bargained devices. accordingly, Avast reported on 30 January 2020 that Jumpshot would stop tasks over the information security backlash.

Based on the data uncovered, on 11 February 2020 the Czech Office for Personal Data Protection reported that it had init

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Sunday, February 14, 2021

ભારતનું એક એવું ગામ જ્યાં જવાથી જ ગરીબી દૂર થઈ જાય છે

આ છે એક એવું ગામ જ્યાં જવાથી જ દૂર થઈ જાય છે ગરીબી મહાભારત કાળથી જોડાયેલુ છે આનું રહસ્ય

દુનિયામાં ઘણા બધા  રહસ્યો  છુપાયેલા છે આજ દિવસ સુધી કોઈ જાણી શક્યું નથી. પરંતુ  ભારતમાં પણ એવી ઘણી જગ્યાઓ છે જે રહસ્યોથી ભરેલી છે. આવી રહસ્યમય વસ્તુઓ કે જેને  જેની  બહુ ઓછા લોકો જાણતા હશે. પણ આમાંના એક એવું રહસ્ય  અમે આજે તમારી સમક્ષ લાવા જઇરહયા છે જેનાથી તમે અજાણ જ હશો . આજે અમે વાત કરવાના છીએ ‘ભારતનું છેલ્લું ગામ’ અથવા ઉત્તરાખંડમાં સ્થાયી થયેલ ‘ઉત્તરાખંડનું છેલ્લું ગામ’ કહેવામાં આવે છે.જે આજ દિવસ સુધી કોઈ જાણી શક્યું નથી

આ ગામ ચીનની સરહદ સાથે જોડાયેલું છે. જે મહાભારત કાળ અને ભગવાન ગણેશ સાથે જોડાયેલું છે. આજે પણ આ ગામની ઘણી રહસ્યમય અને રસપ્રદ વાતો કોઈ જાણી શક્યું નથી જે તમને આશ્ચર્યચકિત કરી દેશે. મન નામનું આ ગામ સૌથી પવિત્ર માનવામાં આવે છે. અને તે આશરે 19 હજાર ફૂટની ઉચાઇ પર આવેલું છે. પણ આ ગામને શ્રાપ અને પાપ મુક્ત માનવામાં આવે છે.

મહાભારત કાળ દરમ્યાન બાંધવામાં આવેલ પુલ હાલ  પણ અહીં જોવા મળે છે, જેને ‘ભીમ બ્રિજ’ તરીકે ઓળખવામાં આવે છે.અહીંના લોકો માને છે કે જ્યારે પાંડવો આ ગામમાંથી સ્વર્ગ તરફ જઈ પ્રયાણ કરી રહ્યા હતા ત્યારે તેઓએ અહીં સરસ્વતી નદીથી આગળ જવાનો રસ્તો શોધી કાઢ્યો હતો, પણ સરસ્વતી નદીએ રસ્તો આપવાનો ઇનકાર કર્યો હતો ત્યાર બાદ મહાબલી ભીમે બે વિશાળ પથ્થરો ઉપાડીને નદી ઉપર ઉભા કર્યા હતા અને તેમને નદીની ઉપર મૂક્યા હતા અને પોતાને માટે માર્ગ બનાવ્યો હતો. આ પુલ પાર કર્યા પછી, પાંડવો સ્વર્ગ તરફ રવાના થયા હતા .

આ ગામ વિશે એવું કહેવામાં આવે છે કે જે લોકો આ ગામમાં આવે છે, તેમના ભાગ્ય અને કિસ્મત  બદલાઈ જાય છે.આ ગામમાં આવતા જ તેમની ગરીબી  દૂર થાય છે અને તે વ્યકિતી ધનિક બને છે . એવું પણ કહેવામાં આવે છે કે આ ગામને ભગવાન શિવનો વિશેષ આશીર્વાદ હોવાનું મનાય છે કે જે અહીં આવશે તેની ગરીબી દૂર થશે. આ એક મોટું કારણ છે કે આ ગામમાં દર વર્ષે મોટી સંખ્યામાં લોકો તેમના પાપ ધોવા અહીં આવે છે.

ત્યારબાદ આ ગામ વિશે એવું પણ  લોક માન્યતા છે કે જ્યારે ભગવાન ગણેશ મહર્ષિ વેદ વ્યાસના કહેવા પર ‘મહાભારત’ લખી રહ્યા હતા ત્યારે જોરદાર અવાજથી સરસ્વતી નદીનો પ્રવાહ વહેતો હતો. જેના કારણે ભગવાન ગણેશજીની કામગીરી અટકી રહી હતી. ત્યારે ગણેશજીએ સરસ્વતી દેવીને તેમના પાણીનો અવાજ ઓછો કરવા જણાવ્યું હતું પણ સરસ્વતી નદીનો અવાજ ઓછો થયો નહિ તેથી ભગવાન ગણેશ ગુસે થઈને તેને શ્રાપ આપ્યો કે આ પછી, તમે આગળ કોઈ જોશો નહીં. ત્યારથી, આ ગામ શાપ મુક્ત થઇ ગયું માનવામાં આવે છે.

આવુ જ એક બીજું ગામ ભારત માં આવેલ છે  ભારતની અંદર ઘણા એવા ગામો આવેલા છે જનો ઇતિહાસ આજે પણ ખુબ જ પ્રચલિત છે, પુરાણોમાં પણ એ ગામોનો ઉલ્લેખ થતો જોવા મળતો હોય છે. આજે અમે તમને એક એવા જ ગામ વિશે જણાવીશું, એ ગામ વિશેની એક એવી માન્યતા પણ છે કે એ ગામમાં જવાથી તમારી ગરીબી પણ દૂર થાય છે અને તેના પુરાવા પણ મળે છે.

અમે જે ગામની વાત કરીએ છીએ તેને ભારતના છેલ્લા ગામ તરીકે ઓળખાય છે. આ ગામ છે ભારતનું છેલ્લું ગામ માણા. આ ગામ ઉત્તરાખંડમાં આવેલું છે. ભારતનું અને ઉત્તરાખંડનું આ છેલ્લું ગામ છે જે ચીનની સરહદે આવેલું છે. આ ગામ બદ્રીનાથથી 4 કિલોમીટર દૂર છે.આ ગામ વિશે એવું પણ જાણવા મળી રહ્યું છે કે આ ગામનો સંબંધ મહાભારત અને ગણેશજી સાથેનો છે. એક લોકવાયકા એવી પણ છે કે પાંડવો આ ગામમાંથી જ સ્વર્ગમાં ગયા હતા. આ વાતને લઈને ઘણી જ રહસ્યમય અને રસપ્રદ વાતો પણ છે.

આ ગામ સમુદ્ર તટથી 3118 મીટરની ઊંચાઈએ આવેલું છે. માન્યતા અનુસાર આ ગામનું નામ માણા મણિભદ્ર દેવના નામ ઉપરથી પાડવામાં આવ્યું હતું. પ્રૌરાણિક માન્યતાઓ અનુસાર આ ગામને ભારતનું છેલ્લું અને પૃથ્વી પરના ચાર ધામો પૈકી સૌથી પવિત્ર માનવામાં આવે છે. એવું પણ કહેવાય છે કે આ ગામ શાપમુક્ત અને પાપમુક્ત છે.આ ગામ વિશેની એક માન્યતા એવું પણ છે કે આ ગામને ભગવાન શિવજીના આશીર્વાદ મળ્યા છે. જેના કારણે આ ગામની અંદર કોઈપણ વ્યક્તિ આવે તે ગરીબ રહેતું નથી. આ ગામની અંદર આવવાથી માણસની ગરીબી દૂર થઇ જાય છે.

આ ગામની અંદર દૂર દૂરથી પ્રવાસીઓ આજે પણ આવે છે. ગામમાં એક મહાભારત સમયનો પુલ પણ છે. જેને ભીમ પુલ તરીકે ઓળખવામાં આવે છે.એવું કહેવાય છે કે પાંડવો જયારે સ્વર્ગમાં જતા હતા ત્યારે ગામમાંથી પસાર થતી સરસ્વતી નદી પાસે પાંડવોએ માર્ગ માગ્યો પરંતુ સરસ્વતીએ માર્ગ ના આપતા મહાબલી ભીમે બે શિલાઓને ઊંચકી અને નદી ઉપર ગોઠવી પુલ બનાવ્યો હતો. જેને પાર કરીને પાંડવો સ્વર્ગમાં ગયા હતા.

ભગવાન ગણેશજી વિશે પણ એક એવી માન્યતા છે કે મહર્ષિ વેદ વ્યાસના કહેવા ઉપર ભગવાન ગણેશ જયારે મહાભારત લખી રહ્યા હતા ત્યારે સરસ્વતી નદીના વહેણનો તીવ્ર અવાજ તેમને હેરાન કરી રહ્યો હતો. તેમને સરસ્વતીને પોતાનો અવાજ ઓછો કરવા માટે જણાવ્યુ પરંતુ સરસ્વતી માન્યા નહીં અને ગણેશજીએ તેમને શ્રાપ આપી દીધો હતો કે તે અહિયાંથી આગળ નહિ વધી શકે.આ ગામની અંદર એક વ્યાસ ગુફા પણ આવેલી છે, જ્યાં બેસીને મહર્ષિ વેદ વ્યાસે પુરાણોની રચના કરી હતી. ગુફાનો આકાર પણ એક પુસ્તક સમાન છે. જેથી તેને “વ્યાસપોથી પણ કહેવામાં આવે છે.”

આવોજ એક બીજો ગામ ઘરોને રંગવા માટે કોઈ ફક્ત કાળા રંગનો ઉપયોગ કરતું નથી.આટલું જ નહીં, કોઈપણ સૂચિમાં ઓઇલ પેઇન્ટ,ઇમલ્શન પેઇન્ટ અથવા ચૂનોનો રંગ કાળો નથી. કારણ કે આ રંગની માંગ એકદમ શૂન્ય છે.પરંતુ છત્તીસગના જશપુર જિલ્લામાં આદિવાસી પ્રભુત્વ ધરાવતા ગામો અને કાળા રંગના મકાનો શહેરમાં સરળતાથી જોવા મળે છે.

આદિજાતિ સમાજના લોકો હજી પણ તેમના મકાનોની ફ્લોર અને દિવાલોને કાળા રંગથી રંગ કરે છે.આની પાછળ ઘણી માન્યતાઓ છે.દિવાળી પહેલા,બધા લોકો તેમના ઘરને રંગ કરે છે.આ વર્ષે પણ જશપુર જિલ્લાના આદિવાસી સમાજના લોકો પરંપરા મુજબ કાળા રંગની પસંદગી કરીને તેમના ઘરોને રંગી રહ્યા છે.ગ્રામજનો મકાનોની દિવાલોને કાળી માટીથી રંગ કરે છે.

આ માટે કેટલાક ગ્રામજનો પ્લમેમેટ સળગાવીને કાળો રંગ બનાવે છે, જ્યારે કેટલાક ટાયરો સળગાવીને કાળો રંગ બનાવે છે.તમને જણાવી દઈએ કે અગાઉ કાળી માટી સરળતાથી ઉપલબ્ધ હતી,પરંતુ કાળી માટી ઉપલબ્ધ ન હોય તેવા કિસ્સામાં કરવામાં આવી રહી છે.સમાજમાં એકરૂપતા લાવવા માટે સમાન રંગ-આઘરીયા આદિજાતિ સમાજના લોકોએ એકરૂપતા બતાવવા ઘરોને કાળા રંગથી રંગવાનું શરૂ કર્યું.આ રંગનો ઉપયોગ તે સમયથી કરવામાં આવે છે જ્યારે આદિવાસીઓ ઝગઝગાટથી દૂર હતા.તે સમયે ઘરોને રંગવા માટે કાળી માટી અથવા ટંકશાળની જમીન હતી, અને તે રંગાઇ હતી.

આજે પણ ગામમાં કાળો રંગ જોઈને ખબર પડે છે કે આ આદિવાસી મકાન છે.સમાનતા કાળી સાથે રહે છે.ઘેરા રંગના ઘરોમાં,દિવસ દરમિયાન તે એટલું અંધકારમય હોય છે કે ઘરના સભ્યને ખબર છે કે તે કયા ઓરડામાં છે.તમને જણાવી દઈએ કે આદિવાસી લોકોના ઘરોમાં વિંડો ઓછી છે.ત્યાં નાના સ્કાઈલાઇટ્સ છે.આવા મકાનોમાં ચોરીનું જોખમ ઓછું છે.આ સાથે,કાળા રંગની એક વિશેષતા એ પણ હતી કે કાળા કાદવની દિવાલ તમામ પ્રકારના હવામાનમાં આરામદાયક છે.આટલું જ નહીં.દિવાલો પર આદિવાસીઓ અનેક કળા પણ બનાવે છે.આ માટે પણ,દિવાલો કાળી રંગવામાં આવે છે.

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Central Industrial Security Force Recruitment 2021

 Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has published a recruitment notification for the post of SI(Exe.), ASI(Exe.), Head Constable/GD and Constable/GD on Contractual Basis. Ex-Army personnel (who have retired from Indian Army) can only apply for the post. Check eligibility, salary, selection process, application process below.

CISF Recruitment 2021

CISF Recruitment 2021: Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has published a recruitment notification for the post of SI(Exe.), ASI(Exe.), Head Constable/GD and Constable/GD on Contractual Basis. Ex-Army personnel (who have retired from Indian Army) can only apply for the post. Applications should be submitted through e-mail to concerned CISF Unit on or before 15 March 2021.

A total of 2000 vacancies are available across the country of which 1326 are for Constable GD, 424 for Head Constable GD, 187 for Assistant Sub Inspector (Exe) and 63 for Sub-Inspector Posts. The candidates can check eligibility, salary, selection process, application process below.

Job Summary

Notification CISF Recruitment 2021 for 2000 HC/GD, Constable/GD, SI/Exe and ASI/Exe Posts: Check Salary, Eligibility, Selection Process, Download Notification

Last Date of Submission Mar 15, 2021

Country India

Organization Central Industrial Security Force Delhi

Education Qual Other Qualifications

Functional Other Funtional Area

Important Dates

Last Date of Application - 15 March 2021

CISF Vacancy Details

Name of Post Equivalent Rank in

Army No. of Posts

Constable/GD Sepoy 63

HC/GD Havildar 187

ASI/Exe. Naib Subedar 424

SI/Exe. Subedar 1326 

CISF Salary:

SI/Exe. - Rs. 40,000/-

ASI/Exe. - Rs. 35000/-

HC/GD - Rs. 30,000/-

Constable/GD - Rs. 25,000/-

Eligibility Criteria for CISF HC/GD, Constable/GD, SI/Exe and ASI/Exe Posts

Candidate should be an ex-army in above mentioned rank

Medical Standard:

Medical Fitness Certificate by any Government Doctor.

Physical Standard:

SI/Exe. &ASI/Exe.


170 cm (162.5 cm for ST and 165 cm for Candidates belonging to Hill areas of Garhwal, Kumaon, Himachal Pradesh, Gorkhas, Dogras, Marathas, Kashmir Valley, Leh&Ladakh regions of J&K, North-Eastern States and Sikkim)


Unexpended - 80 cm (77 for ST)

Expended - 85 cm (92 cm for ST)

Age Limit:

50 years

Selection Process for CISF HC/GD, Constable/GD, SI/Exe and ASI/Exe Posts

Document Verification- Scrutiny of Application Form and detailed verification of documents with original documents provided by candidates. The candidates are required to produce the necessary documents mentioned in the PDF in original for screening.

Physical Standard Test - Ex-Army personnel applying for the post of SI/Exe or ASI/Exe are required to fulfill the physical standards prescribed in this notification. Physical measurement shall be taken for record purpose only in respect of candidates appearing for the post of HC/GD or Constable/GD

After PST, awarding of marks based on Discharge Certificate - For the purpose of selection, a qualitative assessment will be done based on the grading in the discharge certificate. The discharge certificate issued indicates the character by grading as Exemplary, Good, Fair, Indifferent and Bad. Marks will be awarded out of 10 marks

Medical Examination as per SHAPE (Psychological Hearing Appendages Physical and Eye Sight) Medical Category - Selected candidate will be required to appear in the Medical Examination as per SHAPE policy of CISF and only SHAPE-1 candidates will be considered. Prescribed format for Medical Examination may be seen on CISF recruitment website (

Merit List - Based on the marks scored by the candidates, the merit will be drawn

Waiting list - All the candidates who qualify in the selection process, but could not figure in the merit list shall be kept in the waiting list. A waiting list of the candidates shall also be published alongwith the main list. The waiting list will be valid for six months from the date of publication of result, in case if a candidate does not join after selection

How to Apply for CISF Recruitment 2021 ?

Candidates can apply for the post in the prescribed format and send the application along-with the self-attested copies of necessary documents through E-Mail to his preferred location. For example, if a candidate gives his 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference to CISF Unit SECL Bilaspur, CISF Unit ATPP Anpara and CISF Unit OTHPP Obra respectively, he will address his application to IG Central Sector, Bhilai since his 1st preference unit SECL Bilaspur falls under IG (CS) Bhilai.

The candidates can give up to three preferences from the locations advertised (where candidates would like to render service after selection) and as far as practicable, the preferred location will be allotted upon selection

click here for notification 

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Thursday, February 11, 2021

ખેડૂતો આનંદો - હવે તૈયાર થઈ ગયું છે દેશનું પહેલું CNG ટ્રેકટર

 પેટ્રોલ અને ડીઝલના સતત વધતા ભાવોથી ત્રસ્ત થયેલ ભરતની જનતાનાં માટે એક નવા સમાચાર સામે આવ્યા છે. 

કાર, જીપ,મોટર સાઈકલ કે પછી રિક્ષા ચલાવતા વાહન ને CNG નાં કારણે ખિસ્સા પર વધારે ભાર પડતો નથી. પરંતુ જગત નો તાત એવો ખેડૂત વધતા જતા પેટ્રોલ અને ડીઝલના ભાવથી ત્રાહિમામ પોકારી ઊઠયો છે. વધારે કોસ્ટિંગનાં કારણે ખેડુતોને છેવટે તો મજૂરી માત્ર નીકળે છે .આવા સમયે કેન્દ્રીય માર્ગ અને વાહન વિભાગ મંત્રી નીતિન ગડકરીએ એક મહત્વની જાહેરાત કરી છે .

CNG ટ્રેકટર !

તમે સાચું સાંભળ્યું . બાઈક,રિક્ષા, કાર બાદ ટુંક સમયમાં તમને CNG ટ્રેકટર પણ રસ્તા પર જોવા મળશે. સૂત્રોના જણાવ્યા મુજબ ૧૨ જાન્યુઆરી નાં રોજ નિતિન ગડકરી CNG ટ્રેકટર નું ઉદઘાટન કરવા જઈ રહ્યા છે .

શું થશે ફાયદો ???

  • ખેડૂતોની આવક બમણી થશે.
  • પેટ્રોલ નાં ભાવ ૮૫+ છે જ્યારે .CNG ગેસ માત્ર ૫૦ રૂપિયા માં પડશે.
  • પ્રદૂષણ માં નોધપાત્ર ઘટાડો જોવા મળશ.

 હાલ આ અંગે કોઈ વધારે માહિતી પ્રાપ્ત થયેલ નથી .CNG ટ્રેકટર પ્રોજેક્ટ અંગેનું ભવિષ્ય હવે ૧૨ ફેબ્રુઆરી પછી જ જોવાનુ રહ્યું. Source :GSTV

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Thursday, February 4, 2021

PNB Recruitment 2021: 100 Vacancies for Manager Posts, Download Punjab National Bank Notification


Punjab National Bank (PNB) has released the recruitment notification for the post of Manager Security on its official website - Eligible and interested candidates can apply for Punjab National Bank Recruitment 2021 in the prescribed format by 13 Feb 2021. Details Here

PNB Recruitment 2021

PNB Recruitment 2021: Punjab National Bank (PNB) has released the recruitment notification for the post of Manager Security on its official website - Eligible and interested candidates can apply for Punjab National Bank Recruitment 2021 in the prescribed format from 27 January 2021 onwards. The last date for PNB Application Submission is 13 February 2021.

The candidates selected will be posted at any place in India as per requirement of the Ban

Important Dates

Opening Date for downloading the application form and cash voucher - 27 February 2021Closing Date for downloading the application form and cash voucher (Including for Candidates from Far-Flung Areas) - 13 February 2021Last date for Receipt Of Application with all enclosures at our office (Only by Speed/registered post) - 15 February 2021

PNB Vacancy Details

Manager Security - 100 Posts

SC - 15ST - 8OBC - 27EWS - 10GEN - 40

PNB Manager Salary:

Rs. 48170-1740/1-49910-1990/10-69810 besides other allowances like DA, HRA etc. as per Bank Rules

Eligibility Criteria for PNB Manager Job

Educational Qualification:

Bachelor’s degree from any University recognized by Govt. of India SHAPE- 1 or equivalent.


An officer with 5 years commissioned service in Army/ Navy/ Air force in grade pay of Rs. 5400/- of 6th pay commission or at matrix level of 7th CPC. -ORA Gazzetted police/Para military/ central Police organizations officer not below the rank of Assistant Commandant/ Deputy Superintendent of police with minimum 05 year of service in grade pay of Rs. 5400/- of 6 th pay commission or at matrix level 10 of 7th pay CPC.

Age Limit:

Min- 21 YearsMax- 35 Years

Selection Process for PNB Manager Posts

Selection will be done on the basis of interview. An Essay /Letter drafting test will be conducted as part of interview to judge drafting skills of the candidates. Merely satisfying the eligibility norms do not entitle a candidate to be called for selection.

How to Apply for PNB Manager Recruitment 2021 ?

Candidates are required to log-on to official website link and download the prescribed application form, fill the same and send it along with a copy of cash deposit voucher and copies of other supporting documents in the envelope super-scribed ‘Application for the post of Manager-Security ’to 'Chief Manager (Recruitment Section), HRM Division, Punjab National Bank, Corporate Office plot no 4, Sector 10, Dwarka , New Delhi - 110075' on or before 13 February 2021.

Click here to download Notification 

Do you want study material ??? then visit WWW.GUJARATROJGAR.IN 

PNB Manager Notification Download PDF

Application Fee:

  • SC/ST/ women candidates - Postage charges of Rs.50/-
  • Other - Rs. 500/- as application fee

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PNRD Assam Recruitment 2021 for 1324 Gram Rozgar Sahayak, Computer Assistant and Other Posts


Panchayat and Rural Development (PNRD), Assam has invited application for recruitment to the post of Block GIS Coordinator, Block NRM Expert, Block Livelihood Expert, MIS Officer, Gram Rozgar Sahayak, Computer & Account Assistant, Block Program Manager, and Gram Panchayat Coordinator. Check Details Here

PNRD Assam Recruitment 2021

PNRD Assam Recruitment 2021: Panchayat and Rural Development (PNRD), Assam has invited application for recruitment to the post of Block GIS Coordinator, Block NRM Expert, Block Livelihood Expert, MIS Officer, Gram Rozgar Sahayak, Computer & Account Assistant, Block Program Manager, and Gram Panchayat Coordinator under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Gramin (PMAY-G) and Cluster Facilitation Project (CFP).

Eligible and interested candidates can apply for the post through online mode on official website of State Institute of Rural Development, Assam (SIRD Assam) i.e. on or before 16 February 2021.

Important Dates

Starting Date of Online Application - 02 February 2021Last date for submission of application: 16 February 2021

PNRD Assam Vacancy Details

Block GIS Coordinator - 18

Block NRM Expert - 37

Block Livelihood Expert - 37

Mis Officer - 03

Computer Assistant - 25

Accounts Assistant - 44

Gram Rozgar Sahayak -723

Asst District Program Manager - 09

Block Program Manager - 137

Gram Panchayat Coordinator - 291

PNRD Assam Salary:

Block GIS Coordinator Rs. 35,000/-Block NRM Expert Rs. 30,000/-Block Livelihood Expert Rs. 30,000/-Mis Officer Rs. 30,000/-Computer Asst Rs. 11,250/-Accounts Asst Rs. 11,250/-Gram Rozgar Sahayak Rs. 11,250/-Asst District Program Manager Rs. 30,000/-Block Program Manager Rs. 20,000/-Gram Panchayat Coordinator Rs. 11,250/-

Educational and Technical Qualification:

Block GIS Coordinator- M.Tech/M.E./MSc. In Geographic information Science or Technology/Remote Sensing & GIS/Geo Spatial Technology/Geo- Informatics/Geo Spatial Science/Surveying and Geo¬informatics Or BE/B.Tech with PG Diploma in Geographic information Science/Remote Sensing from recognized University/Institute. Or MCA with PG Diploma in Geographic Information Science/Remote Sensing from recognized University/Institute. Or Post Graduate in Science/Agricultural Science with PG Diploma in Geographic Information Science/Remote sensing from recognized B.Tech in civil Engineering/ Agriculture Engineering/ Diploma in civil Engineering.Block NRM Expert - B. Tech in civil Engineering/Agriculture Engineering/Diploma in civil EngineeringBlock Livelihood Expert - Masters in Agricultural Economics/Horticulture/Agro¬forestry /Agronomy/ForestryMIS Officer Degree (Engg) - Degree in Engineering MCA/BCA/PGDCA from any recognized university or institution with minimum 60% marks. Distance Education (Degree) approved by DEC/UGC/A1CTE is valid. Knowledge of Assamese, English and Hindi is necessaryComputer Asst - Graduate in any discipline from any recognised university or institution with minimum 50% marks. Distance Education (Degree) approved by DEC/UGC/AICTE is valid. Basic computer and internet skills. Candidates well versed in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point etc. Knowledge of local language is a must.Accounts Assistant - Bachelor Degree in Commerce from any recognised university.Distance Education (Degree) approved by DEC/UGC/AICTE is valid.Must possess Diploma in Computer applications for a period of minimum six months. Knowledge in Accounts keeping with Tally latest version is also required.Gram Rozgar Sahayak - Graduate in any discipline from any recognised university or institution with minimum 50% marks. Distance Education (Degree) approved by DEC/UGC/AICTE is valid. Candidates well versed in Mobile applications. Knowledge of local language is a must.Asst District Program Manager - Degree in Engineering (CSE/IT)/MCA/M.SC (IT/CS) from any recognized university or institution with minimum 60% marks. Knowledge of Assamese, English and Hindi is necessary.Block Program Manager - Degree in Engineering (CSE/IT)/MCA/M.SC(IT/CS)/ BCA from any recognized university or institution w:th minimum 60% marks. Distance Education (Degree) approved by DEC/UGC/AICTE is valid. Knowledge of Assamese, English and Hindi is necessary.Gram Panchayat Coordinator - Bachelor of Commerce or equivalent from any recognized university or institution with minimum 60% marks. Distance Education (Degree) approved by DEC/UGC/AICTE is valid. Must Possess Diploma in Computer application for a period of minimum six months. Knowledge of Assamese, English and Hindi is necessary.

Age Limit:

Asst District Program Manager - 30 to 40Other - 20 to 40 years

Selection Process for Gram Rozgar Sahayak, Computer Assistant and Other Posts

The selection will be done on the basis of written test

How to apply for PNRD Recruitment 2021 ?

Interested and eligible candidates can apply to the posts through SIRD website on or before 16 February 2021.

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HSSC Haryana 7298 Police Constable Recruitment 2021


Haryana Staff Selection Commission - HSSC has released a recruitment notification for the post of Male Constable (General Duty), Female Constable (General Duty) and f Female Constable for HAP-DURGA-1 for 12th Passed Candidates on its website Check Selection Process, Eligibility, Salary, Exam Pattern, Important Dates, and Other Details.

HSSC Haryana Police Constable Recruitment 2021 Job detailsNo. of posts: 7298Name of posts: Constable GD (Male): 5500 PostsConstable GD (Female): 1100 PostsFemale Constable for HAP-DURGA-1: 698 PostsEligibility Criteria:

Educational Qualification

The candidate must have passed 10+2 or its equivalent from a recognized education Board/ Institution for all the Categories.Hindi/Sanskrit up to Matric standard or higher educations.

Age limit

18-25 years (On the first day of the month in which the applications are invited for recruitment of Constable i.e on 01-12-2020).

Application Fee

For General Category: 100/-, For Female of Haryana Resident only: 50/-, For SC/BC/EWS candidates of Haryana State Only (Male): 25/-, For SC/BC/EWS candidates of Haryana State Only (Female): 13/-, For Ex-Serviceman Haryana: No Charges and Payment Mode: Online Mode

Selection Process

The selection will be done on the basis of:Knowledge Test (80% weightage)Physical Screening Test (PST) (Qualifying in Nature)Physical Measurement Test(PMT) (Qualifying in Nature)Additional qualification:(10% weightage)Miscellaneous (10% weightage)

How to Apply

Interested and Eligible Candidates can apply online by the below-mentioned link.

Important Dates

Starting Date of Application: 11/01/2021

Last Date of Application: 10/02/2021

Closing date for deposit of fee: 13/02/2021

Exam Date: 27/03/2021 to 28/03/2021

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India Post Recruitment 2021: Apply for 16 Staff Car Driver Posts, Salary Rs. 19,900


India Post Mumbai Recruitment 2021: Apply Offline for Staff Car Driver Posts

India Post has invited applications for the Staff Car Driver posts. Interested and eligible candidates can apply for India Post Mumbai Recruitment Notification 2021 through the prescribed application format on or before 15 February 2021.

India Post Mumbai Recruitment Notification 2021: India Post Mumbai has invited applications for the Staff Car Driver posts. Interested and eligible candidates can apply for India Post Mumbai Recruitment Notification 2021 through the prescribed application format on or before 15 February 2021.

India Post Recruitment 2021 for the post of Staff Car Driver has been released official website Eligible candidates can go through the India Post recruitment notification 2021 to know more about the India Post Staff Car Driver Mumbai recruitment 2021. Persons who meet the eligibility criteria alone can apply by following the India Post recruitment 2021 apply online process which is given below.

Important Date:

Closing date for offline submission of application: 15 February 2021

India Post Mumbai Staff Car Driver Vacancy Details

Staff Car Driver: 16 Posts

Eligibility Staff Car DriverJob

From amongst the regular Dispatch Rider (Group C) and Group C employees in Pay Band — 1, Rs. 5200-Rs. 20200 with 

Grade Pay of Rs. 1800 (Level 1 in the
 Pay Matrix as per 7th CPC) in the Department of Posts who possess valid Driving Licence (DL) for light and heavy Motor vehicles. 

Age Limit: Not exceeding 56 years.

Official Notification Download Here: Click Here

Official Website: Click Here

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Bolo: Learn to read with Google APK Download 2021


Read Along (formerly Bolo) is a free and fun speech based reading tutor app designed for children aged 5 and above.

It helps them improve their reading skills in English and many other languages (Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Spanish & Portuguese) by encouraging them to read aloud interesting stories and collect stars and badges together with "Diya", the friendly in app assistant.

Diya listens to children when they read and offers realtime positive feedback when they read well and helps them out when they get stuck - even when offline & without data!

• Works Offline : Once downloaded, it works offline, so it does not use any data.
• Safe : Since the app is made for children, there are no ads, and all sensitive information stays only on the device.
• Free: The app is completly free to use and has a vast library of books with different reading levels from Pratham Books, Katha Kids & Chhota Bheem, with new books added regularly.
• Games: Educational games within the app, make the learning experience fun.
• In-App Reading Assistant: Diya, the in-app reading assistant helps children read out loud and provides positive reinforcement when they read correctly, and help wherever they get stuck.
• Multi Child Profile: Multiple children can use the same app and create their individual profiles to track their own progress.
• Personalised: The app recommends the right level of difficulty books to each child depending on their reading level.

Languages available :
With Read Along, children can read a variety of fun and engaging stories in different languages including:
• English
• Hindi (हिंदी)
• Bangla (বাংলা)
• Urdu (اردو)
• Telugu (తెలుగు)
• Marathi (मराठी)
• Tamil (தமிழ்)
• Spanish (Español)
• Portuguese (Português)

ખેડૂતો આનંદો આ તારીખે જમાં થશે પીએમ કિસાન સહાયનો ૮ મો હપ્તો

 click here

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India Post GDS Recruitment 2021: 233 Vacancies for Gramin Dak Sevak Posts in Delhi Post Circle, Apply Online for Post Office Jobs


India Post (Post of India) has released a notification for recruitment to the post of Gramin Dak Sevak for Delhi Post Circle. Check Salary, Selection Process, Eligibility

India Post Recruitment 2020

India Post GDS Recruitment 2021: India Post (Post of India) has released a notification for recruitment to the post of Gramin Dak Sevak for Delhi Post Circle. Eligible and interested candidates can apply for India Post Recruitment 2021 for Delhi Postal Circle from 27 January 2021. Last date for submission of Delhi Posts GDS Online Application is 26 February 2021 on official website i.e.

A total of 233 vacancies are available under Cycle 3 for the post of Branch Postmaster (BPM), Assistant Branch Postmaster (ABPM) and Dak Sevak.

Candidates seeking to apply for India Post GDS Recruitment should be 10th passed with passing marks in Mathematics and English a Candidate must have a Compulsory knowledge of Local Language and studied the local language at least up to 10th class.

Job SummaryNotificationIndia Post GDS Recruitment 2020: Last Date Extended for 2582 Gramin Dak Sevak, Apply Online for Posts in North East, Punjab & Jharkhand CircleLast Date of SubmissionJan 23, 2021CountryIndiaOrganizationDepartment of Post, India Post, Department of Posts, India PostEducation QualSecondaryFunctionalOther Funtional Area

The candidates can check vacancy details, salary, application last date GDS online application link etc. below.

India Post GDS Salary:

Minimum TRCA for 4 Hours/Level 1 in TRCA Slab

BPM - Rs.12,000/- ABPM/Dak Sevak - Rs. 10,000/-

Minimum TRCA for 5 Hours/Level 2 in TRCA Slab

BPM - Rs.14,500/- ABPM/Dak Sevak - Rs. 12,000/-

India Post GDS Eligibility Criteria

Secondary School Examination pass certificate of 10th standard with passing marksin Mathematics, local language and English (having been studied as compulsory or elective subjects) conducted by any recognized Board of School Education by the Government of India/State Governments/ Union Territories in India shall be a mandatory educational qualification for all approved categories of Gramin Dak Sevaks.The candidate should have studied the local language at least up to 10th Class

India Post GDS Age Limit:

18 to 40 years (Age relaxation for reserved category as per govt. norm and there will no age relaxation for EWS Category)

India Post GDS Selection Procedure

The selection of the candidates will be done on the basis of Merit List.

How to Apply for India Post GDS Recruitment 2020 ?

Eligible and interested candidates can apply for the post through online mode through official website by following steps:

Step 1 - Registration Initially candidate has to register in the Registration module once per cycle and obtain unique registration number

Step 2- Fee Payment UR/OBC/EWS Male/Trans-man need to make fee payment. In Case of online payment, if no confirmation is received after the deduction of amount from candidate's bank account, candidates can await upto 72 Hours for settlement.

Offline payments can be made at any Head Post Office. List of Post Offices

Step 3 - Apply Online, then fill application, upload documents and submit post preferences. Preview and take print out.

Application Fee for India Post GDS Recruitment 2020

UR/OBC/EWS Male/Transman – Rs. 100/- SC/ST/Female/Transwoman/PWD - No Fee



Vacancies: 233

Last Date of Application: 26 February 2021

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Josh - Create & Watch viral & trending dance, comedy, romance and glamour videos


You can bring out your inner superstar and make your own unique videos for an opportunity in our Hall of Fame – or – snack on our endless stream of videos curated to satisfy your needs. 

Now Viral, fun and Trending videos spanning across genres – comedy, dance, music, jokes, pranks, pet, challenges, cooking, Bollywood, fashion, DIY, Whatsapp status, funny, glamour, snake video, cute, and lots of more mast, takatak videos. 

No worries, No Snack ! Exciting new challenges a day now on Josh. From SwagHai to OhNo, You can challenge your inner creator to compete with the showcase and simplest your hidden inner talents. You can Create fun with music videos or do dialogue dubbing and lip-syncs – participate in challenges to win cash prizes and thousands of followers.

Shoot Amazing Videos Easily

Easy-to-use Josh beauty camera with real-time filters, computer graphics , face stickers, makeup camera, emojis and far more to cater to your all video maker and video editor needs. આ પણ વાંચો: તમારો ખોવાયેલો મોબાઈલ કઈ રીતે શોધવો જાણો આ એપ્લિકેશન ની મદદ થી

Duet Videos

Make duet videos on Josh together with your loved ones or shake your leg with influencers and celebrities. Funny, romantic or dialogues – choose your own duet as you wish and show your talent. Josh pe aao, moj manao!

Music Playlist

Groove to top songs and music with the simplest music labels on Josh. Give your personal touch to your videos together with your favourite song or lip synchronization to famous dialogues - choice is yours with unlimited music and sound playlist at your disposal. Read also: LIC Kanyadan policy 2020

Curated feed your Own Language

Feed designed for you supported what you wish to observe , like and follow in your own language. Currently at this time thie app is available in 12+ languages: Gujarati, Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Marathi, Bangla, Oriya and Bhojpuri. Grab your snacks and luxuriate in unlimited fun videos!

Celebrity Influencers

Best Tiktok and Snack creators are now on Josh app! Don’t miss their videos! Like, follow and have interaction together with your favourite celebrities and be a neighborhood of the worldwide community of creators. Discover new talent a day on the platform and obtain an opportunity to star during a video with Faizu, Teen Tigada or your own favourite stars, and gain many followers. આ પણ વાંચો: ઓનલાઈન ચેસ ગેમ રમો અને તમને કેટલી આવડે છે તે ચકાશો

Easy Share across platforms

Be it your own video or something you're keen on – easily share the moj and masti together with your friends and family on Whatsapp, Facebook or set as your social media status. Create profile, upload videos, follow power creators, like videos, and share videos - beat one tap.

Josh App From Here
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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Amazing picture : zoom it All clear picture

 Highlights:Photo Recovery is a tool that undeletes and recovers lost photos from your android drives.

Photo Recovery does not require your device to be rooted,The app is compatible with any andriod device that uses Android 5.0 or higher.

- Easy to use
- Recover delete images
- Saving and restoring photos
- Best software for recovering images and files.
- Super Photo Recovery !
- Does not require a PC !
- you can restore or recover photos from the smartphone or memory card.
You have accidentally deleted important photos but there is no way to recover them. Do not worry, Photo Recovery is diskdigger gives you free scanning capabilities, you can view photos and restore them for free.

Special and exclusive data recovery application that accomplishes data recovery tasks that other applications can not even think of - this data recovery application quickly finds and recovers files that have been delete that the other recovery applications are not found and you do not need root your original cell phone.

Here are some key features of Photo Recovery (diskdigger):
1. Easy, safe and fast recovery process.

The application provides users with a sophisticated, modern interface that is easy to interact with. With just a few clicks, you can perform the entire restore process yourself. 100% recovery process is safe. Do not be shy! Choose the fastest way to recover photos from your SD card and mobile device.
2. Fast
Its powerful scanning engine scans effectively and previews your deleted or deleted images quickly. DiskDigger's powerful data recovery features can find your lost pictures and let you restore them.
3. Guaranteed
Recover your lost or deleted photos safely and without causing any changes to your data.
4. Easy
It's as easy as enjoying music or eating bananas, just a few clicks and you'll get your data back.
Use Photo Recovery safely and without risk. The application performs READ-ONLY operations on your device and memory card. It does not move, delete or modify data on the device to avoid further damage or overwriting. It restores photos from the source and saves them to your collection.

Application Features:
- Recover deleted photos
- Scans all previously deleted or displayed photos on your device by diskdigger.
- Restore photos to user-selected folders
- Share photo recovery
- View detailed photo recovery information
- Permanently delete the photo from the recovery list.

Download Photo Recovery now for free. Photo Recovery automatically scans and displays all of your deleted image data, allowing you to restore photos and recover photos instantly to your Android phone. You can keep your personal photos safe!

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IOCL Recruitment 2021 for 505 Vacancies for Non Technical and Technical Apprentice


Indian Oil Corporation of India - IOCL, Marketing Division, Eastern Regional Office notification for recruitment of  Technical Apprentice and Non-Technical Trade Apprentice in Eastern Indian. Eligible candidates can apply online for IOCL Apprentice Recruitment 2021 on official website - on or before 26 February 2021. Check vacancy break -up, application process, selection procedure and updates here.

Job detailsNo. of posts: 505Name of posts: Technical and Trade ApprenticeEligibility Criteria:Educational Qualification

Trade Apprentice Matric with Regular Full Time ITI recognised by NCVT / SCVT.Technician Apprentice 3 years Engineering Diploma in relevant field from recognized Institute/University with minimum 50 per cent marks in aggregate for General and OBC candidates and 45 per cent in case of SC/ST candidates against reserved positionsTrade Apprentice-Accountant: Regular Full Time Graduate in any discipline with minimum 50 per cent marks in aggregate for General and OBC candidates and 45 per cent in case of SC/ST/PwBD candidates for reserved positions from a recognised Institute/University.Trade Apprentice Data Entry Operator (Fresher Apprentices): : Non-Graduate with 12th pass qualification.Trade Apprentice Data Entry Operator (Skilled Certificate Holders): Class XII or its equivalent with Skill Certificate holder in ‘Domestic Data Entry OperatorTrade Apprentice-Retail Sales Associate (Fresher) - Non-Graduate with 12th pass qualificationTrade Apprentice-Retail Sales Associate (Skilled Certificate Holders) - Minimum 12th pass. Additionally, candidates should possess Skill Certificate of ‘Retail Trainee Associate’ for training of less than one year issued by an awarding body recognised under National Skill Qualifications Framework or any other authority recognized by the Central Government.Age limit

Minimum 18 years and maximum 24 years as on 31.01.2021.

Selection Process

The Selection will be done on the basis of performance of the candidates on the basis of marks obtained by them in the Written Test and meeting notified eligibility criteria..How to Apply

Interested and Eligible Candidates can apply online by below mentioned link. Important Dates

Advertisement No. IOCL/MKTG/ER/APPR/2020-21/2Starting Date of Online Application: 28 January 2021Last Date of Submission of Online Application: 26 February 2021IOCL Apprentice Admit Card Date: 01 March 2021IOCL Apprentice Exam Date: 14 March 2021Result Date: 25 March 2021

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GPSC Call Letters for Various Posts 2021 (Exam 04-02-2021 to 11-02-2021)


Posts & Exam Dates:

GPSC/201920/117 – Physician, Class-1, Gujarat Health and Medical Service, Health and Family Welfare

Exam Date: 04-02-2021

GPSC/201920/121 – Gynaecologist, Class-1, Gujarat Health and Medical Service, Health and Family Welfare

Exam Date: 04-02-2021

GPSC/201920/40 – Professor, Radio-Diagnosis, General State Service, Class-1

Exam Date: 04-02-2021

GPSC/201920/102 – Assistant Professor, Community Medicine, General State Service, Class-1

Exam Date: 06-02-2021

GPSC/201920/104 – Assistant Professor, Neuro Surgery, General State Service, Class-1

Exam Date: 06-02-2021

GPSC/201920/105 – Assistant Professor, Cardiology, General State Service, Class-1

Exam Date: 06-02-2021

GPSC/201920/106 – Assistant Professor, Burns and Plastic Surgery (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), General State Service, Class-1

Exam Date: 06-02-2021

GPSC/201920/126 – Chemist, Class-1, in Gujarat Mining Service under the Commissionerate of Geology and Mining

Exam Date: 06-02-2021

GPSC/201920/124 – Translator, Class-3, Legislative and Parliamentary Affairs Department

Exam Date: 06-02-2021, 07-02-2021

GPSC/201920/107 – Assistant Professor, Medical Gastroenterology, General State Service, Class-1 – 201920

Exam Date: 07-02-2021

GPSC/201920/111 – Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry, Class-1

Exam Date: 07-02-2021

GPSC/201920/114 – Lecturer (Senior Scale), Gujarat Nursing Services, Class-1

Exam Date: 07-02-2021

GPSC/201920/128 – Inspector of Motor Vehicle, Class-2, Ports and Transport Department

Exam Date: 07-02-2021

GPSC/201920/134 – Deputy General Manager [Mines] (1st Class Coal), Class-1 (GMDC)

Exam Date: 07-02-2021

GPSC/201920/52 – Associate Professor, Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases, General State Service, Class-1

Exam Date: 11-02-2021

GPSC/201920/53 – Associate Professor, Pharmacology, General State Service, Class-1

Exam Date: 11-02-2021

GPSC/201920/54 – Associate Professor, Microbiology, General State Service, Class-1 (Special Recruitment)

Exam Date: 11-02-2021

GPSC/201920/55 – Associate Professor, Paediatrics, General State Service, Class-1 (Special Recruitment)

Exam Date: 11-02-2021

GPSC/201920/122 – Anesthetist, Class-1, Gujarat Health and Medical Service, Health and Family Welfare | Class-1 | Health and Family Welfare

Call Letters:          Click Here 
For more details: Click Here
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