20 Rupees Coin's Design Recently launched By Rbi

20 Rupees Coin's Design Recently launched By Rbi

RBI Recently Launched A 20 Rupee Coin:- The Reserve Bank of India has recently launched a Rs 20 coin. It was designed by Spunil Soni, son of Mungeli. Swapnil, a former student of the National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad, designed the coin last year, when the RBI sought an application to design the coin. The RBI selected Swapnil's design from applications received from across the country.

According to Swapnil, the coin designed by him is different from the rest of the coin. It has a glimpse of the Agriculture Minister of India and has 12 corners. Copper and Nickel have been used between the coins. What is special is that even a blind person can easily recognize it. On a separate part of the coin is inscribed Ashoka Pillar and its lower Satyamev Jayate. Ashoka is inscribed India on the right and India on the left. The back of the coin is marked with Rs 20 in Hindi and English.

Amidst the highly contagious virus, a new coin will soon be added to the Indian currency. Almost a decade after the issuance of Rs 10 coin, a new coin of Rs 20 denomination has been minted and will be soon in circulation for the general public. 

Where the new coins have been minted?

Mahesh Jain, the collector and world record holder of coins and notes stated that the new Rs 20 coins are ready in the four Indian government mints-- in Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Noida. 

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi had unveiled the coins made under the Visually Handicapped Disabled Friendship Series last year, which included 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 rupees coins. 

All the coins in this series are of the same design. Of these, coin

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When will the coins be circulated in the market?  

The Mumbai mint has given a consignment of coins to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The coins from the Reserve Bank of India will be sent to the banks through regional offices. The new Rs 20 coin was supposed to come into circulation in April itself, but due to the nationwide lockdown, it could not be circulated. Therefore, as soon as the lockdown opens, the new Rs 20 coin will be available in the market for the general public.

How will the coin look like?

The Finance Ministry in its notification earlier revealed that the new Rs 20 coin will be made in Copper, Zinc and Nickel. The roundness of the Rs 20 coin with twelve corners is 27 millimetres. The total weight of the coin prepared in two discs is 8.54 grams.

The outer disc of the coin is made up of 65% copper, 15% zinc and 20 % nickel alloy. The coin is light golden in colour.

It will have the Lion Capitol symbol of Ashoka Pillar with the legend "Satyamev Jayate" is inscribed on its front side. The words "Bharat" in Hindi and "INDIA" in English are on the right and left-hand side of the symbol respectively.

On the opposite side, the coin is inscribed with the denominational value "20" having the rupee symbol beside it.  Above the denominational value, the design of grains is inscribed showing the agrarian spirit of the country.

Visually Handicapped Disabled Friendship Series

RBI Recently Launched A 20 Rupee Coin

Swapnil is very happy that his designed coin will be seen all over the country. Swapnil has also got a prize of one lakh rupees for it. Virendra Soni's son Swapnil, who retired as a driver in Mungeli's excise department, has been interested in designing since childhood. His early education took place at the Saraswati temple in the village.

Swapnil is studying PG at National School of Design Ahmedabad. The National School of Design Ahmedabad also participated in the competition when the Government of India handed over the responsibility of coin design to designing related organizations. If there is a competition among the students studying in this institute, the concept given to Swapnil of Chhattisgarh for Rs. 20 was selected.

The Reserve Bank of India wants a nationwide application for the design of most currencies. If you have a hobby of designing and you have a good concept then your coin also runs in the country

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