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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Horror story "...and She Disappeared" - zigzegvision


Horror story "...and She Disappeared"

I am an sixteen year old boy. I always used to make fun ghost stories before this experience.

2014-05-24, Nallasopara

I had been to my uncle's place last week. I had ten day vacation. On Saturday evening I was playing Cricket with the local boys on the road beside the building where my uncle resides. I was fielding.

Suddenly a beautiful girl, elder than me, wearing a blue top and jeans, holding her purse, passed by my side looking at me. She walked far away but still I could see her. A boy who was the captain of our team asked me to field on end of the road. I was still looking at her. She also turned back 2-3 times. After walking certain distance she stopped. She turned back. I just walked 3-4 steps away from the boundary line towards that girl, she also started walking towards me. I again turned back near the boundary and repeated the same thing twice or thrice. She came slowly closer to me. After half a minute she was standing in front of me. I wished to talk to her but I didn't.

Suddenly someone called me. I turned back to see who was calling, he was a watchman. Then I turned back to see the girl. But there was no one to see. I searched her everywhere but she was nowhere. I was shocked. Within a second, how could she go anywhere?

Also she was standing so close to me. She cannot go anywhere because the road was all open. I was shocked. Later I asked my friends about the girl but no one saw her.

This was my first experience of such type. I have now started believing in such things after this scary experience.

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